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Verifying SaLuSa: On the Dark Planes

SaLuSa is from the star Sirius. Many statements that he makes about Ascension, the Golden Age, and the Fifth Dimension remain unverifiable by us. How do we know he is telling the truth?

Well, even if we cannot verify these statements, there are others we can.

We can examine a number of his assertions about the Astral Planes by comparing them with the accounts of gaians (or terrestrials) who’ve died and have communicated from the afterlife on what conditions there are like.

I’d like specifically to take some of his quoted statements in the article, ”The importance of Raising Vibrations to Ascension,” and show that we can support them from gaian sources.

In this article, I’d like to begin with the first statement he made that can be corroborated – a description of the “lowest astral levels” – which gaian spirits call the Dark Planes, Shadowlands, or Winterlands. These levels are what are conventionally thought of as Hell, and they are indeed hellish, but not in the conventional ways the Bible describes.

First let’s look at what SaLuSa says about the Dark Planes:

“If you have ever heard reports of what it is like in the lowest astral levels, you will know that the vibrations are so low that it is almost completely devoid of Light. More to the point matter is unable to hold its form and tends to fall apart. Imagine being a soul who has dropped to this level through their lack of Light. It is a miserable existence and is their Hell, because they have allowed their godsparks to become so dim.” (1)

American journalist Julia Ames, who died around 1892, tells us that “people don’t believe in the hell of fire any more and they have by their recoil forgotten that there is a real hell.” (2) Says psychologist Frances Banks, who died in 1962:

“There are … Hells, though certainly differing from the physical hells and everlasting fiery torments of man’s warped imagination. There are hells of the spirit and the mind, confining states of misery; dark, depressing, and as real as the tortured consciousness of the dweller therein makes them.” (3)

She goes on to describe the dark planes:

“The Shadow Land is a very real place indeed; a gloomy murk covers it to which one has to become accustomed; squalid dwellings inhabited by unhappy, tormented beings who jeer and mock and pursue their warped existences. Sometimes these poor souls live in hatred and rebellion, sometimes in apathy and sometimes with fierce denial that there is any other state of existence possible.” (4)

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, who, as a Roman Catholic priest, had agreed not to discuss what he knew to be true about life after death while alive, set out to undo his misrepresentations after he died in 1914. He visited the dark planes and found them to be, as SaLuSa said, devoid of light.

Rev. A.D. Mattson

“Our visits [he traveled with two other companions] have carried us to what we verily believe to be the lowest plane of human existence.” (5)

“[If the light regions are called the Summerland,] the dark regions might almost be called the ‘Winterland,’ but for the fact that the earthly winter possesses a grandeur all its own, while there is nothing but abomination about the lower realms of the spirit world.” (6)

“[In] those realms of darkness and semi-darkness, … all is cold and bleak and barren.” (7)

Benson described his descent into hell in the company of his guide and mentor, Edwin, and friend, Ruth:

“The light steadily diminishes until we are in a grey land, and then comes the darkness – deep, black, impenetrable darkness; impenetrable, that is, to those who are spiritually blind. Visitors from a higher realm see in this darkness without themselves being seen by the inhabitants, unless it becomes vitally necessary to indicate their presence.” (8)

His portrait of one of the inhabitants of the dark planes, a former magistrate in medieval times who tortured his prisoners, is finely drawn. I’ll quote it at some length:

“We walked closer to one of the sub-human forms that lay sprawled upon the rocks. What remnant of clothing it wore might easily have been dispensed with, since it consisted of nothing but the filthiest rags, which hung together in some inconceivable way, leaving visible great gaps of lifeless-looking flesh. The limbs were so thinly covered with skin that one full expected to see bare bones showing forth.

“The hands were shaped like the talons of some bird of prey, with the finger nails so grown as to have become veritable claws. The face upon this monster was barely human, so distorted was it, and malformed. The eyes were small and penetrating, but the mouth was huge and repulsive, with thick protruding lips set upon a prognathic jaw, and scarcely concealing the veriest fangs of teeth.

“We gazed earnestly and long at this sorry wreck of what was once a human form and I wondered what earthly misdeeds had reduced it to this awful state of degeneration.

“Edwin, who was experienced in these sights, told us that in time we should gain certain knowledge in our work, which would enable us to read from the faces and forms of these creatures what it was that had reduced them to their present state.

“There would be no need to accost them to find out at least some of their life’s story, for there it was written for the experienced to read. Their very appearance, too, would be a safe guide as to whether they needed help or whether they were still content to abide in their sunken state.

“The object that was now before us, said Edwin, would warrant little sympathy as he was, because he was still steeped in his iniquity and was obviously showing not the least sign of regret for his loathsome earthly life. He was dazed at the loss of his physical energy and puzzled in his mind to know what had befallen him. His face showed that, given the opportunity, he would continue with his base practices with every ounce of power that remained to him.

“That he had been several hundred years in the spirit world could be seen by the tattered remnants of his garb, which bespoke a former age, and he had spent the greater part of his earth life inflicting mental and physical tortures upon those who had the misfortune to come into his evil clutches.

“Every crime that he had committed against other people had, at last, reverted to, and descended upon, himself. He now had before him – he had done so for hundreds of years – the memory, the indelible memory, of every act of evil he had perpetrated against his fellows.

“When he was upon earth, he had acted under a false pretence of administering justice. In very truth, his justice had been nothing but a travesty and now he was seeing exactly what true justice really meant. Not only was his own life of wickedness continually before him, but the features of his many victims were ever passing before his mind, created out of that same memory which is registered unfailingly and ineradicably upon the subconscious mind. He cannot ever forget; he must always remember. And his condition was aggravated by the anger of feeling like a trapped animal.” (9)

Really Benson has said enough, but I continue with portraits of this realm in case we think he exaggerates. Here is American Lutheran theologian A.D. Mattson visiting the dark planes after his death in 1970:

“There is a condition which could be termed the ‘depths of hell.’ People who have deliberately chosen to live debased or cruel lives and have turned their backs on the light of God find themselves in a state similar to groping in a dark and depressing fog. Everyone there is wrapped up in his own cruel thinking. These souls wander around in this lost state until they, of their own volition, make an attempt to turn toward the realm of light. Some may be lost for eons of time.” (10)

As we saw with the magistrate, the inhabitants of the Winterlands are obliged to relive their crimes over and over again. Julia Ames says:

“The imagination, which here is far more powerful than with you, fills the solitude with specters, and the sinner feels he is encompassed by the constantly renewed visions of his deeds. Nor is this all; he sees those whom he has injured and he fears. If ever a soul needs a Saviour and Deliverer, it is when imagination and memory without love recreate all anew the selfish acts of a loveless life.” (11)

Mary Bosworth, who died I believe in the 19th century and was a postmortem leader of a spirit communication circle from the spirit side, also describes this condition among the dark ones:

“The spirits of criminals often return and live over again the atrocities for which they are still suffering. It is the law of cause and effect. Their subconscious selves received the impressions of their acts and beliefs so strongly that they are still bound by the old sensations and criminal instincts, and they try to reproduce the semblance of the crimes or incidents that caused these impressions, in the surroundings in which they occurred.

“They live it over again as an actor reproduces a scene he has memorized. It is through the terribleness of these scenes that they discover themselves for what they are. It is sometimes a lifetime before they turn away from their evil impulses. But it is this earth­walking, this renewing of their past crimes in memory, that finally makes them determine to try for something better.” (12)

Bosworth describes the disappointment felt by those who suddenly find themselves in the dreary setting of the Dark Planes

“When those who have led evil lives first realize that they have left the earth life they are often very hard to manage because of their disappointment. They think of their earth life as gone forever, and they have no desire whatever for anything of a spiritual nature; there is nothing to live for, and yet they are alive.

“It is much the same as life imprisonment on earth, and knowing that it was impossible to get free. Their disappointment often turns to rage and they become for a time nothing but mad creatures. It is a very pitiful sight. Even when they begin to realize that their rage is useless, and they begin to listen to other spirits, it is still one of our most difficult tasks to arouse any ambition and get them started on the upward path.” (13)

SaLuSa said that matter is unable to hold its form and tends to fall apart. The malformations of the physical body, such as the prognathic jaw of Benson’s magistrate, are due to the lower vibrations on the dark Planes. Here is Benson again:

“The spirit body can assume very hideous spiritual malformations. These have nothing whatever to do with the formation of the physical body, but are due solely to the kind of life that its owner led upon earth [Steve: which led him or her to the low vibrations of the Winterlands]. The malformations are various expressions of the hideousness that is resident within the mind, on many occasions that have found their outward expression in evil deeds of every description.” (14)

Philip Gilbert, speaking through his mother Alice Gilbert (the two often remind me of Matthew and Suzy Ward) also describes the malformed individuals in these realms.

“Yes, unfortunately, shrunken entities with black or dingy grey auras. Sometimes they seemed, at a distance, quite charming to look at, but when you saw clearly, the glow of malice from their eyes was appalling. They seemed so full of ill-will and they were striving to thwart and pain each other incessantly.” (15)

A person goes to these realms out of the working of the natural law of cause and effect. Says Benson:

“It is not a pleasant subject, but I have been advised that the facts should be given, not with the intention of frightening people – that is not the spirit world’s methods or aims – but to show that such places exist solely by virtue of an inexorable law, the law of cause and effect, the spiritual reaping that succeeds the earthly sowing; to show that to escape moral justice upon the earth-plane is to find strict and unrelenting justice in the spirit world.” (16)

And for those who think that Christ’s vicarious shedding of blood relieves us of the burden of our sins, there is only further disappointment. Says John Heslop, resident of the Christ Sphere, a very high realm:

“Christ’s death does not remove the effects of sin from any human being. Direct, deliberate sin has far-reaching consequences, stretching even into eternity, and the evil must be undone and the soul make restitution itself for the evil done in the body. God loves the sinner; God forgives the sinner; but, ‘as a man sows, so must he reap.’ Christ does not bear away the consequences of man’s sin; every man must bear the result of his own sin here or hereafter.” (17)

Most shocking of all to anyone who believes that not a lamb shall be lost to the Good Shepherd, in fact there are reports of souls being liquidated on the other side. I offer one here, the case of Irma Grese, the “angel of death” of Bergen-Belsen. Grese sicced her dogs on prisoners, shot whomever she pleased, and turned human skins into lampshades.

Philip Gilbert had the task of escorting her from the gallows of Nuremberg to the Dark Planes. Remember the scene in the film Ghost where the dark angels escorted the villain to the nether regions? Well, here is an actual escorting of a dark soul to her fate.

“We coped with the Belsen gang, but the details are difficult to describe. With some, it was easy for they were cowards and perverts and made no positive attempt to assert themselves. They all, of course, knew they were dead.

“The most evil, Irma, was absorbed at once into what is her kind, a descending whirlpool of, as it might be called, sewage. They tell me that there are, very, very rarely, entities who get so low that they can only descend – and be liquidated. We don’t like to think of it here. She has a strong will and there was need to exert power upon her – her aura was the foulest I’ve yet seen, or smelt… Yes – to us, the aura gives off a certain usually faint ‘odour,’ pleasant or otherwise. Dogs can sense this.

“Irma was an ‘old soul’ in the bad sense – she had been forced to re-incarnate as a last chance. “ (19)

On another occasion he said of Irma:

“The woman is a black magician and will be ‘liquidated.’ She had to incarnate first. Why, I don’t understand, but, before you can be ‘annulled,’ you have to re-incarnate – perhaps as a last chance.” (20)

One could say that Irma returned to God, but not in the fashion that is meant when we say we journey from God to God.

Finally, since we are on this subject, while I won’t name names, I feel confident in saying that this is the future that awaits the men and women who engineered 9/11, caused earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, created pandemic viruses that caused deaths, arranged mind-controlled, Manchurian-candidate assassinations, murdered witnesses and whistleblowers, robbed nations of their natural resources, and all the other crimes that can be laid at the doorstep of the cabal.

Because we know that the perpetrators of these crimes will meet this kind of fate by the unerring working of divine law, we need not concern ourselves with somehow revenging the people that died. The natural law will take care of bringing the criminals to justice. Their future is inescapable.

But, returning to our main purpose in looking at the Dark Planes, we can see that SaLuSa, though a Sirian, knows well what life on our lowest astral planes is like. While we cannot verify the accuracy of his comments on many themes, we can on the subject of the Dark Planes.

If I have time I’d like to look at more of the statements he makes in that article and demonstrate that his knowledge of those circumstances is also accurate.


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