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Convergence of 9/11 Truth and 2012 Ascension Movements

I’d very much like to see a convergence of the 9/11 Truth Movement and the 2012 Ascension Movement.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has confronted the cabal like no one group of activists ever has. They refused to buy the government’s version of one of the worst black-op mass murders in history.

The groundbreaking work of 9/11 Truthers prepared Earth’s population for everything that lightworkers have been doing since 9/11. Their willingness to brave scorn and risk jobs or their lives for the truth has inspired all those who’ve wished for accountability.

The worldwide cabal is responsible for 9/11s in London and Madrid, the bombing in Oklahoma City, illegal wars, depeleted uranium, weather warfare, chemtrails, pandemics, engineered famines, and many other war crimes and crimes against humanity. The 2012 Ascension Movement wishes to see accountability for all of these.

Truthers laid the track for the rest of us and showed us what courage and perseverance looked like.

The 2012 Ascension Movement looks at the picture into which 9/11 fits. It reveals the role of our interstellar partners and their Earth allies in defeating the cabal. It spreads the news of the new global “wisdom economy,” waiting for the right moment to be declared.

It describes the event known in 2012 circles as “First Contact,” the actual landings of our galactic family in what they call the “Galactic Federation,” to give us new technologies to end poverty and hunger on the planet and to help us prepare for the climax of planetary transformation in 2012.

At that time, the planet itself and most of its inhabitants will experience the end of duality and the return of non-duality. Peace and friendship is predicted for the world. The Earth itself and most of its residents will enter a Golden Age, which only superlatives seem capable of describing.

All of this has been midwifed by galactics from Venus, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, the Pleiades, and other places in the galaxy and other dimensions in time.

So strong was the shadow state and so weak were we that, in my opinion, the fall of the global cabal could not have come about without the help of our off-planet brothers and sisters.

As one off-planet observer remarked:

“Based on observing you for thousands of years, it is my considered opinion, an opinion shared by many others, that mankind is unable to overcome the dark energy [the New World Order] and its agents without external assistance; thus the armada of starships and the many non-residents who walk the planet to assist you.”

Whether on the ships, or among us as starseeds and walk-ins, or from inside the Earth, our galactic family has apparently provided the knowledge, technology, power, and wisdom that is ending the cabal’s grip on power.

Some elements remain, as witness the failing vaccination/martial law scenario. But I’m persuaded that the cabal has little power left against the terrestrial and galactic forces marshalled against them, whose weapons ultimately are love and light.

In the end, 9/11 Truthers may find that they get the truth because the galactics helped them by preventing several more 9/11s and gathering airtight evidence on the range of black operations, among which 9/11 figures greatly but not solely.

The galactics and their Earth allies also helped by their ongoing reorganization of the justice system so that it will convict the 9/11 criminals.

Truthers will not have to risk their lives in the process because the galactics have confronted the US government, military, and police forces and defeated plans for martial law, a fascistic, “New World Order” remodelling of US society, American military domination of the globe, and worldwide population reduction through wars, pandemics, and so on.

The 9/11 Truth Movement and the 2012 Ascension Movement could afford to work together to the benefit of both. I think they would find much common ground and much increased momentum.



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