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A Decloaking Did Occur on Oct. 13, 2010

OK,  there does appear to have been a mass decloaking on October 13.

The Canadian ex-NORAD officer seems to have been vindicated. The most impressive display was the decloaking over New York City, which went on through the day and night.

But sightings were also reported in a number of other places, including Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, Clovis, CA, Texas, Vermont, Puerto Rico, China,  and Malaysia.  If I’m correct these other sightings were not mass decloakings like over New York, although some were coordinated displays of several UFOs (see Clovis, for instance).

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more reports appearing on Youtube. I need the Observer Corps to keep a lookout and report in!  As reports roll in, I’ll add them to this article.

Many thanks to Fifi and Jason.

This next one is one of four. Double-click on it to go to Youtube and watch the rest:

In Seattle:

Over San Francisco:

Here’s a UFO with a distinctive shape, reportedly seen over New York City, Vermont, and Texas.  The spherical shape does not twist in the wind as a balloon would. Also, a balloon would probably not move in a straight horizontal line for many miles, especially at the speed this object is.

Here is a sighting of several UFOs together over Clovis, CA.  I wouldn’t call it a mass sighting but it was a coordinated decloaking.

And here’s an alleged UFO encounter in the Quinling Mountains of China on Oct. 13.

And a brief shot of a UFO over Malaysia:

Sightings also occurred in Puerto Rico, but I haven’t seen video yet. I’ll keep updating this article.

Earlier Related Sightings

In the course of all this, I came across another mass UFO sighting over New York in Feb. 2010:

And the “prophet Ezekiel” has posted a number of fleet shots above New York, no date given. The witness may not be the most credible, but there are several videos from him of a similar kind of mass flights over New York:

And here is a UFO fleet over a Bruce Springsteen conference in Philadelphia, Oct. 4, 2008.

And one in the UK a year ago, on Oct. 13, 2009. Just tossing it in for interest’s sake:

Annnnnnndddd I may as well post this sighting from 2008, in which the outline of the craft is visible over New Jersey (getting a little carried away here perhaps):

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