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Matthew Ward on Global Warming and Weather Warfare – Part 2/2

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From Matthew Ward, Illuminations for a New Era: Understanding These Turbulent Times.  Channeled by Suzy Ward. Camas, WA: Matthew Books, 2003, 74-9.

Destruction through weather control technology and its aftermath is intended, so it also results in twice the negativity as a naturally occurring weather event. Although droughts and floods are the most easily achieved effects of weather manipulation, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have been “improved” so that target effects often are partially attained.

The caricature of the mad scientist with flowing hair and popping eyes is almost applicable, as the few people with the knowledge and the authority to literally “Make my day!” weather-wise on Earth are not rational. And their source of “inspiration” is not human but is the dark ones among the reptilian civilization. However, with thanks to the advanced technology of our space brotherhood light workers, the weather controllers’ plans never have been fully successful and their most diabolical efforts have been almost entirely thwarted.

This is not to say that severe weather-related events will not continue with potentially serious consequences. That is the most likely scenario as the light vs. dark battle rages on. But due to our benevolent space warriors, nothing will be as bad as was anticipated before they came to the aid of Earth with doubled and redoubled light efforts. 

As for global warming – and no respectable scientist on Earth will deny this is happening! – what has caused this? The hole in the ozone layer?

No, that is another result of what has caused global warming: Negativity. The thinning of the ozone layer that eventually resulted in the hole was initiated some time ago by vehicle and heating fuel systems and other chemical reactions and emissions, which also are effects of negativity. No, that is not a surprise, but this may be – the ozone situation would have happened without any manmade efforts, solely as a natural and desirable result of the light increasing on Earth.

The thinning is helpful in purifying the atmosphere and lightening the density immediately surrounding the planet. If this were known to your scientists who could publicize it, there would be no grave concerns about the diminishing ozone. But so far this is known only to the few scientists who deliberately do not publicize it, a strategic reversal of the dark intent regarding publicity to create fear.

In Earth’s third density the protection of the ozone area has been necessary for her life forms, but the need for this is lessening rapidly as the planet is absorbing more and more light in tandem with all her life forms from human to algae.

You asked if global warming will continue. Yes, because whatever has been set in motion must run its course – energy doesn’t get directed and then of its own volition, stop and hover or turn unless it reaches equally strong opposition. And that is coming!

At this point enough souls have awakened and are seeking Truth so that there is a great rising, yet still subconscious, of requests for assistance to avoid planetary destruction. This has enabled the detrimental effects of the warming process to be brought within the guidance of the light brotherhood, whose advanced technology will lift and steer the energy streamers into positive outcomes.

This would be stabilizing temperature ranges to attain better distribution of heat and cold, and leavening the extremes in arid and humid, fertile and abused, lands. It would be getting rid of air pollution and neutralizing toxic wastes in water and soil and radioactive waste in leaking storage containers and in discarded weaponry. It would be the recovery of the most damaged parts of Earth, reclaiming a balanced ecological system and restoring the harmony that once existed within all of her animal and plant kingdoms.

Some there know of these off-planet sources of assistance. It is time for ALL there to recognize, welcome and thank our extraterrestrial family of diverse civilizations whose massive light-beaming and technology have been and will continue to be literally lifesaving for Earth and all her light-receptive beings. This assistance is more complex than you yourselves can manage, but it is not the responsibility of your space friends – your space family! – to manage all aspects of this salvation for you.

They answered Earth’s own plea for help, and myriad others in light service are helping also, but assisting these sources to re-create Heaven on Earth is the mission and birthright of all you souls who chose to participate during this unprecedented era. Your positive thoughts and sentiments are required for the return to health, peace, love, harmony and remembrance of your relationship with each other, with God, with all life forms throughout the universe.

This is not merely a prayer or fervent hope. It is a reflection of the universe. The changes within each of you and the planetary changes are only the reflection of the most pervasive universal changes since the birth of the various worlds of the cosmos.
Mother, I know this goes way beyond your questions, but it all is related. As I have often said, everything happening anywhere on Earth is related to everything everywhere!

(For Part 1, see


(1) Matthew Ward to Steve Beckow, in Suzanne Ward, email, April 30, 2010.

(2) By “weather technology,” Matthew means not only HAARP, but also scalar-wave technology. Note that both the Russians and the Americans have scalar weapons. It is not clear to me how much of global weather has been caused by the one and how much by the other.

(For Part 1, see

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