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How Ascension Might Occur – Part 1/2

How might Ascension occur? Sooner or later, the topic will assume overarching importance. We’ll find that each commentator on the subject will take a different subtopic, begin at a different starting place, or concern themselves with a different approach to or piece of the puzzle.

It’s our task to arrive at a coherent view of the whole. For instance, Archangel Michael will concern himself with “God” while SaLuSa of Sirius concerns himself with the “Self.” Both are the same; simply different terminology. Again, SaLuSa will take about Ascension while Saul will talk about achieving “full consciousness” (i.e., unitive consciousness).

These are differences in terms only and, if we see that, we can make the connections between the discussions.

The article is divided into two parts because the Arcturians’ discussion of the Ascension process is long and deserves a section unto itself. It is one of the more complete discussions of the Ascension process that I am aware of.

Archangel Michael

Each source answers a slightly different subtopic within the overall discussion of how Ascension will occur.

According to Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman, it is triggered by our awareness that we are somehow out of alignment with Father/Mother God:

“The ascension process is initiated when you become aware that you are out of harmony with your God-self and our Mother/Father God, which leads to a desire to make life changes. Thus, a Divine discontent ignites within as you seek your own highest truth, and the desire to transmute and release past transgressions begins which, ultimately, includes the process of forgiving all others as well as yourself.” (1)


SaLuSa, through Mike Quinsey, casts the question in terms of “finding one’s true Self,” which is the same as Father/Mother God. We know we are successful when we have an indisturbable peace.

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and acknowledge the desire of so many of you to find your true Self. You ask how you will know if you are successful, and we would say that when you find peace, happiness and love you are One with the Light. Do not despair if you cannot quite make it at present, as the incoming energies are constantly being uplifted to help you along.”

SaLuSa’s approach is to ease us into the light and he knows that fatigue will result.

“We believe in easing you into the Light so that you have time to assimilate it into your Being. We know that the pressures of everyday life have their effect upon you, and if you feel run down take the time to find your place of quietness and peace.

“Relax into the dream that allows you to draw the energies of the future to you, and re-charge yourself. Love yourself as others do, as you are all worthy souls.” (2)

Unlike many commentators who advise us to center ourselves in the Present, the Here and Now, SaLuSa counsels us to project our thoughts into the Ascension future.

“Start projecting your thoughts into the future, and see if you can capture the feeling of the energy of Love and Light.” (3)

“The end times will bring Ascension, regardless of what takes place in the meantime. Therefore cast your sights on what is to be, and not what is now and that way you will be doing a great service to your fellow man. Ascension is much bigger than merely giving a way out for Man on Earth.” (4)

SaLuSa is particularly interested in seeing that we pull away from the influence of the lower energies.

“Certainly after having a whole series of lives in the depths of duality, you have had to become strong and resolute to overcome the challenges. Now as the awakening gathers pace the task of concentrating on your evolution becomes much easier, and you can reach a stage where you are beyond the pull of the lower energies. That is when you experience peace of mind and in a way become detached from the Earth.

“Your strength comes from knowing that life is infinite, and that your true reality is in the higher dimensions. You will find that you can touch that magical silence, where time seems to stand still as you are lifted in mind and spirit. …

“One day you will suddenly realise that life has to give you more than it does, and once you see the Light your consciousness opens up. For seekers of the truth there has never been a better time, as so many channels have been opened up to cater for everyone.” (5)

There is much 3D unfinished business that we must clear up either by completing it or letting go of it. Says SaLuSa:

“Dear Ones, when you are finished with these lower realms, you have no hesitation in making a decision to leave them for the higher ones. Already you may well feel out of place in this dimension, and know that it no longer fulfils your conscious desire to move into those vibrations that give you peace and happiness, dimensions that are in surroundings of the same higher energies that you have attained, because of your awakening to the Light and Love being beamed to Earth.

“Making a break is a natural development that will place you in the realms that will give you your next opportunity to move into another phase of your evolutionary experiences. The Laws of the Universe mean that all souls will, when changes take place, find themselves at the precise levels that resonate with their own energy levels. You do not therefore need to concern yourselves about the choices made by others, as with the coming of the end-times of this cycle, all will be perfectly completed in accordance with the divine laws. (6)


Saul, through John Smallman, takes a non-dual approach to Ascension. He says:

“There is no point at which reality and and illusion meet or interact because what is unreal does not, and never has, existed. To return home you must awaken and release all thought, all perceptions of the hellish dream in which it seems you live.” (7)

According to him, we are headed for “full consciousness” or, rather, away from dualistic to unitive consciousness. There is no such thing as “full consciousness” until we are merged again with God and lose all trace of individuality, an event that happens well past the dimensions of the seraphim and cherubim. This event will happen suddenly. Says Saul:

“Full consciousness is where humanity is headed, and this event is approaching rapidly. Those who are ready will find themselves there, suddenly, to their absolute joy and amazement – amazement because, although they have been praying for it, preparing for it, and longing for it, they can have no idea what it really means until they experience it.” (8)

(For Part 2, see

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