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This is the Time That We Prepared for

Jan. 11, 2011

Well, for me, the reason why so many situations are occurring right now – shootings, extreme weather, die-offs – is at last becoming clear.

As far as I’m concerned, we are being stampeded. What is the purpose of stampeding us?

The cabal is excellent at suppressing a population. They have convinced us that they are here for our protection. And all they lack is the situation in which these various measures can be invoked.

They themselves create the problem and then they offer themselves as the solution.

This site is loaded with articles that explain how the dark operate. They created the “terrorist” threat on 9/11 and then created total misery for the populations of Afghanistan and Iraq as their response to their own state-sponsored terror. They engineered “terrorist” attacks in London, Madrid, Mumbai and many other places and then offered themselves as the answer to these threats.

Don’t allow yourself to be played and led. Have the discernment to see what is happening at this time and deny the cabal an excuse to try to spring a trap on you. (I say “try” because their efforts will inevitably be unsuccessful.)

Please keep in mind that those who are with us are far, far more powerful than all the cabals on this planet put together. We are in no real danger. Even if the cabal’s plans to whip up mob hysteria were successful, we still would be in no danger. But we can multiply the amount of our misery and confusion by buying into what is happening right now.

This is the time that we prepared for. Our reading of the material on this site and other sites like it have equipped us to use our discretion and discernment, see that we are being manipulated, and not respond.

I know that many of you are genuinely concerned about chemtrails, bird die-offs, assassinations, etc., but don’t let your concern render you susceptible to manipulation. Lightworkers are known for acting like lemmings when they suspect an injustice is being perpetrated. We are regularly herded in directions we may not want to go by whipping us first up into a self-righteous frenzy.

Now do we see why we have been encouraged so much to process our old business? So there is less in us that can become rattled, stray off-center, and react with panic and hysteria. If you find yourself responding with anxiety or fear, practice the emotional clearing process that I’ve discussed in the articles on “Preparing for Ascension” (righthand column).

The best contribution you can make at the present time is to remain calm and thereby deny the dark an occasion to further suppress you (if they could, which I don’t think they can). So make your contribution now. Take a stand in remaining balanced and centered. Show that you have learned from your study of the channeled messages and articles on this site and others.

This is showtime. The curtain has gone up. You are on-stage. Show what courage and good sense you are made of.

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