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Matthew Ward: Obama Confronted with Powerful Opposition

Matthew Ward at 17, immediately prior to his transition into spirit

Oftentimes when the subject of President Obama comes up, his opponents say that his policy in regard to Afghanistan is the same as – no, worse than – President Bush’s. I was looking in Matthew’s messages today and came across this statement he makes on Dec. 17, 2009.

I view Matthew as a very wise soul and I’ve come to rely on his judgment over the years. I certainly cannot see into Barack Obama’s soul, but Matthew can read his aura and knows his incarnational history and his training for his present position. I pass his words on as something to take to heart and an encouragement to support President Obama as he picks his way through a minefield in office:

Now then, we know that some of you are deeply disappointed about President Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan, which seems to be totally contrary to his having been chosen to receive the prestigious peace award. In this moment that may appear to be so, but in time you shall see that the committee’s selection is indeed most appropriate.

From his beginning days in office, Obama has been confronted with powerful opposition to his godly vision for his country and a world at peace, and while never wavering one iota from his ultimate intentions, he has had to make compromises and interim decisions that are not in consonance with his vision, with messages from his soul.

Ironically perhaps, the same energies that are inspiring gifts from the heart on an unprecedented scale also are causing those who are against all reforms to dig in their heels more stubbornly than ever; through bribery, blackmail or life-threats, the individuals who have woven the pernicious web of darkness still are calling many political shots. Obama and the members of Congress who share his vision will tenaciously pursue the liberation of their government from those self-serving ones who wish to keep it under their control.

This is not unique to the United States, it is happening in countries throughout your world. What is occurring behind the scenes within and among governments will result in triumph for all light-filled peoples, and the dark ones in ruling bodies and every other organization that impacts life on Earth will disappear. As planetary vibrations continue to rise, those ruthless manipulators will leave; their physical bodies cannot survive without the light that they refuse to accept, and the souls will go to worlds that correspond to their lifetime energy registration.

The soul essence of Obama is expressed in his words, and you may remember that he wisely said to believe in yourselves. When you eagerly “raised your hand,” so to speak, you knew that you would experience the deception and corruption in politics, laws and the socio-economic strata, and you incarnated specifically to free your world from the destructive nature of that divisiveness and inequity.

And you are doing it! In villages and towns, cities and metropolises worldwide, the energy of the populace is breaking down unjust systems that have been making the wealthy wealthier and the poor poorer, and there is growing impatience to accomplish profound changes. This, too, is in response to the higher vibrations of intensifying light, and so is the desire for peace that underlies the growing discord even within military personnel. All actions and reactions are being accentuated in accordance with the energy acceleration, which you perceive as time passing faster and faster, and the wrangling and bickering over issues will evolve into unity of larger purpose as Earth continues approaching  her Golden Age. (Matthew’s Message, Dec. 17, 2009.)

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