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A Comment on Comments

I seem to be asked enough times to post a comment or video that violates my ethics that I feel the need to make a general statement about it.

While there exist people who, by their behavior, could be called Nazis or Zionists (1) or Illuminati, etc., not all Germans are Nazis, or Jews are Zionists, or all people of any ethnic background or religion are Illuminati.

While a few officials in the top echelons of Catholicism are alleged to be Satanists and Illuminati, not all Catholics or Catholic officials are, or are alleged to be, Satanists or Illuminati.  Not all Americans are supporters of torture or users of perilous depleted-uranium weapons or engineers of false-flag operations. Not all Israelis are murderers of Palestinians or engineers of an attack on Iran.

And so on through all acts of persecution, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

If you send me a comment or a video that tars a whole people or a whole religion with the acts of a few, I won’t post it. Even if it contains only one reference that crosses the line.

While many diplomats in the United Nations may have been subverted in the past few years by the Illuminati of all nations, the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights is still the world’s pre-eminent charter of human rights and what it says continues to merit our observance. So too do documents like the American Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and similar charters of all countries.

Please don’t ask me to engage in what would be considered a hate crime or an act of persecution under their provisions. I won’t do it.

I won’t engage in behavior I abhor even to defeat behavior I abhor.

Furthermore, many among those who could be called Nazis or Zionists or Illuminati will change the color of their hats and drop their offensive behavior before this age is out and I am a stand for that occurring. All the work pursued here is to that end.

Once a person ceases criminal behavior, having seen its harm, I seek no more from them than I do from anyone.

I see there being matters in our society that need addressing and a better state of affairs than prevails now as being a good thing to work for and I’m at work to secure it. But I’m not at work to denigrate nations or religions or for the destruction of anyone, just destructive behavior itself.

I’d like to think that most of my readers share this point of view as well.




(1) Zionism as it may be practiced today in some quarters, not Zionism as it was originally cast – to provide a homeland for Jews who had been ejected from their existing homeland and remained at risk of persecution. I acknowledge that this vision, as originally laid out, did not solve the problem of the rights of the existing population in the land that became the new homeland and thus contained the potential seeds of fresh persecution.

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