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The Time of Separation and Differences in Dimensions

"Fourth Dimension," say

We’ve heard the galactic and spirit teachers like SaLuSa and Matthew (not Saul or some of the others necessarily) say that a time of separation will occur.

Matthew has said that one of the features will be that “there will be no crime in fourth density.” (1)

Matthew tells us that we will spend some time in the Fourth Dimension before moving to the Fifth – not a long time and our stay would be accelerated as time continues to speed up – but some time. We cannot simply skip over the Fourth and go to the Fifth.

I’d like to restrict my attention to criminals, though we know many more types of people will not come with us. Why will we separate specifically from criminals? Why does crime not exist in the Fourth Dimension?

"Fifth Dimension" - What's the difference?

Well, dimensions are differentiated one from another by the refinement of vibration that allows a spirit (because we are spirits) to function on that level.

The Fourth Dimension is more refined than the Third Dimension. Matthew calls them “densities” rather than “dimensions,” density referring to refinement of vibration.

The whole lot of us – criminals and non-criminals – exist together on the Third Dimension, rubbing shoulders, but the whole lot of us will not exist on the Fourth. Criminals cannot come along with us.

Crime can only exist where low vibrations exist. If we were on the Astral Planes, which are associated with life outside the physical body, criminals and non-criminals alike would be in the Fourth Dimension or fourth density.

We would not need to eat, drink, sleep, etc., all these things being associated with life in physical bodies.

Now here is where things get complicated and I don’t have an answer for it. On the Fourth Dimension in spirit, known as the Astral Planes, life is separated out. The criminals go to levels called the “Dark Planes,” also called the “Winterlands.”   Spirits talk about these as if they were somehow “down,” at the bottom of spirit life, “in the basement” as Churchill in spirit once called the place where Hitler went to. But the criminals still exist in the Fourth (non-material) Dimension along with the non-criminals, just in different regions.

The uncorrupted or virtuous people go to “higher” regions usually called the Summerlands. Again, still in the Fourth Dimension but conventionally thought of as somehow “higher” than the Winterlands.

In fact the vibration is more refined in the Summerlands than in the Winterlands.

But the analogy breaks down in our present case because, whereas Summerlands and Winterlands both exist in the Fourth (non-material) Dimension, we will be leaving the Third Dimension with our bodies and going to the Fourth and then the Fifth Dimension,  but the criminals will be staying with their bodies in the Third.

Why won’t criminals come along with us and exist on the lower planes of at least the Fourth Dimension, with their bodies, as in the spirit world? Evidently, according to Matthew, that is not to be the case. The criminals will not leave the Third Dimension, until they leave their bodies at “death.” Then they will go to the Fourth (non-material) Dimension.

When I know more about this difference between the non-material and material worlds, I’ll report it. For now it remains a mystery to me.

But be that as it may, the time of separation will see us raising our vibrations to the Fourth Dimension and the criminals, again according to the galactic and spirit teachers, dying off and continuing their reincarnational round, where they are once again born into physical bodies, in the Third Dimension until the next opportunity to ascend. That comes in, I suppose, 26,000 more years or sooner if they ascend individually through spiritual practice.

So we will raise our vibrations; the criminals will not. We will gravitate gradually to the higher-vibrational level of the Fourth Dimension but they will remain in the Third.

Apparently all we’ll notice is that they’re not showing up around us as much as they used to. Who is showing up around us more often will be people of similar vibration. We’ll simply notice that the people we are meeting are much like us and that we don’t see people of a lower-vibrational nature as often as we used to.

However, viewed from the vantage point of our galactic and spirit teachers, this is the Time of Separation and we and the lower-vibrational contingent are moving apart, towards different destinations.

From everything I’ve heard, the Fifth Dimension appears to resemble the plane above the Astral, which most spirits call the “Mental Planes.” But I mentioned to you earlier that it is hard to describe the Mental Planes, much harder than the Astral, because by the time spirits reach them, they have a greatly-diminished desire to speak to us. They’re busy, fully occupied, well-integrated into spirit life, and think much less about us than they did when they were newly transitioned.

Besides that, it is peculiarly hard to communicate about the differences between planes. On all planes there exist grass, trees, flowers, lakes. The grass, trees, etc., on the Astral Planes are beautiful. The grass, trees, etc., on the Mental Planes are orders of magnitude more beautiful. But both have grass, trees, etc.

If you read the accounts of people on the different planes, they have a hard time describing the differences because their descriptions are very subjective. The experience of the higher planes is much more marvellous because the vibrational nature of that plane is ever so much more refined. But how do you describe refinement of vibration or degrees of marvellousness?

Spirits on the Astral Planes use superlatives to describe them. But spirits on the Mental Planes also use superlatives. They are just more awestruck. Their breath is taken away even more. But still they are describing grass, trees, etc. Can you see their difficulty? “Oh, the Astral Planes are magnificent! Oh, the Mental Planes are even more magnificent!” The difference is not easy to describe.

I anticipate that, when we enter the Fourth Dimension and then the Fifth Dimension, there will continue to be grass, trees, etc., but our experience of the grass, trees, etc., will be much more breathtaking than of the same features on the Third Dimension. The colors of trees on the Fifth Dimension will be even more glorious than they were on the Fourth. But we will not have words to describe the colors.

In a recent message, SaLuSa had difficulty describing life in the Fifth Dimension. (2) There will be colors, fragrances and sounds that are unknown in the Third Dimension. Flowers on the Fourth Dimension may give off sounds (yes, sounds) but flowers on the Fifth Dimension will give off more glorious sounds. SaLuSa advises us:

“Dream your vision of the higher realms, and what you find will still be beyond your imagination. Words cannot do justice to the range of colours and the beauty that reveals everything in a state of perfect expression. ” (3)


(1) Matthew’s Message, July 4, 2008.

(2) SaLuSa, Aug. 14, 2009.

(3) SaLuSa, June 15, 2009.

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  1. Cherie permalink
    October 15, 2010 7:47 am

    Greetings, Steve,

    I’ve only now just read this article on the separation so my comment here may be untimely or redundant. But just in case….

    Your remarks here were based on the claim you thought Matthew made that there would be ‘no criminals in the fourth density’. But in fact what you quoted him saying was that “there will be no crime in fourth density.” I’d just like to point out that these two notions are not at all identical. Matthew’s statement leaves open the possibility that people who’d perpetrated crimes (‘criminals’) might still exist in a higher density but the possibility of perpetrating further crime would not. Here’s one scenario per your own ideas that would lay to rest the dilemmas you were wrestling with. If only those still into perpetration, sharing that orientation and ‘agreement, found themselves separated into something like the ‘Winterlands’, having only each other to perpetrate upon, would they deem any action of theirs upon their fellows to be a ‘crime’? And if one of them truly did, not just as a rhetorical device, wouldn’t that indicate the beginning of a change in orientation away from the group they’re in?

    Any thoughts? OK. I’ve benefited enormously from your postings. Hope the new site is as easy to deal with!



    • October 15, 2010 8:15 am

      Hi, Cherie.

      A “criminal” is the status of one who commits a “crime.” When I was a kid, I stole peanuts from the local supermarket. I was a criminal. But “criminal” is not something I remained. People who continue to commit crimes, I think, will not go forward into the higher densities. Crime as well will not be seen in the higher densities. People who commit crimes, I think, will have a difficult time experiencing the universal love that is characteristic of the Fifth Dimension. Without the ability to experience universal love, I don’t believe they can ascend.

      But people who stop their criminal behavior because they genuinely have altered their characters, I believe, have a chance to go on. So, when I use the word “criminal,” I’m not talking about the people as people per se, but only those people who continue to commit crime or haven’t abandoned crime. In other words, I don’t want to associate a choice, status, or identity with the soul.

      Does that address the situation? If not let me know.



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