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The Fate of Those Who Oppose the MIC

When we look into assassinations attributed to the military-industrial complex (or MIC), we see how dark and deadly a force they are.

Some people were threatened or murdered because they seemed on the verge of revealing the use of scalar weapons; others because they were near to releasing free-energy or cold-fusion technology; others because they were poised to develop technology that threatened the economic grip of the oil monopoly, car makers, or other associates within the MIC.

Michael Zebuhr was a student doing research with Dr. Judy Wood that would have helped prove that directed-energy or scalar weapons had been used to bring down the WTC Twin Towers.

Evidently his research into the melting of aluminum in the Twin Towers was viewed as significant by someone because he was murdered on March 18, 2006. Two men approached him and his mother, asked and received her handbag, but shot Michael in the head anyways. Arrested, they were soon released. (1)

Another MIC victim was Eugene Mallove. Mallove was an MIT professor who was aware that the research of Dr. Martin Fleischmann and Dr. Stanley Pons into cold fusion (another name for scalar energy) was meritworthy.

He founded and edited Infinite Energy magazine. Having worked at MIT, he knew that MIT, in testing  Flesichmann and Pons’ claims, had manipulated the data to suggest that there was no merit to cold fusion.

Mallove published a book called Fire From Ice supporting their claims.

Fleischmann and Pons were attacked by scientists and criticized by Congress.   Their allegations that cold fusion (or scalar energy) could produce infinite energy were discredited.  But Mallove suffered worse: He was murdered for his outspoken and spirited defence of cold fusion on May 14, 2004. (2)

Here is a video on the deaths of Zebuhr and Mallove.

In the video, Russ Gertz is talking with Jim Fester, about Dr. Steven Jones. Jones is best known as  the physicist who held that thermite explosives were used in the Twin Towers. Fester points out that Jones worked at Los Alamos Labs on Dept. of Energy contracts (i.e., with big oil, the MIC, etc.) before he came to Brigham Young University.

Jones once tried to beat out Fleischmann and Pons for the patent to cold fusion.  His patent application was a rushed effort, based on dubious work. Fester suggests that Jones was a tool of the MIC and his application was simply a spoiler to keep Fleischmann and Pons from registering theirs. Jones’s task was to assist in keeping cold fusion under the control of the MIC, Fester alleges. Perhaps that explains why he is still alive today.

Writing about Jones, Dr. Judy Wood claims:

“Dr. Steven Jones in his skeletal three-page commentary confirms that he still trusts his sparse cold fusion neutron measurements—fair enough. But Jones, the egocentric denier of excess heat claims from day one, apparently has learned nothing and still knows nothing about the process of science. …  Jones writes disingenuously, ‘It is high time to strongly question claims of cold fusion based on crude techniques and to demand tests at a rigorous scientific-proof level. . . I have not seen any compelling evidence of any ‘cold fusion’ effects to date.’ (4)

Jones may have acted as a spoiler around 9/11 as well.  Fester speculates that Jones’ thermite work is in part designed to deflect attention away from the use of cold-fusion weapons on 9/11.

Given the fate of Mallove and Zebuhr, how Judy Wood and John Hutchison, responsible, in my view, for establishing the use of scalar weapons on 9/11, have escaped, I don’t know. (3) How Col. Tom Bearden escaped assassination is equally puzzling.

We already know that the engineers of 9/11 killed whistleblowers Billy Cooper, TV journalist Tim Russet, Rep. Paul Gilmor, and many others.  Now here are allegations that they killed people looking into the subject of  directed energy or cold fusion.

Others have threatened the economic grip of the MIC in other ways and been threatened or killed.

One example is Stan Meyer, who invented an economical way to extract hydrogen from tap water and was building a marketable water car. He was murdered in his home, the official explanation being food poisoning, a day after signing a contract with the Defense Dept. to research and market his car. Here is a video on his invention and death:

A British Columbia man (it may have been George Vosper, P.Eng.; I’m not sure) also developed a car that ran on hydrogen, but discontinued his research when he was threatened with death.

We are told by SaLuSa and Matthew Ward that full accountability will occur after disclosure and First Contact.  The MIC knows this.  Not only will their grip on energy and other technologies be broken, but those responsible for these murders and related crimes will find themselves in jail.

If we consider the assassinations that have occurred when people opposed the MIC, we can see why such care is being taken to protect from harm those who are assisting in UFO/ET disclosure.


(1) The pattern of their actions after the shooting suggest that they were mind-controlled. “The Bizarre Case of Michael Zebuhr,” updated April 2, 2006, at

(2) “Eugene Mallove – In Memory,” Pure Energy Systems News, at

(3) Wood and Hutchison make their case for the use of “directed-energy” or scalar weapons on 9/11 at the series of webpages that begin with

(4) Dr. Judy Wood and John Hutchison, “Anomalies at the WTC and the Hutchison Effect,” at

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