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Chris: Ascension as Acceptance

by Chris

Galactics like Matthew Ward (1) often encourage us to listen within first and only tune into channeled messages second.

I wonder if this may be because the cosmic wave of light and love we are said to be increasingly entering into now is one that we may *feel* before we ever really recognize it with our minds.

The nature of this wave is, according to Master Hilarion, recently, and many, many other galactic-angelic voices, one of underlying acceptance for oneself, and any, and all.

I admit that I’m experiencing something like this kind of momentum myself now.  It’s quite unfamiliar, I must say.  One thing I recognize in particular is that this positive, gentle, tidal current seems to be drawing me into a growing field of acceptance that winds up exposing me to everything in myself that I have not yet come to truly accept.

This insight helps me clarify the meaning of what Steve Beckow often refers to as the work of releasing unfinished business and clearing “vasanas.” (2)

I think it’s likely that with each passing day and week from this point forward, I will come to understand my experience and perception more and more in the language and deepening feeling of growing acceptance.

This is not to say that I’ll only be feeling accepted and accepting as a result. Quite the contrary, at times at least — but please read on.

I think that this growing feeling may be identical with what is termed 5D, (3) and our Ascension to 5D, although I could be wrong.

At any rate, recognizing acceptance as a growing field of universal presence is something that’s happening for me now. I do recognize this, at least, and I find this recognition immensely helpful and significant.

The reason why this recognition is so helpful is because I see now that until recently, my understanding about Ascension was largely conceptual and therefore mentally based.

With each and every message from the galactics that I read that referred to Ascension over the years, I’d habitually refer to a concept called “Ascension,” in the back of my brain.

That concept would be neatly added to with each message that seemed to resonate with me. And so the concept has grown quite large and elaborate. But a concept it has remained all the while…

Not any more.

Now, the concept I hold about Ascension seems to be becoming replaced by what I recognize to be the phenomenon of Ascension itself.

Not that I’m ascending, mind you — no. I’m referring to the growing wave of energies that precede the main event.

I can feel those energies and recognize how they dynamically are coming alive in my immediate experience — this is definitely replacing my previously detached, dry, static concept, conveniently called “Ascension.”

This growing wave that I’m encountering beyond my mind I take to be a universal event: it’s not just happening to me. I physically sense that this wave is like a wave in many real ways, including having the fluid consistency of water or even honey (as perceived within the subtle sensation of the soul).  Perhaps it’s a magnetic thickness.

Beyond this physical quality of fluid thickening, I sense and perceive this wave to have the character and consciousness, if you will, of innate acceptance, even of activated forgiveness.  (I might also describe this quality of acceptance as “radical”, “intelligent”, “native”, or “integral”, or, simply, “heavenly” or “divine”.)

Regardless — it is a quality of acceptance based on feeling first and then understanding — the sublime, simple unity of everyone and everything. This incoming wave of acceptance seems to me to be inherently intelligent – of God, if you will.

Indeed, it may even be that it simply is God, if one wanted to go that far: at least at the level of feeling. This acceptance feels to me to be the “body” of God, the moving intelligence of the divine, opening at this time from behind the veil of our 3D reality to meet us, welcome us, and thoroughly — however gradually — accept us in our entirety.

In my experience of this gentle, yet heavenly, meeting with this increasingly felt wave of acceptance, I recognize how the more I’m touched by its incoming tide, the more I’m put in touch with every part of myself that’s made out of unacceptance, or, perhaps, made out of something simply not-yet-accepted!

However you want to put it, I find that I am increasingly, yet altogether gently, confronting all the ways I don’t accept who I am, or how I am, or simply ways that I am.

All these aspects of myself are steadily and clearly being brought to the foreground of my self-perception right now – *not* because I’m being punished or scolded by God, but because it’s simply the nature of intelligent acceptance to reveal that which I haven’t yet learned to accept.

It’s nothing more or less than an orchestrated process of learning, perhaps heightened due to the nature of our time and place.

This sustained, daily learning encompasses the entire counter-intuitive aspect of this incoming wave, such that the more I’m confronted with what in myself is unacceptable to me, the more I’m spontaneously learning what it means to accept those places for what they are, including accepting the feelings of my own unacceptability itself, strange as that may sound.

Most significantly to me in this daily work is how there’s simply nothing to get rid of.

The more I naturally attune to the way my body feels soaking in this thickening wave of divine acceptance, this cosmic bath of intelligent love, the more it becomes like taking a bath, and nothing more.

So, rather than shaving my hair off as an expression of purity, perhaps, I’m quietly learning to let it submerge underwater.

As with my hair, so am I learning to soak effortlessly in the entire contents of who I am.

And as I soak, I learn to feel and come to accept each particle of my being that makes itself known.

It is very much like a gradual, ongoing homecoming to the presence and viscous warmth of acceptance.

Nothing needs to be gotten rid of, disallowed, rejected or exempted.

At the same time, nothing needs to be indulged in, acted out, or glorified.

Nothing needs to be subtracted and nothing needs to be increased.

Acceptance, in this metaphor, is like a warm equal sign that merely recognizes, allows, and eventually fully accepts all parts of self that I am, however horrific, however afraid, however unloved, however undeveloped.

Let me get back now to my original reason for writing this now somewhat expanded post.

What I particularly appreciate in the midst of this subtle process is how this complex yet simple reality of emerging acceptance in the world-space at this time: this is something that the galactics and celestials are asking us to feel first and know in our own experience.

I admit that I’ve been fairly confused by this suggestion from the galactics for quite awhile now.

The world outside my window is just so interesting! Why would I stop to feel my interior reality first?

Part of why I’ve been confused is because I kept thinking that the galactics were asking us to subjectively intuit the reality of the external that they are otherwise trying to gently inform us about.

Now, however, I think that what we’ve been asked to do all along is simply to come to rest in our own feeling experience in our ordinary bodies while the wave of Ascension gradually washes ashore and to allow it to engulfs us in the warming waters of its living intelligence of divine acceptance.

And, most of all: to learn to combine ourselves with this presence uniquely and seamlessly, to a realized and seamlessly-individuated degree.

Our work is not to keep our minds hyper-focused on the near-future and waiting for something to happen that hasn’t happened yet.

Our work — the main part of it — is to feel the reality of who we are in our bodies and selves at this time.

We are asked to be with ourselves in all the layers of who we each uniquely are and to take part in this subtle inflow, influx, and increase of the universal presence of acceptance as it is now letting itself be broadly known and felt.

In this ordinary work of feeling, we’re to endure the struggle of becoming aware of everything in us that is less than acceptable.

And, somehow, we are to learn, each in our own way and largely without words or ideas, to accept that which has never been accepted before – first in ourselves; then in each other.

This is a work in feeling. Only secondarily is it a concept. First and foremost, it is the trench work of feeling the conflicting, difficult reality of who we are at the level of acceptance and non-acceptance.

It’s not a work that one can foist on another and say: “Do this!”

It is, rather, an almost helpless inevitability, even eventuality.  A by-product perhaps of simply being here at this time and place.

(All of this is simply my own subjective take on this theme — it may not be true for others.)

It is not, as far as I can tell, about ridding myself of undesirable qualities, but about accepting them all, as they are, however they may feel.

This means that this process is largely unspeakably personal, private and extremely delicate.

I’d be quite inappropriate if I presumed it was my job to go around telling others that it’s time for them to get on the acceptance program. This would only bleed away the precious reality of this process in its divine fullness at this special moment in time.

So instead, I choose to whisper, in an ephemeral post like this, my own individual commentary about a reality I feel might be taking hold among us all at this time.

Again, the galactics remind us to tune in to ourselves first to discern the true nature of ascension.

Beyond the mechanics of how ascension occurs at the level of cosmic physics, we’re asked to return to ourselves to understand ascension because ascension involves us in perhaps more of a personal way than most of us might otherwise have imagined.

What if ascension really is like a universal wave of honey that is literally made out of intelligent acceptance?

What if this wave is stirring each of us at a depth that often leaves us speechless with unrealized layers of emotional substance?

What if the main drama of ascension is not really about what happens outside my living room window, but is about what happens when I lie down in the bathtub and allow myself to feel the play of growing acceptance in the cells of my body, in the memories of my life, and in the recesses of my personality and soul?

This inward cosmogenesis — this way in which the soul melts out of old forms of pain in order to recrystallize itself into visionary flight and loving feeling — this is something that can’t happen without us being deeply present to who we each are.

We don’t have to talk about it here for it to be a reality.

It may be that these subjective depths need to remain private for a reason.

They may be so real that to speak of them poorly is far worse than not to speak of them at all.

Nevertheless, I am left in growing appreciation of how Matthew and the galactics have taken care to direct us back to ourselves as the primary site of the ascension process.

At the soul’s emotional level of clearing vasanas — by nothing less than organically accepting the unacceptable in us and others — the return to love and light may be a process that happens in potent, pregnant, luminous silence


(1) See Matthew’s messages at

(2) “Vasana” is a Vedantic term for a persistent, reactive habit or pattern of behavior that usually remains unconscious and only rises to consciousness when triggered by events in the present.

(3) Ascension will lift us to the Fifth Dimension of Reality.

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    1. Sheri permalink
      July 11, 2010 8:19 pm

      Dear Chris,

      I have been led to the sense that ascension is simply acceptance also. Even though acceptance has rarely been simple for me. Acceptance was a mental construct for me as ascension was for you. I have resisted acceptance and not experienced the wave of divine that lessens the ego.

      Your message is one of a Comforter. A reminder of blissful experiences off and on through the years that have been absent for what seems a very long time.

      Your experience has the loving effect of relaxing into letting go, allowing what arises in general and aspects of myself in particular, without judgment.

      You have helped me enormously. I am very grateful to you for sharing your experience. It stilled my mind. What greater gift can one share with another at this particular Now.

      I have dreamed of the wave of fluidity to ease and soothe my ego into allowing love and healing of the soul fragments that separated me from what ever danger I had perceived.

      This is my first time on this site and I read your message that leaves me much more at ease than when I arrived.

      Thank you for your beautifully expressed comfort.



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