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What is the “Abundance Program”?

On every front, we see the financial system so finely crafted by the global elite coming crashing down.

At the same time we see the elite circling the wagons, trying to take advantage of events to increase their wealth or, if not, at least to conserve it. The process is revealing their true colors.

Instead, of seeing to those who are suffering, they are showing themselves solely concerned with their own fortunes. Within nations, they scale back unemployment benefits and pensions. Among nations, they show countries in trouble the door.

In the meantime, those at the very top of the economic pyramid are paid outrageous bonuses. Insider knowledge allows them to sell their stocks before prices fall. Or they are paid huge sums by insurance companies while leaving people affected by their actions broke.

Moreover, they show themselves prepared to use taxpayers dollars to bail out banks and buy needless defence systems (“needless” because they themselves create the “war on terror”), all of which benefit them, while restricting lending to and spending on ordinary people.

This is not a sustainable system. SaLuSa tells us that this way of doing things has no future. An inequitable economic system such as this is doomed to collapse and be replaced by what he calls the “abundance program.”

In this article, I’d like to restrict my attention to SaLuSa’s messages on the subject, although I could have consulted Matthew Ward and Saul as well. But for the sake of simplicity and comprehensibility, I’d like to remain with just the one.

As of March of this year, SaLuSa told us that the world’s financial system was teetering on the brink of collapse. But at the same time, he also revealed that a new financial system was ready to replace the old.

“The financial systems of the world are teetering on the brink of collapse and it can be expected because they are no longer adequate or sustainable to overcome your problems. Behind the scenes everything is prepared and in readiness for a new system, and it will be implemented when it is exactly right to introduce you to it.

“It will overcome all of the frailties and drawbacks that devalued the [existing] system in more ways than one. You want stability and what you can appropriately call ‘value for money,’ and as you know it is to be backed by gold and other precious metals.

“No longer will it be used to serve the greed of the banking fraternity, who will be required to observe a fair and honorable code of practice. There will be no place for the old system, and it will be quickly changed for the good of all.” (1)

One of the features of the old, unsustainable system was that it allowed the financial cabal to print off paper money, reducing the value of people’s holdings while shoring up the power of the financial cabal. This practice will end.

“Our allies in many countries are agreed on a plan for a metals-backed currency, and the end of the paper currency that has led you into bankruptcy.

“These are the essential changes to set up a fair system, that will protect your earnings and property from unconstitutional laws. The changes will affect the whole world and that is indeed the intention, so that you are released from unfair systems that include your tax laws. There is at last a glow on the horizon as the Light permeates into every corner of your world.” (2)

The new abundance program, together with other measures the galactics and Spiritual Hierarchy will introduce, will solve all our economic and financial problems. It won’t be done immediately but in a short space of time. The solution of our problems will be global in scope.

“When we tell you all of your problems will be solved, we mean that precisely. It cannot be done overnight, but one of the priorities is to organize abundance so that eventually no one is without sustenance.

“Since we observe your whole world we know where the worst cases of poverty and decay exist, where basic needs are not covered and medical services barely exist. We will deal with those urgent problems very quickly, and what we want to see is living standards lifted up.

“The Illuminati have persistently ignored these conditions, and have kept people down deliberately as part of their population cleansing.” (3)

SaLuSa predicts the outcome of the steps that President Obama will take to curb the financial elite.

“You are seeing a firm response by US President Obama to the banking proposals to continue paying grossly inflated bonuses. This will have repercussions across the world, as other countries will be bound to follow suit when presented with the same problem. It is one of the first steps Obama has been able to make that show his resolve to change the financial set up, and the manner in which banks trade. If they try to override his edict, they face the prospect of even more restrictions.

“These are the type of changes that will eventually speed along the abundance program, as the old system is totally unacceptable for such changes to work safely and satisfactorily. It will introduce a fair system that is for everyone’s benefit, and when completed will have lifted everyone up.

“There cannot be the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in a society that promotes the aim of equality, and desires to share with all the benefits of your labors. True souls of the Light would have no argument with such changes, and indeed are the very ones that have been promoting them.” (4)

Introduction of the abundance program awaits disclosure: “Disclosure still remains as an important development that must precede the abundance programs.” (5)

“You will see that our intentions are to lead you as soon as possible out of the restrictions imposed upon you, and introduce into your lives all that will quickly improve the quality of it. The abundance program will clearly be a major step forward, but first disclosure must come about and thus allow our open presence on Earth.

“With that, all actions withheld and waiting our interaction with you can begin. You will not have to wait an interminable time to witness these developments, and any further delays will only mean a revision of our plans to ensure a speedier conclusion.” (6)

The galactics cannot be exact about timing: “On a week-to-week basis so much could happen, and it is why we are unable to be more precise about the coming months.” (7)

However, SaLuSa can say that we should see first results before the end of this year: “This year [2010] will be the beginning of many dramatic events, and you will see the plan for abundance and other benefits promised to you taking shape. … If we were to anticipate where you might be by the end of this year, we would expect to have seen governmental changes and the first signs of the abundance program taking place.” (8)

The new financial system will ease conditions that have led to so much conflict.

“When all are treated fairly and wealth is shared, the need to resort to other means to acquire it becomes unnecessary. Inequality is something you are longer prepared to put up with, and your intent that it shall be changed will manifest the result that will bring it about. Indeed, Dear Ones, with your awakening and growth in consciousness you have realized that what you seek is your right.” (9)

The changeover will be rapid: “Already the foundations are in place for a quick change, where your financial systems are concerned.” (10)

Abundance will dramatically lift the spirits of the population of the world and prepare us to concentrate on Ascension.

“The mood of the people will change dramatically once they are informed of our mission. We offer you release from the thralldom of many centuries of persecution, poverty and wars that have kept you in the control of the dark Ones. That alone will bring joy and hope to those who are still experiencing such conditions, and through the prosperity program will address many current issues. We will be more involved in the bigger ones that have beset your whole world. …

“The lack of basic requirements that have left the poorer people in shanty towns, without proper facilities or medical care [must be reversed as soon as possible]. We are well aware of the priorities where you are concerned, and regardless of size our vast fleet and personnel can handle them with ease. …

“You should have been able to advance your standard of living much more than it is now. …

“The changes will not be imposed for the sake of it, but are part of our plan to bring you the comforts and protection that will lift your experiences to a new level and bring you joy and happiness. Following that you will be in the right frame of mind to apply yourselves to the business of preparing for Ascension. That is the ultimate goal.” (11)

But before that time, we must endure a complete financial collapse, denying the Illuminati their source of power; namely, wealth. This may cause us some anxiety.

“As the old falls away it is understandable that you are concerned, because as yet you cannot see what will take its place. However, the fact that you see the demise of that which has proved inadequate and responsible for your present position means that you will not readily accept a resurrection of the same again. That is clearly desirable, as otherwise there would be a return to the old ways.

“It is planned to advance your civilization so that there is a natural progression to Ascension. That which has been denied you will quickly come into your lives, and provide the answers to the problems that confront you now. We can address all issues so that you take a quantum leap into the New Age.” (12)

SaLuSa assures us that the star nations know and have planned for all eventualities, including the oil spill, which he may have hinted at prior to its occurrence. Here is his update of April 10, 2010:

“We share responsibility for your future just as much as you do, and together we will have no difficulty in getting you prepared for the wonderful and exciting times just ahead. Already you have had sufficient information to understand the nature of them. Clearing away the result of years of pollution is high on our list, and although the size of the task is extremely large, with our technology it will be dealt with in next to no time.

“The environment has to be restored as first measure to lift everyone’s living conditions. Then shall the basic needs of the poorer people be provided for in full measure. Contented people are happy people, and the joys of living will be there for you all to experience.” (13)

This then is what we will be experiencing in the weeks and months ahead. The old system will collapse but be replaced by a new and more equitable arrangement. Everyone’s financial needs will be seen to and the changeover will come quickly once the program can be introduced.

There’s no need to fear what’s happening. Knowing what we know, we can watch the process unfold with certain knowledge that what follows it will be to the satisfaction of all the people of the world.


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