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David Wilcock: Life, Evolution, and 2012 – Part 2/5

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That’s what is said in the Law of One, which is a source of revealed teachings that came out in the early ’80s. I refer to it very highly and lovingly, because of how well it correlates with a lot of real scientific data that I’ve found.

Actually there’s a surprising percentage throughout the entire universe of galaxies that actually design the human body pretty much like ours – as the vehicle through which everyone who incarnates on the planets around stars will have.

The Law of One has actually correlated very well with a variety of insider testimonies I’ve gathered on a firsthand basis.

I’ve had a lot of people who have given me information, and one of the ways in which I can assess that information is by comparing it to the body of what other credible people have said before.

When I start finding people who have a lot of connections and they keep saying the same stuff, and then they also give new information, which, unbeknownst to them, correlates with what’s in this Law of One material, I find a narrative through-line.


The Law of One material is hyper-complex. There’s untold numbers of very specific data-points to remember over the course of five books to read.

Time and time again, everything that’s said in there has [been] proven accurate through actual whistleblower testimony… the people that are getting their hands dirty in this stuff.

And so the Law of One does say that our galaxy is a personality; it does have a consciousness, and it expresses its consciousness in the form of the human body.


It has set up a series of archetypes – or, essentially, patterns of evolution in consciousness — and these archetypes represent experiences that all of us have to go through as we evolve. [ ]

Interestingly enough, this archetypal pattern is written into almost every Hollywood movie that you’ve ever seen; every television show that you’ve ever seen. It all uses this archetypal pattern.

Joseph Campbell did a lot of research into it. He called it “the Hero’s Journey.” So the Hero’s Journey represents a series of experiences that we have that involves our evolution of consciousness.

So, our galaxy’s pattern of evolution of consciousness involves a hero, a character, which could be male or female, who starts out with some flaws, some personal weaknesses.

That’s very important when you write a screenplay that your hero has flaws that you identify easily in the beginning.

Then the course of any movie or any television plot is going to involve the hero having to come up against those flaws and solve those flaws.

Ultimately, he must either be destroyed by them or resolve them as a result of some sort of quest he is drawn into, which is a very deeply primal need that will be satisfied in the quest.


So, in a romantic comedy, it’s going to be a love interest. In an action movie, it usually is some sort of vengeance where there’s been some sort of wrong that’s been done and they want to seek to right the wrong.

In a fantasy, it can be a quest for truth, it can be a quest for spiritual consciousness.

It doesn’t really matter what the quest is. What matters is that the quest is some sort of deeply primal need that would be satisfied.

Then the bulk of the story is this progressive series of initiations that the hero has to go through in order to pursue this goal with the quest.

There will also be a nemesis character in the quest, which actually represents the hero’s ego when it’s distorted into its most grotesque form.

So if you have these flaws that are basically tearing you apart and holding you down, the hero character is going to experience a nemesis. It’s going to experience a villain in which those flaws are now exaggerated even further into their most disgusting extreme.

The hero then has to clash with this nemesis and that clash is what most of the struggles are about.

Usually in action films and so forth, the villain is actually a person. Sometimes in romantic comedies the nemesis is distilled into the hero himself or herself.

Or you can also have the love interest be the nemesis and be the quest at the same time, in what they call a “shape-shifter” role – where they will actually shape-shift between those different archetypes.


So the nemesis is the projection of the shadow. It’s all the unhealed stuff that we haven’t dealt with.

We clash with the nemesis in order to heal ourselves in order to decide within our own being whether what we are is this person, this villain, or not.

The villain basically shows us, “Wow do you really want to go this way? Do you really want to be this kind of person?”

Ultimately, in most of the stories, we achieve triumph. We defeat the villain, and in so doing, in the purest archetypal sense, we then achieve illumination.

This, of course, has been grossly distorted by people calling themselves “Illuminati” — those who have been illuminated.

But in the purest sense, this revealing of truth is a direct conduit to the personality and the intelligence of the galaxy.


When you tap into the intelligence of the galaxy, you’re tapping into mysticism. You’re tapping into Omniscient Intelligence. You’re tapping into what many people call Ageless Wisdom, or Direct Knowing.

At that point, when you’re into Direct Knowing, you have questions that you may have been pondering for quite some time – you have problems in your life, whatever, and they will be almost be effortlessly answered.


You begin to have a direct linkage to what we call your Higher Self, which is an aspect of yourself that actually exists far in the future in terms of linear time.

But, since time doesn’t really have any fundamental nature, in truth, it’s only another construct that we use to experience our linear existence. Time actually can be bent. It can be navigated around and it doesn’t have to be linear.

So this part of yourself that exists in the future is actually travelling back in time, and it’s giving you all these signposts to evolve.

It’s giving you dreams; it’s giving you synchronicity; it’s getting you to meet certain people at the right time, the right place.

You end up being guided through a progressive continuum of experiences that, ultimately, lead to becoming that person that is your Higher Self.


So if you think about it like the folds of an accordion, the goal of the Higher Self is to see that each of these pleated folds on your time-line are met.

Like an accordion, it could be stretched out really long where there’s a lot of linear time in between each one of these growth points that you reach.

Or, it could be compressed, it could be folded up, so that you actually experience these personality shifts much faster than you would otherwise.

Now, the goal of the Higher Self, of course, is to compress the amount of actual time required to get to that point where the Higher Self is – and this can actually be done.

Linear time in terms of the progression of how you get to that Higher Self is not fixed. It can happen faster, or it can happen slower, and if it happens faster, you really benefit from that, because you have to suffer a lot less.


One of the key points of the curriculum that this galaxy, this Galactic Mind, has set up for us is that we have to learn through karma.

When we do nice things for other people, nice things happen to us as if by magic. And when we do things that infringe on other peoples’ Free Will, our own freedom will summarily be infringed upon as well.

So, all of this continuum of experience that we are being led through in this Hero’s Journey is now coming to a head. It doesn’t continue on and on and on.


If you go back and look at the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, here’s a man who is a credible Ph.D. – I believe a psychiatrist.

He went into the Middle East where there’s a lot of commonality, belief in reincarnation, and because the people believe in reincarnation, they didn’t stifle the memories in their children.

And he interviewed over 4,000 cases of children who had stunning recognition of who they were in another lifetime.

There was a little girl who was able to remember the names of 24 different people that she knew in the previous life, and all kinds of specific detail about who they were, and what kind of relationships they had to each other, and so forth.

And it turned out that, although she’d never met any of these people in this life, every one, every single name she gave was correct down to the letter. The relationships were correct down to the letter.

Dr. Ian Stevenson also looked at the faces and compared them to the faces of the people that these children remembered being, and the face matches were astonishing.

There’s also another doctor, Jim Tucker, who has picked up where Dr. Ian Stevenson left off.

He’s actually used forensic analysis, facial recognition software, to compare these reincarnation cases, and finds that, even in the case of police software that would be used to recognize somebody’s face, these cases match up.

So it could actually be that if you go and commit a crime in your future lifetime, somebody from your past life could be arrested for the crime.

Your face is so similar from one lifetime to another that if you committed a crime in your past life, your facial recognition could associate you with that crime in this life. That’s how close it is. …

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