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SaLuSa’s Look-Ahead to 2011

Just a few comments on SaLuSa’s latest message (Dec. 29, 2010).   He says that “the deadline for [an official first contact with you] is almost here, so in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year.”

We can expect disclosure to occur because we’ve just about reached the divine deadline, which appears to be the end of March 2011.  He adds that the deadline for First Contact is also almost here as well, but that obviously will come after March 2011.

My own hunch is that terrestrials have not been particularly responsive to the approaches of the galactics and spiritual hierarchy or else disclosure would be occurring before the divine deadline is reached, but SaLuSa seems to imply that it will not.

He tells us that “the old systems of control and containment … are about to collapse” and that we won’t have to wait until the changes are complete before our lives improve. Instead, he says that “in the midst of change your lives will become much easier as the standards will be substantially increased.”

He reminds us that “the truth will come out from all quarters, and your understanding will be such that you will not tolerate any attempt to return to the old ways.”    He reassures us that “the awakening is well under way and will continue at an ever increasing speed.”  It is resulting in “the opening of more people’s eyes to where they should be placing their focus. It is the peaceful revolution that was always going to come about, and it is far too late for those who oppose it and would stop its rapid progress.”

So we can afford to relax on such questions as whether Wikileaks or Ben Fulford or President Obama are working for the light or the dark.  (1) It doesn’t matter whether any of them are working for one side or the other.  The promised human transformation is too far advanced for anyone to derail it, no matter what they do. We can afford to concentrate on our own preparations for Ascension, on our service to others, and on envisioning what we want for the future because that envisioning will draw that future to us.

I enjoyed Vendo’s comment that this is “the mother of all messages!” Indeed it is in the depth of its reassurance.  The year 2011 will see completion of the transition from the old paradigm to the new and the year 2012 will see us make our final approach and then our landing in first the 4th dimension (equivalent to the astral planes) (2) and then the 5th dimension (equivalent to the mental planes). (3)

SaLuSa says that “already the higher vibrations are affecting many of you and on reflection you will find that you are now all the much calmer, and more able to keep your focus than you were previously.” I often find trips away useful because I get to see how I am with people enroute and at my destination. I definitely found myself to be calmer and more able to stay with my focus. Situations that would have rattled me previously no longer faze me. I wasn’t any longer a driven personality, but much more placid and yet concentrated,

And he tells us that we’ll need this increased calmness because testing times will still be forthcoming:

“They will carry you forward when the times become very testing, when physical changes to the Earth are going to take place out of necessity. Mother Earth must complete her own cleansing in good time and it will unavoidably cause some disruption. However, we will as always be monitoring your Earth’s activities, and just as we have in the past will lessen the effects it has upon you.”

But he assures us that the galactics are watching over and assisting us. So we can both expect testing times and know that, while they are necessary, they need not frighten us.

So I’ll stop there but these end-of-year assessments and beginning-of-year predictions will be very helpful to us because we never get clearer statements from our sources of what we can expect than at these times. We’re in that golden season of hearing each one of our trusted teachers give their “take” on upcoming events. All these messages are, for me, definitely keepers. Like Vendo and Sarah, I’m very excited about what lies up ahead.


(1) I personally consider all three to be lightworkers but I also know that controversy continues around them.

(2) For descriptions of the astral planes see

The Astral Plane – Arrival
The Astral Plane – Orientation
The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements
The Astral Plane – The Higher Summerlands

(3) For descriptions of the Mental Planes, see

The Mental Plane – The First Heaven
The Mental Plane – The Second Heaven
The Mental Plane – The Third Heaven

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