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Ch. 4. The Work of the Galactics

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The Illuminati will be Toppled

Not having achieved their ends by toppling the economy and spreading an epidemic, according to Ker-On of Venus, “even now the dark plan more atrocities.” However he assures us that the Galactic Federation “are aware of what they plan, and we will remove opportunities to further their intentions.” (1)

Matthew predicts that the whole of the Illuminati structure will crumble.

“In the ever intensifying light, leaders who follow Illuminati orders will be toppled and replaced by wise leaders with integrity and honor. The ‘black ops’ behind terrorist activities will be revealed, the origins of ‘pandemics’ uncovered, chemtrails stopped, mind control measures ended.

“Incrementally, like a row of dominoes slowing falling, all sources of corruption, deception and vile intent will be unmasked.” (2)

“Light efforts are underway in numerous other areas too that will remove the long-time heavy hand of dark control in your world. Holding steady your light and being patient a bit longer for dynamic developments will be abundantly rewarded!” (3)

However, the fall of the Illuminati will not be like the fall of any national government or coalition that we have ever witnessed, Matthew reminds us. It calls for our patience.

“What is happening is not a revolution, it is spiritual evolution—that is the way of the light! It is the way of lightworkers and light warriors, whose armor and weapon against the darkness is the power of love.” (4)

The Galactics are Our Protectors

Matthew is part of a collaborative effort between Earth’s spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters and angels and an interstellar coalition of human beings from other dimensions of time and space.  Of the galactics’ reason for being here, Sheldan Nidle’s sources have said: “Heaven summoned us and we came.” (5)

SaLuSa explains to us that “we of the Galactic Federation are charged with looking after Mankind, and your upliftment and safe journey through to Ascension.” (6)  The Galactic Federation (GF) is just one of the space coalitions that are here. According to him, the GF “have the divine authority to take action as we see fit.” (7)

He reminds us that “the Dark Ones are no respecters of your rights, and would trample all over them to achieve global power. However, do not dismay or be fearful as the situation is within our control, and we shall with your help emerge victorious to claim the victory for the Light.” (8)

Ker-On also reassures us that the galactics will allow no catastrophe to overtake the Earth:

“Let me be quite clear that the Earth will not be destroyed, and there will be no mass deaths that will decimate the population. This is where the Galactic Federation comes in as your guardians and protectors, a responsibility that has been theirs for many thousands of years.

“Our presence is your assurance that there will no major destruction in your time, beyond that which Mother Earth sees as necessary to cleanse the planet. We are here to see you safely ascend, and with as little inconvenience as possible. You will understand better when the time soon arrives, and through open contact we can talk with you about the plans for Earth and its survival.” (9)

Mira the Pleiadian explains the galactics’ work.

“The Creator does not want you to suffer. The Creator wants you to live in the Light of harmony and peace. This is one of the reasons that we are on standby. We work with many other star systems and councils to do the work of assisting in ushering in the new energies. We also help to stabilize the planet. We do what we can to smooth out the rough edges of profound change.” (10)

Diane of Sirius reveals the alert state in which the galactics remain around the clock, ready to intervene at the right moment:

“Needless to say, as always we are abreast of what is taking place, and have a total picture of the likely outcome of the impetus created by you. … We are ready to seize control on your behalf as soon as it is practical to do so and prevent any madcap actions by the dark as they contemplate defeat. We know exactly how they think and will curtail any attempts to prevent the Light from manifesting on your world.” (11)

SaLuSa tells us that “The dark forces intend to create as much havoc as possible.” (12) However, the galactics have “foreseen the mass destruction that the Illuminati planned for your demise. Very few of you have a realization of how far their plans extended, and the degree to which they had been advanced.”

“They had success in their grasp, but have had it snatched from them through joint activities with our allies.” (13)

Because of the intervention of the galactics and the spiritual hierarchy, Atmos of Sirius, explains, the Earth is now on the path to a planetary transformation and Ascension.

Your final cycle is now playing itself out and unlike previous ones is destined to signal your success. Instead of falling to the dark influences, you are now on course to move fully into the Light. It has taken our presence and that of many Light Beings from the higher realms, to guide you safely to this important time in your evolution. You will safely reach the end-times as intended and much credit must go to those Lightworkers who came to Earth for that purpose. (14)

How do the galactics plan to overturn the dark forces? Can they reveal their plans to us? Who is aiding them on the terrestrial side? What can we expect in the times ahead?

(For Chapter 5, see


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(For Chapter 5, see

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