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On the Little Greys (Zeta Reticulans)

In the Matthew Books, Matthew Ward’s manner of proceeding is sometimes to give messages himself but often to ask other cosmic beings to contribute their knowledge. These beings come from all over the universe, some from our solar system, but many from as far away as beyond the constellation Lyra, etc. They have all responded to Earth’s cry for help.

In the following quote, Matthew has asked a resident of Jupiter named “Hugo” to comment on cloning, a topic regarding which Hugo reportedly has much knowledge. In the course of his remarks, Hugo discussed the little Greys, or Zeta Reticulans, and it is these comments which I wish to post here.  Later I will give his discussion of cloning.

The discussion is also noteworthy for what it says about “real” extraterrestrials – that those found within our solar system are friendly. It also confirms that the non-Grey ETs originally came here to stop Earth from using nuclear weapons.

(From Matthew Ward, Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth. Camas, WA: Matthew Books, 2001; revised 2009.)

Suzy: Hugo, what do you know about the aliens called “little grays”? [sic]

Hugo: … With pertinence to Earth, we know that, in underground laboratories, primarily in your Southwest United States, they are using their genetic material to reproduce themselves.

When they arrived on Earth several decades past, they taught the cloning technology to your government-selected scientists, and that was the introduction of cloning to your civilization.

Ever since these beings arrived there, they have done little except misuse their high level of intellectual and technological abilities. They had not intended to remain long, but they became trapped in Earth’s density and realized that they couldn’t leave the planet because their systems no longer were of the higher density from which they came.

To keep their strain pure and to guarantee numbers sufficient to survive any attempts to exterminate them, they have been cloning themselves at a great rate. No, Madam, not exactly an army [Hugo seems to have read Suzy’s thoughts], as combat is not their immediate intention, but an army in numbers, yes.

There is vastness in living areas underground on Earth that citizens would find incredible if they could become aware of it. It would be equally astounding if they could know that non-Earth beings are permanent residents on the planet.

These beings you call “little grays” are considerably smaller in stature than Earth humans and indeed look like the depictions given by individuals who were abducted for medical experimentation and reproduction purposes.

Some of them are responsible for the abductions that took place as claimed, but with two huge and vital exceptions: where the kidnapped persons were taken and by whom. Trapped on the planet, the abductors no longer were extraterrestrial to Earth, and their travel crafts went down underground and not into space.

These “extraterrestrials,” as mistakenly cited, have not been anywhere except in the immense city mazes beneath Earth’s surface since their arrival about half a century past. The only exceptions to their underground living are those brief abduction happenings. Then, using small spacecraft of their or your government’s design and fabrication, they obtain humans to take back to the underground laboratories built specifically for their experimentations.

These experimentations are in the nature of establishing a suitable mating program of the two civilizations, which, in the eyes of the “little grays,” would reinforce their chances of survival on your planet beyond their strain by cloning.

Your major world leaders would like everyone to fear real extraterrestrials. They have considered producing the “little grays” in such aggressive exhibition that it would prove their stance that public fear of “extraterrestrials” is justified.

Those leaders know that nothing is to be feared from the extraterrestrials in this part of the solar system! If it were not so desperately self-serving and so negative for Earth, to us it would be amusing that the United States government lets that mean-spirited alien civilization hide and experiment under your ground at the very same moment it denies the presence in your skies of representatives of civilizations they know are benevolent.

All space brothers in your area are friendly and have let this be known to government leaders. Most are there expressly to SAVE your planet! Cooperatively, they are preventing Earth from losing orbital regularity and are assisting you in myriad other ways.

This service in universal friendship has been ongoing for many years and will continue during the heavier cleansing episodes ahead. Nevertheless, official statements continue to explain away sightings of the authentic extraterrestrial spacecraft by “logical” means.

Such foolishness, such childish games! But the consequences have been tragic for those space beings who some time ago came only in peace and offering technology and other assistance to preserve your planet. In exchange, they asked the world leaders to cease building nuclear armaments and planning for nuclear war that would destroy the planet.

The government leaders would not give up their dark control and they killed or held in captivity those peaceful emissaries. Despite that, those emissaries’ fellow space beings STILL are helping you!

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  1. July 31, 2010 11:46 am

    Dear Hugo, Thank you for confirming the other channellings I have read from Salusa via Mike Quinsey and the Galactic Federation of Light. Please can you give an idea of how many Greys-Human Hybrids are in the 1,500 Deep Underground Military, mountain and ocean bases and which countries do not have any such bases. Are these clones you refer to the super-humans which go from embryo to adult in just one year? and what kind of souls they are attracting if any? Presumably cloning does not permit a soul to enter so are they using computer chips and therefore these beings are not really able to sustain the Grey’s survival as such and could be very dangerous as they would not be governed by any ethical, moral or spiritual laws. Also, please advise what we should do if invited to go aboard a spaceship, as we cannot go by appearances due to holograms and false voices (Project Blue Beam)?

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