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Outside the Box. It IS the New Paradigm

First communism was going to consign capitalism to the ash-heap of history.

Then capitalism buried communism.

Now the heirs of communism wish to bury New World Order … excuse, me, “free world” … “capitalism.”

And so it goes.

For me, the truth of the matter is that forces of Light are going to consign  all “isms” to the ashbin.

We are the free world – no doubt about that. But the New World Order’s vision of that “free world” was that the plutocrats were free to have the rest of use serve them their meals and take out the garbage.

That version of the “free world” has been cancelled by popular demand.

Instead we’ll have a planet of sovereign individuals, abundant by right, free by birth, enlightened by self-realized nature, a world of masters, in service to others.

Notice how these goals and visions that we talk about tend more and more to what we hear is of the nature of God. We spoke earlier of meditation retreats aiming to usher us into the stillness and silence. Why would they aim for that? Why not usher us into rock and roll?

Because stillness and silence are of the nature of God and our journey is from God to God.

Now here we are speaking of sovereignty, abundance, enlightenment, service. Why that?

Because sovereignty, abundance, enlightenment, and service are of the nature of God and our journey is from God to God.

I declare world peace. I declare the sovereignty of all. I declare our right to abundance.


I consign all “isms” to the dust-heap of history. I declare freedom from all “isms.” Come with me outside the box. It IS the new paradigm.

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  1. September 22, 2010 3:05 am

    amen and so it is

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