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The Importance of Disclosure – Part 1/3

Our community has been inspired by lightworkers like David Wilcock, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Patricia Diane Cota Robles, Lauren Gorgo, Lisa Renee, David Icke, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan.

We’ve listened to messages from galactics like SaLuSa of Sirius, Atmos of Sirius, Ker-on of Venus, Diane of Sirius, Mira the Pleiaidian, the Federation of Light channeled through Blossom Goodchild, and Hatonn and Ashtar channeled through Suzy Ward, and the “Galactic Federation” channeled through Sheldan Nidle; celestials like Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron; Ascended Masters like Jesus, Sanat Kumara, the Comte de St. Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya, Beinsa Douno, and Omraam Michael Aivanhov; spirit teachers like Silver Birch, White Eagle, “Imperator,” Matthew Ward, and Saul.

All of them agree on the role of the galactics in restoring the Earth, introducing new technologies, defeating the forces of darkness, restoring freedom and abundance to the population, and mentoring

consenting terrestrials through Ascension.

Very soon, I think, the rest of the population of Earth, who presently are unaware of the drama that will unfold, will be looking to us to see where we sit on events.

We need to be ready then to supply a character reference for the galactics. Our reaction will be important in causing the rest of Earth’s population to get behind the galactics or react as if we’re being invaded.

So it’s very important for us to know who we are getting behind and why we are getting behind them. I intend to introduce the galactics in the following four articles.

Who Issued the Invitation?

The galactics’ invitation ultimately originates with God. Diane of Sirius tells us: As it happens the Creator of All Love has decreed that Earthman is given help.” (1) “The Galactic Federation members are the Creator’ s representatives and dutifully carry out instructions in the highest concept of Light that they can.” (2)

SaLuSa of Sirius, a colleague of Diane’s, agrees:

“The line of authority goes all the way back to God, and passes through various groups and councils of high evolution and consciousness. It finally reaches you through us and the Masters, who wait in readiness to return to Earth.” (3)

Sheldan Nidle channels the “Galactic Federation.” His sources tell us that “Heaven summoned us and we came.” (4) The “Heaven” that summoned them was the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy, which includes celestials like Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, and ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood. SaLuSa tells us that “many great Beings are close to Earth to speed the process [of Ascension] up.” (5)

Archangel Metatron confirms the arrival of the celestial contingent.

“I AM [Archangel] Metatron, greeting you in your vibrational home, that of the 5th dimension. …

“We are your family… we are the realm that you now inhabit and we come with you, to walk hand in hand into this familiar, yet foreign land. This new territory that you have dutifully claimed as your own now holds you in vibrational alignment with all that is God’s glory.” (6)

“Each of you, our Beloved Light Team members on Earth are surrounded constantly by Legions of Angels who are working to ensure that you are always enfolded in the greatest and Highest Light.” (7)

Archangel Michael is also us here to guide us.

“I, Archangel Michael, am the overseer of the Wisdom of the Light community, … arranging for the most appropriate light beings to step forward guided by the will of the Creator to share essential consciousness with humanity.” (8)

The galactics, like SaLuSa, acknowledge the presence of the angels and their role.

“Angels do abound in the higher levels and they are the most wonderful souls that serve everyone upon Earth. They make no distinction between one soul to another, and have overflowing love for all life. They are largely unseen by you, but do nevertheless appear sometimes if you are faced with danger. They obey the Will of God, and will do no more and no less for you than you are entitled to under your life plan.

“Angels help you in many ways that you are unaware of, and particularly where those souls are concerned that have no belief or awareness of their existence. For example, those times when you are saved by some apparent ‘coincidence’ is often engineered by them.

“When you do believe in them and they have your trust, you can call upon them for help and they will respond, as they are literally only a thought away. They have such power that they can perform absolute miracles, providing it is allowed at the time. The single yachtsman or climber may feel totally alone, but their entourage from Spirit are always with them.” (9)

Diane of Sirius also acknowledges them.

“Angels are another group of great beings that wield massive power beyond your present understanding. At your level as your personal Guides, they can change the sequence of events and even the outcome should it be necessary. More of you are becoming aware of your Angels, and beginning to understand just how much they do for you.

“Not one Higher Being looks down upon you dear souls on Earth or sits in judgement of you. They see you as god-sparks making your way through duality, and their love for mankind means they do not have any preferences as to which ones they help. They have a fully committed duty to help all souls evolve, and ensure as far as possible that each ones soul plan is completed.

“They operate from a level of pure love, and ask for nothing in return except the joy of working for the Father/Mother. How could anyone turn down the services and protection of their Angelic Beings, when they watch over you and take great comfort from seeing you keep to your path?” (10)

Terrestrial spirit teacher Matthew Ward reports the nearness and the role of the ascended masters.

Matthew Ward prior to transition at age 17

“The powerful energy of souls you call ascended masters and the White Brotherhood and other light forces you don’t know about has been intensifying on the planet and is available to each and every one of you. It isn’t necessary that those souls embody or that you know their names. Simply ask for divine help and these emissaries of God will provide it. It may not come in the form you think you want, but it will be what you need in accordance with your soul contract.” (11)

“Lighted souls in body or in spirit throughout the universe are with you every step of your journey into Earth’s Golden Age. Some are right there among you assisting in ways that eventually will become known by all, and countless others are beaming light to uplift all of Earth or using their technology to help your ascent into fourth [and later fifth] density.” (12)

Before we look at the ranks of the galactics, let us hear how Mother Earth summoned them. Matthew describes her call for help to ascend out of the darkness surrounding her.

“[Mother Earth’s] cry for help went out into the universe and instantly God authorized myriad spiritually advanced civilizations to respond by beaming their own vast light into Earth’s body. The massive infusion of light from those distant sources stabilized her orbit and enabled her to jar loose from negativity’s stranglehold, start to ascend out of deep third density and continue toward her ultimate destination in fifth density.

“Her soul originated in that high plane and there it remained throughout the millennia that her body spiraled ever downward as more and more human and animal blood was shed and the environment ravaged.” (13)

In another place, Matthew calls upon Menta, the representative of a civilization that responded, to describe how that cry sounded to her and her people.

Menta: “A cry for help from Earth herself reached throughout the heavens, and out of concern for this once beautiful planet, whose soul always has been pure and radiant, we responded.

S: “Can you describe the sound of Earth’s cry?

Menta: “It was a weary sound of resignation, like a faint echo of a once healthy life that had become too feeble to call out loudly. That weak sound signified that Earth was near death due to her environmental conditions and we wanted to help her survive and be restored to health.

“God authorizes a genuinely unselfish response to such a request for help, but no intervention is permitted except by invitation to participate jointly in the venture.

“Our governing body approached the Intergalactic Council high authority and volunteered our services. Understanding Earth’s condition and her “cry of invitation,” the Council sanctioned our participation after being assured that our interest was not self-serving. That is, we would give all necessary assistance solely for the good of the Earth and not take advantage of her weakened condition to conquer her peoples.

“Not only would we never think of such an act of betrayal, but an indication of conquest intent would mean a declaration of war with peacekeepers of the cosmos and NEVER would we choose that condition! War is not a province of feminine energy [Ed. her species is feminine], only of masculine, and we have absolutely no interest in it.” (14)

The galactics that responded serve the heavenly hierarchy, SaLuSa tells us. “We serve the higher forces,” SaLuSa tells us. (15) In turn, “we too are supported by great Beings of Light that dwell in the realms of pure Light.” (16) One of his colleagues, Atmos of Sirius, expands upon the relationship between the galactics and our local ascended masters and celestials: “The Galactic Federation, along with the White Brotherhood and Elders, are the principal players in the process of preparing you not just for these final years to 2012, but beyond.” (17)

SaLuSa of Sirius also tells us how the galactics are working with the heavenly hierarchy to carry out the Divine Plan of Ascension for Earth.

“The Galactic Federation works with the Higher Beings, and all along have been authorized to accompany you through this cycle, as others have done before. We are your link to God, and carry out our mission [Ascension] with great love and dedication.” (18)

“We also work with ascended Spiritual Beings whose names are often well known to you. They have acted as your Brothers from the Light, and are sometimes recognized as far back as Atlantean times, showing Man that your spiritual needs are always well looked after.” (19)

Diane of Sirius assures us that there is complete unity of purpose and action at the higher levels among celestials, masters, and galactics: “We can tell you that the highest Orders and Councils are one in a Brotherhood of Light and service to others is considered to be the highest act of love.” (20)

In the next part, I’ll cover who the galactics are who’ve responded to Earth’s cries and have come to assist us with Ascension.

(Continued in Part 2 at


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(Continued in Part 2 at

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