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More on the “Allies of Humanity” – 1/2

I’d like to spend a short while longer going over the portions of the Declaration of Human Sovereignty, a document created by the “Allies of Humanity,” I posted in an earlier piece. (1) I’d like to look at some of the reasons why I call it “disinformation.”

Before I do, let me make a few contextual comments.

In discussing anything, one can choose to use positive, neutral, or negative terms. One’s point of view is often communicated by which of the three one chooses.

As we work our way through this document, notice which of the three the author uses – and don’t ignore  which of the three I use as well.  Much of the message will be conveyed there.

The valence of terms is not actually an argument – at least not a clearly-stated one.

For an example of how this subtle persuasion is employed, let’s look at the first passage:

“Although the Earth has undergone a long history of extraterrestrial visitation, the current situation is that the People of Earth are now suffering the effects of a global extraterrestrial intervention into human affairs.”

Use of terms like “undergone,” “suffering,” and “intervention” set up the listening of the reader. The writer could have said “enjoyed,” “benefitting from,” and “assistance.” Please be aware of the rhetoric and its impact on your listening. That having been said, I’ll now address the argument.

If we simply lump all extraterrestrials together, we won’t be able to address this statement. Some extraterrestrials are of dark intent; the Anunnaki and the little Greys or Zeta Reticulans are examples. Terrestrials have indeed suffered at their hands, but not at the hands of the Galactic Federation of Light (GF) and the other coalitions who are here with the GF in large numbers now.

“This intervention employs a strategy of deception, manipulation, and exploitation, the goal of which is control over humanity, which will result in the loss of human freedom and self-determination.”

If we are talking about the Anunnaki as they once participated in human affairs or the little Greys as they participated since the end of the Second World War, I would think this statement might be valid. But I’m not aware that the GF and their allies deceive, manipulate or exploit. As far as I know, their goal is not control over humanity, which is an aim of the dark ETs and their Illuminati allies. They are here to restore our individual sovereignty.

“It is now the sacred right and duty of the People of Earth to oppose, resist, and repel this extraterrestrial intervention, to declare and defend our sovereignty, our freedom, and our independence from all extraterrestrial forces.”

As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t a case of it being our “sacred” right and duty to reject the assistance that the GF and other servants of the Light extend to us.  However, in my view, it is a case of it being a wise policy for us to shake off the dead hand of the Illuminati. If we don’t, they’ll almost certainly take away our independence and control us. Worse, they’ll continue with their plans to eliminate billions of us from the planet leaving a controllable  remainder to serve them.

One has only to look at the loss of civil rights under the Bush administration to see what our future would have been under the cabal. Or one can look at the large numbers of false-flag and other black operations that have occurred in the last ten years to see the direction the dark were heading in. And one can look into the sky at chemtrails which cause Morgellon’s Disease, or at the manufactured pandemics which they let loose in the past decades to see how they intended to eliminate us. Therefore I don’t accept the writer’s rallying call.

“Let these violations be considered by those supporting the cause of freedom throughout the Greater Community:

“(1) Intervening extraterrestrial forces have refused to openly disclose and reveal the nature and intent of their activities on and around Earth. This extraterrestrial presence is clandestine, covert, uninvited, and unapproved by the People of Earth. These extraterrestrial forces have concealed their own identity, their political or economic alliances and allegiances, as well as the authorities and powers which they serve.”

The Galactic Federation and the other extraterrestrial coalitions are openly sharing the reasons for their coming here.  I read their comments daily and so do many of you.

Viewed from the widest perspective, they say they are here to assist us to close off this cycle and ascend with the planet on a date that may occur around December 2012 – or earlier.  They have given me no cause, so far, to doubt their truthfulness. They are backed by this planet’s spiritual guardians, who have been talking about this era since at least the 1870s. (2) David Wilcock’s new video, The 2012 Enigma, suggests they have been talking about it for millennia.

Viewed from a narrower perspective, the GF say they are here to release the planet from the stresses of nuclear detonations, the poisoning of the environment, and other impingements.

Viewed from our angle, I believe they are here to help us regain our freedom from the Illuminati, who, I think, are misrepresenting the GF to retain their grip on power.

Their presence is not clandestine; one has only to watch the many Youtube videos in which they announce their presence, not so boldly as to scare us or excite countermeasures from the Illuminati.

In my view, they reveal their allegiances and alliances. They tell us which authorities and powers they serve. However, note that the Illuminati do not. In my opinion, the writer of this document is projecting onto the ETs practices which the cabal themselves engage in.

I’m convinced that the GF serves God. If I’m to go past saying that, then I must assume on your part that you accept that life is continuous and that we do not die after “death.” We live on eternally.

Therefore, if I say that the ETs of the Light follow the directions of Earth’s spiritual hierarchy, I assume that you know that most of the spiritual hierarchy is not at this moment embodied. They are spirits (as we are), but not incarnated.

In particular, the ETs follow the direction of members of the White Brotherhood, such as Sananda, Lady Nada, St. Germaine, Kuthumi, El Morya and other ascended masters who reside in higher dimensions than we and are entrusted with the well-being of humanity.

Above them are such venerable spirits as Sanat Kumara (the Biblical “Ancient of Days”), who resides on Venus in a higher dimension, and rungs of evolution past them are the angels and archangels. The Archangels Michael and Metatron are two examples of who the GF reports to.

So it is not the ETs that hide their masters; it is the Illuminati.

(End of Part 1/2)

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  1. July 26, 2010 6:18 am

    I think Marshall Vian Summers has been subtly manipulated by the dark cabal.

    He was the ideal prey for he used to live isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world.

    The person and the voice of Marshall makes you feel very comfortable and you trust him very easily when you hear him speaking of the great waves of change.

    Fortunately we had many opportunities to verify his assumptions and the best proof that he’s been manipulated is the absence of the big event/shift anticipated in 2012 when he addresses what he calls the great waves of change.

    I can now understand why the Galactic Federation is here and why the planet X will be ‘au rendez vous’ in 2012 to benefit from the ascension that’s supposed to happen at the end of the cycle.

    All the intelligent beings on and off the world are going to transition to the superior dimension for it is a unique chance nobody want to miss.

    If so you have to wait another long cycle of 75.000 years and reincarnate on 3D planets again and again until an ascension is offered to you once more.

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