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Clarification About Ascension

Last revised: July 8, 2009.

Hi, XXX,

You asked for clarification about Ascension.

Let me assure you that, as far as I know, it won’t be an arbitrary process. In my understanding, it will be a process in which the benefit of the doubt will be extended freely. It will be a process in which, if someone needs extra help to make it, that extra help will be lovingly and fully extended by a lot of people.

Ascension is something that the Galactics have been planning and preparing for for years. They know what is required of them. They know what they need to get across to us and how best to do that.

They are bringing the whole faculty with them, as far as I’m aware – Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, the Kalki Avatar, the Mahdi, and many more.

They have … let me get my fingers out here … one, two, three years this December to get the job done. The job is not just to get you and me across the finish line; the job is to get as many as possible home.

They have said that even the worst dark hats can turn their hats around.

If you put all these notions through the sifter, what you have is that the Ascension team appears to be willing to work with anyone who wishes to go forward (intent?), no matter what their past, to push, lever, or squeeze them through that metaphorical eye of the needle.

Who will not go?

Having been a human-rights decision-maker, I can imagine a few people in a few dark places in the world who have raped and murdered repeatedly and will not believe, imagine, accept, or want to have anything to do with the Light.

If they even wake up to the fact that what they did destroyed the lives of so many people, dead and alive, the horror of that realization might result in what I think Lisa Renee called a “heart attack” and a  self-induced leaving of this planet.

I know what the impact on me is, during these times of rising energies, of even some small things I did when I was a kid (yah, I’m the one who stole the chocolate bar from the drugstore. AND the can of peanuts from the Super-Valu. I’m the guy that did it – yah. 1958). I skulk around even though I don’t have to wrestle with the legacy of having raped and murdered.

I just read yet another account this morning talking about how to clean up and let go of the past. In some parts of the world, the ways to do that are well known and in other parts they are not.

But, even where they’re not, after the Announcements, there probably will be a huge effort mounted to transfer that knowledge and help people to “process” their past so that they can “be” in this Now – which I sense is a prerequisite for needle-navigating.

In regard to your concern about the matter, I think, by simply speaking out, you’ve probably just had a hundred angels line up behind you volunteering to help knock you into shape – if it happens that you’re not in shape – or me.

The further we move into more rarified energies, the more our past misdeeds will trouble us. They’ll all come up and rattle our cage.

Patience, ever patience. There will be time and help after disclosure  to do the work we need to do.

We may be running out of time now, but this is just Phase 1. In Phase 2, we get help from sources we would never have dreamed of.

I sense that you wish for a really clear answer and for reassurance.

The reassurance is that thousands of star nations have come unimaginable distances, joined by large numbers of craft from hidden places inside the Earth, backed by legions of celestial beings, directed by a concourse of world teachers from all ages, all here just for us (especially me since I did steal the cashews. OK, OK, and the rock candy too).

These guys and gals with the glowing auras know what it’ll take to bring the biggest part of this planet to transformation.

So … new assignment: From now on, worry about your neighbours. Do they have enough food to last till prosperity? Do they need help with their affairs or tasks till then? Is there a service you can provide? Do they need a good listening? Someone to go to the store for them?

No fair worrying about yourself any more. New sherriff in town. New rules. Everyone is now invited to be responsible for his neighbour’s wellbeing.



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  1. May 28, 2010 6:44 am

    i love your new assignment. It is now about giving and not getting. i think that will be the real mark of an enlightened being. i know that my storehouse is full to overflowing. Every day i look for and open myself to ways to give from that storehouse and universe responds. It is amazing how i never run out. i believe that the master teacher Jesus showed us this with the loaves and fishes, and oil in the lamp and gold in a fish’s mouth. So many times he tried to show us that there was nothing to fear, and there will never be lack.

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