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Lindsey Williams: It’s the Toxic Fumes that Could Cause Death

Perhaps we now see why there is a media blackout on the Gulf.

I wonder if we will see the fall of many gubernatorial regimes and the appointment of caretaker regimes in the hands of Earth allies as a result of this crisis.

Pastor Lindsey Williams has a number of petroleum industry sources, one of them a former CEO and two BP employees who are so distressed at what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico that they’ve turned whistleblowers.

Williams was a pastor at Prudhoe Bay, where he learned about oil drilling. He’s written a book some years ago called The Energy Non-Crisis, which apparently has proven accurate in its conclusions and predictions.

Williams’ interview with Alex Jones on June 1o, 2010, is an eye-opener, giving indispensable background on the oil spill. The interview, though long, is not to be missed. I’ll try to give as many details as I can for those with little time.

It corroborates a lot of what Chris Landau said too (

If you want to watch it as one video, go to:

If you don’t mind watching it in nine parts, doubleclick on this first instalment and go to Youtube.

Lindsey made a second, half-hour presentation on Jeff Rense’s radio program on June 14. The URL for that program is:;read=175891

Lindsey made a second, half-hour presentation on Jeff Rense’s radio program on June 14. The URL for that program is:;read=175891

“The people of America must know the truth about the dangers of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill,” said Williams. It’s what comes up with the oil that is deadly.  “I have never had anything like this come my way in my years as a pastor.”

What comes up with the oil will cause the human deaths.  The rest is just polluting beaches.  EPA found highly toxic gases coming up with the oil, volatile organic compounds in the air in the Gulf, including:

  • Hydrogen sulphide.  5-10 parts per billion is allowable, but what is coming out is 1,200 ppb. Several states are in the path of the vapors.
  • Benzene. Allowable limit is 0-4 ppb; current level going to the shores and being carried by the wind is 3,000 ppb. Exposure to low levels of benzene can cause extensive damage. It leads to cancer and other conditions.
  • Methylene chloride. Safe levels 61 ppb; current levels 3-3,400 ppb.

The EPA knows this and is not reporting it to the people. Williams has seen their reports, which were leaked to him.

The American people are not being warned that they are breathing these gases.

Alex Jones said there is also vanadium, which is highly toxic. Williams said vanadium was not mentioned by his sources.

Williams quotes a BP source that 4 million gallons a day (not 5,000 gallons a day) are flowing into the Gulf. He calls it a “super-mega disaster.” We are watching only one leak on closed-circuit TV, but Williams say that there are numerous leaks.

Since the oil is leaking and forming plumes 20 miles away from the rig’s position, it’s probable that the pipe is fractured in many spots.

BP has used every scientific measure they can, Williams says. His source speculates that “only a nuclear device will stop this … but … if we angle drill and put in a nuclear device and get success we’ll be the heroes … but if we fail … and rupture that strata further than what it already is with that nuclear device, I don’t even want to think about it.”

A nuke, because of the strata which BP has drilled into and the extreme pressure, would take months to position. But if we crack that strata further, he said, the leak may never stop.

In 1970 Russia drilled a 40,000-foot drill. What they found when they drilled that far was abiotic oil, which is not a fossil fuel.  Russia had sense enough to drill on land, not in the sea.

Mr. X, his ex-CEO source, said that the government should never have allowed BP to try to do what Russia did, to drill a super-deep well. BP drilled, not on land, but on a floating platform in the ocean, kept in place by sophisticated equipment, in water that’s 5,000 feet deep.

The pipe reached down nearly a mile but then they began drilling. They went to a further depth of 30-35,000 feet. They hit something so catastrophic and unexpected that they could not contain it. This was not a conspiracy but an accident.

They hit a strata of oil that was at such high pressure that it destroyed all their safety countermeasures.

BP does not dare reveal the wellhead pressure. What they have reported is so different from what it actually is.

One of his informants, a reliable source with BP, said that the Gulf of Mexico rig hit a wellhead pressure of somewhere between 20-70,000 pounds per square inch (psi), which is beyond human technology to contain. There are many safety devices and it blew every one of them. There is no known way to contain a flow of such pressure.

My own speculation is that those BP officials who care are probably in a state of shock, not knowing what to do.

Williams’ interview also included a discussion of the occult background of the elite. Williams dwelt on their Luciferian background.  Readers of this site are doubtless already familiar with those details.

Again, the galactics and spirit teachers undoubtedly know these facts. I believe they are monitoring the situation and will prevent a massive catastrophe. But there may be some deaths. We may need to brace ourselves for this tragic possibility.

I anticipate hearing from our galactic sources at some early point that they are mitigating the spread of noxious gases and preventing a calamity.

But these events only convince me that nothing short of disclosure of the ET presence can meet the threat that the oil spill represents.

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