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Sorting Out the Confusion

Last revised: June 30, 2009.

Question: Please sort out the confusion in my head. I have started to read this information on these blogs and sites since the end of November 2008.

I read that the galactics have all these powers to take back the earth and stop all the corruption in this world we live in.

I’m confused about this. If you all have these powers or are associated with galactics that have these powers and there is approx. 25% of the planet starving and many people dying from different things such as Michael Jackson possibly being taken out. So why can’t all of this be stopped now right now not a second later?

I am confused about what 5D is in plain every day language and ascension is in plain every day language.

Is one more life, an innocent life, worth it to let the bad people of the earth keep this corruption going when you have all this evidence against them. Isn’t the depleted uranium in the war heads that is destroying people’s lives in Iraq enough to put them away forever? Would this not be crimes against humanity?

This seems very contradicting to not announce this reformation act and start the process of peace, love and prosperity to the innocent and that is where my confusion is. This seems to be dangling a carrot in front of humanity. I haven’t read any material that addresses if there would be any other incidents such as 911 that would push this announcement of NESARA off to another date in future years when you keep saying soon very soon. The 911 incident was known about since 1946 if I remember correctly. So is there anything that is known by whoever that pushes this out to the year 2012 as I keep seeing? I guess I can go on and on because this is really confusing. Please address all of these concerns in plain English.


Let me say that full answers to your questions can be found on the website, First Contact (1) (To keep down clutter, I will give links in the footnotes, below).

There the masters, galactics, and celestials will tell you all about why they did not prevent 9/11, what they did on that day, why they do not simply correct everything in a moment, even though they could, etc.

Now that website is very large and it would require a great deal of reading on your part if you wanted your questions answered completely.

To take that amount of material and squeeze it down into one short reply to your question is very difficult. But I shall try.

Your first question is why don’t the galactics stop all the corruption, the people starving, and people dying.

As I understand the galactics’ answer, as given on that website, they follow the wishes of Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy, (2); they do not use force; and they can not and will not suspend the freewill aspect of life on this planet in the case of lightworkers or darkworkers. (3)

However, that rule applies only until a divine deadline is reached, after which the rules of the game change. (4)

They also will not intervene in the karmic assignments we have taken on in our prebirth soul contracts. (5)

Many people have chosen to take on tough assignments in this lifetime in order to complete a great deal of karma and in order to inspire the rest of the population to throw off the chains of slavery.

The often-pathetic tragedies that you see unfolding around us are examples of people having taken on these assignments and contracts. (6)

In this refusal to step between us and our karma, they are no different than terrestrial spiritual masters. A spiritual master may ameliorate our karma, but he or she will not suspend it.

Furthermore, the galactics operate strictly according to law – natural law, galactic law, and terrestrial law. They have waited to intervene in situations until they have been able to collect evidence that would stand up in a court of law (The Hague) against the whole of the dark cabal.

The Illuminati will “take out” a person but the galactics must prosecute that person, unless his or her soul contract is up, at which point they may assist that person to make the transition and to go where their karma dictates.

Your next question is that you wish to know in plain English what 5D is and means.

I have never experienced 5D. The Guardians through Lisa Renee have identified 4D as the astral plane in their July 2009 message. (7) For me that indicates that 5D would be what afterlife scholars would call “the mental plane.”

For a complete description of the mental plane, go to New Maps of Heaven. (8) Look for all the chapters on the mental plane in both sections of that book.

Please note that those descriptions concern the spiritual planes while we are slated to enter 5D with our physical bodies intact. To that extent, the descriptions will vary.

But, nonetheless, the general space of the mental plane is, in my opinion, the closest you will come to a description of life in 5D.

I myself cannot describe what I do not know.

Is the depleted uranium in the warheads plus the terrible damage inflicted upon people by DU enough to put the Illuminati away forever? In my estimation, yes.

But not all the Illuminati are implicated in DU and, as far as I know, the galactics want to remove every root and branch of the cabal. (Please note that it is my understanding that the galactics have neutralized the effects of DU as they have of chemtrails.)

The galactics want to take power away from not just the cabalists using DU, but also the cabalists using HAARP and ULF, depreciating currencies, undermining national economies, operating the CIA drug trade, assassinating foreign heads of state, inflating food costs, reducing the working class to peons, forcing people to use polluting fossil fuels, creating pandemics, and planning on reducing the world’s population to 500 million from 6 plus billions.

You mention other 9/11s. According to the galactics, they prevented many other 9/11s. After 9/11, according to them, as the First Contact website shows, (9) there were a number of repeat attempts, but, apparently, Mother Gaia said that that was enough. No more 9/11s would be permitted.

In a sense, the galactics put the interests of the higher light being ahead of those of lower dark beings.

Here is Michael Ellegion’s Ashtar on the matter:

Most of Earth’s population has no idea how many times we have stepped in behind the scenes to influence, alter or stop certain very destructive events and the misuse of numerous `black-op’ highly classified weapon systems and projects very destructive to Mother Earth, which would have wiped out much of the life on the planet.If it had not been for our constant vigilant monitoring of Earth, in Guardian Action, to stop these very dangerous incidents and many other forms of Intervention, as bad as the environmental conditions are at this time, this planet would literally be in eight times worse of a mess than it presently is!

This particular form of Intervention has been allowed because of the nature these dangers posed to Earth. (10)

The galactics say that, if NESARA had been proclaimed in 2001, the Illuminati were still so strong that the money would have been rounded up and the recipients murdered. Even recently, they have said that this was still the case.

2001 caused such a rallying of the terrestrial population that it provided the momentum for the success of the Earth allies in exposing the secretive Illumunati and gathering full evidence on them, which is permitting their round-up now and, in some cases, removal from the Earth.

Your last question is why the galactics don’t simply correct everything in a moment. What they say about that is that it is part of the divine plan that we humans do at least a share of the heavy lifting in accountability and ascension. (11)

In my estimation, terrestrials alone could never have defeated the Illuminati. Look at how few people even now appreciate the degree of danger we were in. In order to give the flavour of the galactics’s responses, let me cite one more of their comments, Mike Quinsey’s Atmos on how the galactics might respond to this particular question:

“You, Dear Ones, are going to be very much involved in the changes that will alter the face of your civilisation. We will guide and assist you, giving of our technology where it will speed up the changes.”However, it is not our intention nor are we expected to take from you, your opportunity of making good what has occurred through your many lives over millennia of time. It has become your collective responsibility, and it will release you from any further karma.

“Our concern is for your preparations that will enable you to move into the higher energies, and thus set your sights upon the Ascension path.

“Do not worry if you feel unprepared at present, as in the near future you will have more than adequate guidance. We of the Galactic Federation come not just to introduce ourselves to you – or simply to help in the cleansing of Earth – but to give you every possible assistance in raising your vibrations.” (12)

That is a very short, plainly-worded version.

The rest of the answers to your questions will be found on those websites.

There is no need to be in the dark on the intentions and strategy of the masters, celestials, or galactics. They have spoken plainly and often on what they are doing and why.

I hope this note reduces some of your confusion.




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