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State of the Planet, Fate of The Dark

Sept. 23, 2009.

In his latest message (Sept. 21, 2009), Matthew Ward makes points that are central to our understanding of the situation with dark extraterrestrials.

Before Matthew’s statement, I, at least, had no reliable information on whether dark beings could reach Earth any more or not. Matthew offers us the reassurance that they cannot. Whether or not some remain on Earth, no new recruits are getting in.

“Groups or individual souls immersed in darkness cannot approach the protective grid of Christed light energy that surrounds the planet—light is anathema to their dark essence. …

“The dark forces, a vast and powerful energy field that can roam the heavens and cause chaos, even the death of entire civilizations and their planet homelands, [are] no longer … near your solar system. When distant civilizations started beaming intense light to Earth, that force field left because it cannot tolerate light.” (1)

If Matthew is right, and I think he is, there is no grounds for fear about our future.  But will we remember that in the face of messages that come with differing information?

We have to decide what version we are going with and then remain with that until proof overturns it.

Matthew says in his message that we are intended to develop discernment in the face of conflicting information.

Interestingly, Matthew puts a date to the beginning of the current intervention of the Galactic Federation – around 70 years ago (so around 1940).  I have not seen anyone so far attach a relatively-specific date to this present operation.

“The spiritually and technologically evolved civilizations that God authorized to start helping Earth about 70 years ago are unquestionably of the light.

“It was light from some of those powerful civilizations that drove away the dark forces. When it is safe to do so, some of the millions of light beings surrounding the planet in spacecraft will land to share their technology and otherwise assist Earth and her life forms, [and] then return to their homelands.”

Obviously, at this point, no one has anything resembling proof. But until proof arrives, Matthew’s view is persuasive to me.

Matthew comments further on the impact of the rising energies on us. His understatement is music to my ears, which have often been strained by accounts.

He uses a metaphor of two casts of actors on a stage, the one of the dark and the other of the light.

“The force that is driving both ‘casts’ to dominate the stage also is evoking the differing reactions of observers—that force is the vibratory level Earth has reached, and it is accelerating life itself.

“The vibrations are the cause of ‘good’ and ‘bad’—the duality in human nature—becoming more obvious.”

We are reportedly being uplifted by the Photon Belt, whose path we have apparently crossed.  Added to the impact of the Photon Belt, if I understand matters correctly, is the cyclical pulsation of energy from the Galactic Center. Together, they are bringing on our spiritual transformation.

I listened to David Wilcock at the Awake and Aware Conference, reeling off names and numbers and simply marvelled that a human being could do that. I certainly cannot. I generally need a simple explanation of physical matters and, as the energy rises and with it my bliss, my need for a simpler and simpler explanation appears to grow.

“When Earth reaches still higher vibrations, the dissension [between dark and light] will be reconciled into harmonious cooperation for the good of all.”

Meanwhile, dark beings who resist the light will be obliged to depart this world.

“As Earth rises into higher densities where the light is more intense, the dark ones—puppets of the dark forces—will embrace the light or their physical bodies will die and the souls automatically will be drawn to worlds where the energy density matches the energy of the physical lifetime.”

I am reminded here of how it is on the astral side. A being who resists the light in the afterlife is by the Law of Attraction drawn down to the Dak Planes.  Any being who cannot tolerate the light at any one level must retreat further down the planes. There is no mixing of dark and light beings on the other side as there is here. (2)

Matthew reminds us that we have a ways to go yet. The Illuminati have not totally given up. The rising energy is causing a clash in duality even as it is lifting up those who are receptive to it.




(1) Matthew’s Message, Sept. 21, 2009, at

(2) On the fate of dark beings after death, see “The Astral Plane – The Dark Plane,” at

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