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As I See It

I notice I have a view of what happened in the last sixty years. I have no idea whether it’s accurate or not. It’s definitely impressionistic and I no longer have the time to research it and see how well it maps onto the territory. It’s just the way things seemed to me.

1950s – Decade of Prosperity

After the Second World War, our parents seemed intent on earning some money, enjoying some of the good things in life, and living the “American Dream.” Everyone seemed to be going after a house with two cars, picket fence, 2.8 children, and vacations at Disneyland.

This was the high watermark of democracy, when affluence seemed to have spread among the population, pensions were in, health care was affordable, benefits plans mushroomed and work promised affluence and promotion.

1960s – Decade of Protest

However, the dream never seemed to rise above material considerations and a new generation soon tired of baubles and trips. Moreover, instead of the last world war ending wars, more imperialistic ventures arose whose legitimacy was seriously questioned.

The tendency to reserve growth for white Americans was disputed and a freedom from constraints of all kinds seemed realizable. The youth of the land rebelled and protested.

1970s – Decade of Growth

In the permissive atmosphere that developed, many psychological and spiritual experiments flourished. National Training Labs, gestalt, encounter groups, est, meditation and all manner of other human-development programs arose. Personal responsibility was misinterpreted as the “Me” generation, but those who partook in it laid a solid foundation of growth skills which would see them through the long winter fast approaching.

1980s – Decade of Deregulation

While at the time, what was happening was invisible, in fact the resolve of the New World Order, birthed by the military-industrial complex, began to set. The framework of regulation that had kept industrial and commercial enterprise honest was dismantled. In the absence of restraints, military control over a black budget arose. Business and finance began to build an edifice that would see jobs automated and then shipped overseas and America’s economy converted from industrial production to financial speculation.

1990s – Decade of Economic Control

A decade of leveraged mergers and acquisitions ensued, financed by junk bonds and free of regulatory supervision. The acquiring companies spun off non-performing divisions and many jobs were lost. One bubble after another saw wealth rapidly created and just as rapidly lost. A program of sapping other national economies and sequestering their natural resources ensued. Hidden technologies bolstered the military.

2000s – Decade of Political Control

Following a series of false-flag attacks, the most effective of which was 9/11, the federal government began a program of eroding constitutional rights in the service of a “national-security” state.

Terrorists were to be found everywhere and the populace was stampeded by “terror alerts” and more false-flag acts of “terrorism.” Wars were declared whose aims were the extension of economic control and theft of resources.

2010s – Decade of Ascension

The attempts of the various global elites to dominate the planet and depopulate it were defeated by a combination of terrestrial lightworkers and extraterrestrial lightwarriors. The ground was laid for an end-of-cycle transformation and a predicted Golden Age.

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