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Reminder on Comments

Just a reminder that I don’t post comments in language that is abusive to another or borders on the abusive. The same applies to swearing.

Terms used to describe authors posted here like “less than zero credibility,” “notoriety,” “blanket promotion of unfounded nonsense,” and “UFO Hall of Shame” have no place on this site or where we’re going.

Accusing others of being “Zionist agents,” “New World Order plants,” or “imbeciles” because they disagree with you also has no place here.

There is a way to say that you disagree with someone and don’t find their arguments credible or constructive that does not leave residue.  There is even a way to discuss dark forces that does not rob them of their spark of divinity.  We have only to look at the manner in which Matthew and SaluSa discuss them.

If you’re a person with a responsible position in a reputable organization, especially if you’re defending standards of credibility, all the more reason to use credible and neutral language and to be aware of mature and responsible ways of communicating.

If you’ve posted a run of comments like this and none of your comments are any longer being posted, it’s because you’re in my spam filter. The only way out of it is to write me and promise to stop.

We’re going to need to work together in the future and the very first way we need to prepare for that is in the way we speak to each other.

I’m sorry to play the heavy but this work is important to me.



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