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Examples of Disinformation Sites – Part 1 – “Restore America Plan”

What is actually happening in the world at the moment is difficult enough to believe without disinformation being floated.

Many people in the U.S. don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job. They won’t consider that such a group as the Illuminati exist.

They don’t believe that extraterrestrials are here or, if they do, they don’t accept that the overwhelming majority of extraterrestrials are benevolent and here to help us.

They don’t believe in life after death and so would not accept the existence of a “spiritual hierarchy,” “White Brotherhood,” or spirit channels.

They don’t entertain that such a thing as Ascension could happen, now, in 2012, or ever.

One of the ways in which public opinion has been manipulated is through disinformation. After the CIA gained the ability to influence, some would even say control, the mainstream media following Operation Mockingbird, even the MSM became a source of disinformation.

But what I’d like to look at here are some more-highly-targetted disinformation campaigns which derive probably from the ranks of the Illuminati or New World Order through the alphabet agencies (CIA, FBI, HSD, NSA, etc.). They have taken in even lightworkers and detract from the credibility of the overall 2012 effort.

The first one I’d like to consider goes by the name of the “Restore America Plan,” hosted by the “Guardians of the Free Republic,” under leaders like “Dr. Sam Kennedy.”

The “Guardians of the Free Republic” had numerous websites hosting declarations of their allegations. A sample site appears at (sic)

They gave a couple of dates (March 31, 2010 and April 26, 2010) for remarkable events to happen to restore America to constitutionality. All dates have passed without incident – with the exception of one action being taken, which was probably carried out to call forth an Illuminati response.

In other words, in my view, groups like the Guardians are agents provocateurs and RAP itself is a black  operation.

RAP promised to send out letters to all 50 state governors, which they have done, advising them to support the movement or the governors would be removed from office. The FBI and the Homeland Security Department (HSD) are reportedly investigating RAP, but then the FBI and HSD may very well have been the source of the entire exercise. Certainly both government departments appear to have benefitted, by appearing to defend the public through exposing and cleaning up the RAP scam.

The “movement” was led by a “Dr. Sam Kennedy,” who appears to have been fictitious. Martin Hill in the makes the case for Kennedy being an alias of one Gene Berkowitz. (1) No licence can be found in the state of New York for a “Dr. Sam Kennedy.”

Apparently Mother Jones magazine tracked down ownership of the Guardians’ website to a man who, though I differ with the magazine on the nature of his role, seems to have a suspicious profile.

“It turns out and are registered to one Clive Boustred of Soquel, California—a British-educated former South African soldier with an apparent knack for ‘anti-terrorist warfare,’ computer consulting, and conspiracy theorizing. The sites—and the ‘group’—appear not to have existed before he registered them, about two months ago.” (2)

The use of legal-sounding language lent the appearance of credibility to RAP. (3) They spoke of “de jure grand juries,” “subject class citizenship,” “prosecutions which lack an injured party,” and so on, all of which seemed to lend a legal cachet to their arguments. The Guardians claimed their idea came from the military, who, they said, were on their side. Certainly many lightworkers have been wishing for the military to come to its senses.

It asked people to join the de jure grand juries that would be the mechanism for overturning the regime. The fact that “Sam Kennedy” was asking for volunteers for the grand juries after he had previously claimed that the grand juries were already set up and operating should have sent alarm bells ringing. I would have expected grand juries to be set up through a legal process, especially grand juries that initiate a return to constitionality, and not to be selected through a process of volunteering.

It sponsored numerous radio programs and posted archived copies to the web.

It took in a number of legitimate activists. Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News published its declaration, expressing the hope that it was a legitimate program. (4) Alex Jones supported it on (5) Posters reported it on Ron Paul’s website. (6) A poster on Project Avalon Forum called it a “peaceful solution to end U.S. corruption.” (7)

After April 28, 2010, the last of the three days of its main action program, the Guardians’ website stopped admitting new members. Nothing further has been heard from them.


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(3) See “ Sam Kennedy; The Final Remedy” at Final Remedy_Sam Kennedy.htm.

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