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SaLuSa: The End Times are Awakening You

SaLuSa’s message today is again one of those important round-ups which are pointedly directed to what is happening at the moment. He validates our awareness of the importance of this time and confirms that President Obama is taking a leading role in the overthrow of the cabal and working cautiously at the moment whereas he will be operating decisively soon.

He reassures us that this time will soon be over and the cabal will be decisively defeated. He cautions us not to respond punitively. He points out how this time is awakening us and many others.

SaLuSa seems to corroborate the intensity of events right now when he comments, “things are still speeding up and you are in the thick of it, and sometimes it is difficult to keep abreast of it all.”

SaLuSa's channel, Mike Quinsey

He explains more of what is happening, which appears to confirm the way it feels on the ground:

“A series of events continue to move you forward, and they are edging towards a finale that will see some momentous changes. It all goes well behind the scenes, although outwardly you could be forgiven for thinking that there was total disarray everywhere.

“We continue to hold the strings that connect us with all activities on Earth. Nothing escapes our attention, and we are directing our energies towards achieving a major change that will benefit us all. More we cannot say at this stage, but the pressure is on the dark Ones to the extent that they are running scared.”

I personally find this comment reassuring.

He tells us why our resistance to the dark energies is increasing:

“The Light is being further empowered, as the incoming energies are increasing and your consciousness levels are rising up. As you absorb them so your resistance to the lower energies is increased, and you slowly consolidate your place in the Light. It is what you have worked towards for a very long time, and prepares you for the final upliftment at Ascension.”

He reassures us that it will not be long before the road smoothes again:

“The road has been long and bumpy, but it will not long before it becomes a smooth path taking you fully into the Light. Thereafter you will be able to say that you have truly become a Being of Light, and will start a new adventure in the higher realms.”

But he informs us that we have this last series of problems to deal with first. In the course of his remarks, he validates President Obama’s leadership and predicts decisive action from him

“However, the current problems need to be dealt with first, and each one of you can assist by sending out your Light to those who need help. In this way you set up a channel of Light that reaches them, and it will grow and attract even more Light.

“We would ask you to include those leaders who are presently in the forefront of all that is happening, and your President Obama is one who is a major player in the events taking place. You will see that he has played a patient game to take his opportunity to unseat the dark Ones, and he will use all of his authority to do so. Timing is the essence of success, and that is something we have often stressed.”

He tells us that this dark chapter will last only as long as required to move us into new ways, much to our joy and empowerment:

“When the going becomes difficult, please do not lose sight of the fact that it will only last as long as it takes to move into a new paradigm. It will release you from the hold the dark Ones have had on you for hundreds of years.

“It will be the biggest and most important change you will have experienced for many, many years. Freedom is knocking on your door, and you shall have it returned to you as part of the early changes.

“Unnecessary controls and laws will be repealed, and life will take on a new look by granting you a say in your future. Sharing and caring will be very satisfying, and bring people together regardless of wealth, status or position. They will be recognized for what they really are as One Race, that all have a role to play in the Oneness of Humankind.”

He assures us that there will be a substantive change in the way we experience life soon:

“It will not be too long before life will be quite different in all aspects to what it is now, and will set the mould for what you can expect when you ascend. It will be a taste of what is to come, and that includes your bonding with us.

“That will come easy as you are reaching up to us now, and before long will be like us. It will not really be a strange transition as many of you were once at our level. It will be an opportunity for you to return to the position you once held, before you finally dropped into the lower vibrations of duality.”

He reminds us again of the need for discernment when reading sources. He cautions us against accepting accounts that excite despair and fear. He asks us to avoid those that ask for punishment.

“You could say that where information is concerned regarding Ascension, you are spoilt for choice as many sources are picking up the new vibrations. However, their interpretation of them may not agree with others, and this is where your own intuition comes into play. Accept only what rings true to you, and carries no sense of impending doom or fear.

“The true messages that carry Light are based on love and understanding, and will speak of the opportunity for everyone to ascend through freedom of choice. The true teachings do not talk of punishment in any context, as every soul on Earth is loved and given guidance as soon as it is requested.

“Sometimes it is a special event in a person’s life that leads to an awakening, and it is often associated with near death experiences. When you get a glimpse of life beyond Earth in the higher dimensions, it can leave you with such a strong impression it is indeed a life changing experience.

He predicts that disclosure and First Contact will have an inspiring and uplifting effect on us:

“We know that with our coming and contact with you, it will also have an uplifting effect on you. You will see in us yourselves, and just being in our presence will allow you to experience the higher vibrations of love.

“We say this in no way that is boasting; neither do we consider ourselves above you. We are simply souls who are coming to you from levels that are so different to what you are used to on Earth. It is very much like the times of Jesus, the Buddha and other Masters that have walked the Earth, with auras that gave out a powerful energy of love that enshrouded those around them.

“You too are much the same, except your vibrations tend to be much lower and not so evident. Yet, when you meet someone who has developed a higher consciousness, you can feel the peace and love they carry with them. “Developing to that degree requires dedication to keep focused on your goal, and detach yourself from the lower vibrations. There has never been quite such a grand opportunity to do so as now, with the extremely high energies being received on Earth.”

He reminds us of how events have been planned to slowly increase the awakening energies:

“The plan has always been intended to increase the energies slowly but surely, to allow for your gradual awakening. However, it was also planned to greatly increase them after the Millennium, to help you be prepared for the last upliftment you know as Ascension. It will be the most important step you have taken since the last cycle began, and it is why so many Beings accompany you in the last stages of your preparations.

“Be assured that, if it is your intention to ascend, you will be helped all of the way until the final great day when you will ascend. Now you will realize why we refer so frequently to your Ascension, as it is what you came into this cycle to achieve. In so doing you will have proved victorious in overcoming your perceived separation from God. You will have identified with your true Self, a magnificent Being of Light.

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is a joy to communicate with you at such an important time in your experiences, as you are so responsive and aware.”

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  1. Chris permalink
    October 10, 2010 8:39 pm

    As God is unconditional love, why would he/she or his son prefer to be exalted…or as mentioned in one of the above postings, wish anyone to feel the wrath of His indignation.

    In my understanding of God, such feelings do not exist, if they did he/she would not be God, that spirit would be a despotic leader, someone who has an ego that needs to be stroked, someone to which right or wrong exists, when we know that right or wrong are just perceptions.

    Grow in the knowledge that we are LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY… God wants nothing from you, yet everything for you.

    We have spent life times making God in our image. Brothers and Sisters it is time we made ourselves into the Image of God… Unconditional Love..

    Thank you.

  2. September 15, 2010 6:21 am

    Many things I have experienced here in this life, rejection from religiosity,poverty, health issues,division of minds between family and friends, but through it all, I have keep a vigil eye on my contact with my creator through the spirit, and he has spoken to me, and revealed himself to me in ways never before imaginable to me.

    Along this journey, I kept a vigilant watch at what people were going through, and how their mind was stagnated by the beliefs that were being funneled into them.

    So I chose not to believe everything that I heard, but I chose to believe everything that came to me or came out from me as being truth.I then started on a quest for truth, and as I have been traveling, it is coming more and more to me.

    So I began to start writing down what I have saw.

    Most religions have been brainwashed by the cabal, into believing in a rapture yet to come,
    I personally believe that the creator’s spirit is with us, and he ascended a long time ago, but he is here for us as well as others, like yourselves are also.

    I believe we are Kings and priests after the order of Melchezidik, and that when we get to that stage of spiritual growth is where we start connecting in Christ consciousciousness.

    I believe, just like me, Jesus was the natural man, born of woman, but Christ was the spirit man born of God. Just like we are three-part beings so was he.

    I believe because of my religious upbringing that Christ has to be the center of my life, because he is my spiritual connection to God my creator, and when I reach the point of entering into the Kingdom with him, then is when I have the fullness of his experience with me in the spiritual realm.

    Some religions do not understand this for they have been taught that they only can understand by their natural senses only.

    I believe there are 7 stages that we must walk through as believers in God the creator of the universe, and it isn’t until we come through all of them that we come to where you are all at, so bear with me as I explain, from the religious perspective.

    Seven stages of spiritual growth

    #1 Age of innocence~ Adam and even in the garden

    #2 Rebellion~ against God, their creator

    #3 The promise~ of life ever after, in the spirit with him

    #4 The law~ it was given as the school master to bring us to Christ, where we go on to the next stage

    #5Religion~ man’s own attempt at trying to get to God, by their own efforts, he has to let them wear themselves out, and give up at their natural attempts at being holy

    #6 Grace~ Gods gift to mankind to bring them into the spiritual realm with him, as they grow ,and learn and move towards the Kingdom

    #7 Kingdom~ the spiritual place where we have communication with him,and feel his presence around us, and even talk with him, and to him through our mind, and sometimes with audible understandings.

    Most religions have come to the point of grace, but they have not yet entered into this
    kingdom with him because they must be light, and love. For no darkness can enter into it. It is by faith in a divine creator that they can believe in him enough to seek the truth, and when they do, they become free.

    But false religion has held them captive in their minds, and they have taught them many untruths about their identity and purpose.

    I believe God has shown me my identity is a child of God in the Kingdom of God, and my purpose is to love humanity.

    This does not mean that others who have not or do not see it this way are wrong, we each have different pathways to lead us to the light.

    Because my background was from religion, then I see it through that perspective, although, my native American background has brought about many spiritual truths to me as well.

    I believe in what religion calls divine revelation, which is nothing more that God revealing his thoughts, and his will to us.

    I believe we can and do have a direct connection with him, as well as to others in the kingdom.
    I believe that our consciousness will bring all of us together when we realize who we are and what our purpose is here on earth.

    This is where you will be waiting for us to come in and experience the joys of being in the heavenly realm with him and you, with others that have gone on before us.

    I want to share with you an experience i had while at my computer one evening.

    I was sitting here minding my own business, when I felt a presence enter my room, I did not turn to see , I only felt him near to me, like he was looking over my shoulder.
    words started coming in my mind so I wrote down what was coming to me, I will share them now with you.

    6:45 p.m.

    Peace is coming to the household of God, and the children once again shall run and play unmolested by their fears, and doubts in the world about them.

    Once again I shall shake the heavens and the people of the earth shall tremble.
    I shall release those who have been in bondage in their minds, and a great flood of joy shall cover the earth.

    Think not that this is by man’s own efforts, for the God, the creator of mankind, does know all that mankind is doing.

    I shall rise up spiritual warriors, that will bring peace to the earth, and all of the inhabitants shall rejoice.

    For the rulers of darkness have been cast down, and the name of the son has been exalted.
    Seek me that you may know your place in this great change.

    My children of the earth rejoice, that the son has once again shone upon you.

    Question not what you see, be obedient to what i put into your heart to do or say.

    For in this shall all the stones be fitly joined together.

    I shall gather you from the North, the South, the East, and the West

    Peace is coming to the cradle of humanity, all shall know me. All shall reverence me, and those that don’t shall feel the wrath of my indignation.

    I know nothing about these words. I do not even know where the cradle of humanity is, so if anyone knows I would like them to share that information with me.

    I believe we are all coming to this greater good for mankind, and that slowly people will be coming out from under false religion that has held them in bondage.

    If you get anything out of this, please enjoy, if not cast it away.



    People will never be able to appreciate other life forms until they come out of false religion, and start being told the truth

  3. salim fuad suna permalink
    August 20, 2010 2:59 am

    As you see from my address you are my idol. I believe you are the dawn because I believe in my self we are one divine soul.

  4. Samata permalink
    July 30, 2010 10:32 am

    thank you, it took a lot of courage, can feel the heart pangs as i am accepting that its time for me to let go of my perceived illusion, thank you for sending me so many laps of love who not even once let me fall or hurt, i have been so well looked after through all the perceived turmoil in my 3D life, can’t deny the love anymore, the choice, the 5D,


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