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Ch. 9. NESARA’s Unveiling

Note: I discourage anyone from making financial decisions based on the expectation that NESARA will happen “soon.” No one knows when NESARA will be declared or, if they do, they are not saying.

No matter how eager we are to know when NESARA will arrive, everyone among the 2012 Ascension Team of spirit teachers, ascended masters, celestials, and galactics, has kept the exact date under wraps. They offer us hints, glimpses, and suggestions but that is all.

Some who cannot bear the endless waiting have renounced “anticipation energy” (1) and applied themselves to useful lines of social endeavour and self-development.

There are many reasons for this secrecy on the 2012 Team’s part. One is the difficulty the Light would create for itself if it signalled its plans to the dark. The other is the risk it would bring to their Earth allies and other lightworkers. A third is the panic that it might put the financial community in if plans were known.

Matthew addressed this third reason, but what he says here could equally be said about all other areas of dark control – media, medicine, pharmaceuticals, education, resource industries, manufacturing, the military, etc.

“Conversion to a new economic foundation and operation is an enormous undertaking, and it cannot be publicly heralded that this is occurring as that would cause panic throughout the business world.

“The lighted souls who are leading the way know that panic would fuel the dark ones, who are clinging on for dear life; it is essential that [the] new leaders take judicious steps quietly to avoid creating a fear-filled populace.” (2)

We have seen that there have been fits and starts. Many people are tired of hearing messages that say “soon, soon.”

The galactics are aware of how stressed and tired we are. SaLuSa reassured us in February of 2009 that, despite the slow pace, the changes were definitely coming:

“Do not … lose your belief that there are beneficial changes coming. Indeed, these are already emerging but it is clearly early days for you to yet see anything significant. You have set the energy of your vision of the new world into motion, and it will deliver the answers you seek about your future.” (3)

Regarding matters of timing, SaLuSa said in April of this year that “our vast knowledge of what is happening on Earth will ensure we know when it is best to make our moves.” (4)

A statement he made in June of this year was not well greeted when he said it, but it has proven true so far. He said that “we expect you to see signs of the changes before the year is out.”

However, he added, “the opportunities are like the tide moving in and out all of the time.” (5)

SaLuSa told us in September of this year that we will know quickly when events are happening: “Matters as we see them are bound to produce signs of where you are going, and those who are aware of their meaning will make sure it comes to the notice of the general public.” (6)

One of the signs of where we have gone is contained in the enthusiasm with which the 2012 team delivers its messages. I believe that we know we are getting close when their enthusiasm rises and I will try to show in the remainder of this article how their enthusiasm has indeed risen lately.

That enthusiasm is particularly noticeable in the SHGF’s messages since January of 2009. So I shall concentrate on them.

In the last chapter, we heard the SHGF tell us the “trickier stuff” remained to be accomplished. It was quite clear that we were not going to see NESARA in January of 2009, when that message came out.

But by the Fall of 2009, the SHGF report that the plans to move major global governments into their transitional phase have begun.

In September of this year, they reported that “the new financial system is poised to manifest; indeed, certain aspects of this system have been operating freely without a great deal of interference from the dark.”

“Vast quantities of gold bullion have been moved secretly from place to place in preparation for the setting up of a new, global, gold and silver-based currency system. This new system is one of the topics to be revealed as part of the many startling public announcements.” (7)

The SHGF’s most current, October prediction is also optimistic. It is the last message they’ve published before posting these essays. The SHGF say:

“The plans to move several major global governments into their transitional modes are currently being implemented. Of these, the American corporation, run by the dark cabal, constitutes the primary stumbling block to profound global change, but this impediment will quite shortly be unblocked. Then a range of transformative measures immediately go into effect worldwide.

“These include: the new pro-Basil III banking system, a new hard currency system, a number of new central banks, and global debt forgiveness. All this will come under the rubric of a new multinational financial system which forms a much-needed stopgap between the present financial morass and a new comprehensive system of abundance.

“Eventually this abundance is to outgrow the need for money as a survival mechanism because new ‘miracle’ technologies will give each household the ability to provide its own food, clothing, and furniture. This eliminates the need for farms, factories, and other staples of your present economy. …

You are now at a point where the aforementioned transition needs to be properly put in motion, and we are ready to intervene even more massively than at present in order to effect this.

“As we speak, our Earth allies are wrapping up a number of agreements placing you at a point where these changes become possible. …

“You are on the verge of wonders you can hardly conceive of!” (8)

Having said that, the SHGF reminds us how much depends on our breaking away from current paradigms of knowledge.

“Your successful survival mandates you changing your fundamental [social] paradigms. Your society is predicated on constant economic growth and open-ended exploitation of Mother Earth’s resources.

“This untenable modus operandi is to shift to a celebration of a ‘living Earth’ which ends the usage of Mother Earth’s natural resource. Instead, you are to expand your energy resource base and use your consequently revised technologies to replicate whatever your society may require.

“This means that you make a huge break away from your traditional theories of how your society sustains itself. You cease harvesting, mining, and cutting down Earth’s natural resources and plumb the knowledge contained in your expanding consciousness.

“You can then apply these discoveries to provide abundantly for yourselves and your societies, thus moving to first base on your path to your true galactic society.

“This process of transforming into a proto-galactic society is next on your agenda. The foundation for this is a wonderful prosperity, allowing you to become a society that revels in cooperation and to wash away conflict and needless hatred.

“This next step in your evolution as a conscious Being is most encouraging: You are ready to receive a great abundance, carry out a host of significant reforms, and learn that you are indeed not alone in this vast physical Creation.” (9)

All of this describes the period after NESARA is gifted to us and before First Contact occurs. After NESARA, we bring this planet out of its warring, famine-stricken, inequitable condition. We are then joined by our galactic brothers and sisters.

“All this can so transform your psyche that a mass first contact is then possible. This natural process of reuniting with your extended family segues, equally naturally, into reunion with your Inner Earth brethren. All these steps on your path back to full consciousness then bring you to the grand adventure of re-colonizing the other water planets of your solar system! ” (10)

We appear to be mounting the steps leading up to our new home, where peace and abundance reign. Given all that lies before us, I personally am able to wait the few remaining days, weeks, or even months before NESARA is announced.

Our original motivation was to examine what will happen in our near future given Clif High’s web-bot prediction of an irrecoverable economic collapse on October 25, 2009. Our intention was to find out what the spiritual hierarchy and Galactic Federation have communicated about the coming times.

This then is their picture of the future opening before us as we speak.  If there is a total economic collapse, it will be followed “immediately” (11) by the announcement of the transformative measures of NESARA.

The NESARA operation has been complex and painstakingly slow. But, apparently, once it begins in earnest, it will move quickly. All the wait will prove worthwhile and terrestrial society will never again experience the crushing conditions of poverty or other forms of lack.

This knowledge that they have communicated to us, through channeled messages, through intuitives like David Wilcock, and through inspired scientific research paints a uniform picture of the unimaginably-wonderful times that are before us.


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