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Cloning – Part 2/5 – World Leaders

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Here Hugo discusses the misuse of cloning on Earth to produce doubles of terrestrial world leaders for nefarious purposes of maintaining continuity of control.

Hugo says that some leaders who have been cloned have died and their clones are into their thirtieth version. Several clones of the same person may be kept simultaneously in readiness for operational use.

If children of the originals refuse to accept their cloning, the children can be killed.

Please note that cloning is itself a keystone in the disinformation process. To maintain that a dead leader is alive through the use of clones is disinforming the public for the purpose of maintaining control.

As of the time of writing (1998), Hugo states that five countries use cloning for these purposes.

From Matthew Ward, Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth. Channeled by Suzy Ward. Camas, WA: Matthew Books, 2001; rev. 2009, 154-5.

Hugo: While we are pleased to see this advancement in technology on your planet, its misuse neutralizes our elation at your discovery. Powerful people are being cloned now and have been cloned for many years, and none of this started with good intent. Always it has been for control purposes.

Some of your world leaders were cloned many years past and by now are in the thirtieth or more versions of the original person. The purpose of cloning those people is to create the certainty of their longevity and maintenance of their influence.

You can notice the abrupt and considerable change in appearance toward vibrant health and youthfulness of some world leaders as seen in TV films or photographs. Usually this high robustness and stamina immediately follows a day or a few days of absence from the public eye after a period of increasingly evident aging appearance.

You attribute those remarkable differences to the person’s brief vacation or recovery from a proclaimed illness, but here it is known that, simply, a new clone has replaced the old one.

Yes, several clones are produced at the same time, educated as I previously explained, and kept in various places on your planet to be ever ready as needed for the up-to-the-moment knowledge insertion process. Many versions of the clones are necessary because the art of this science has not been perfected on Earth.

The cloned adult bodies disintegrate far more rapidly than same-age bodies having grown old naturally. This is due partly to the accelerated aging process from infant to adult body and partly to the lack of skill in those scientists who perform the various procedures. Earth’s third-density atmosphere also is a factor.

S: Hugo, excuse me, please. Well, thank you for answering the questions that keep popping into my mind. But are clones accepted by the person’s family? Surely they must be aware of what’s going on.

Hugo: The cloned individual’s family members are, of course, aware of the existence of the clone or clones, and they participate in both the educational process and the “cover-up.” If they resist, they themselves are cloned, usually against their will, and their clones carry on with public functions.

In some cases the original persons have died naturally, or they have been killed if it served the purpose of still more powerful people. Others are still living, although never seen in public. Only the clones are seen publicly.

To quiet your mind of its question, Madam, five countries have developed the cloning process with just about the same level of success with the reproductions, and one other country is still experimenting with earlier stages. Laboratories are designed around the same functional basis, with little variation in the overall process.

Some years ago there were enough variations in procedures so that differences in the quality of the clones were easily detectable. The aging process was the primary difference in approach at the different laboratories, and there were consequential weaknesses in the maximum achievable degree of physical stability and brain downloading success.

With the eventual agreeable exchange of technology so that all areas of imperfections could be improved, all the current clones are emerging with approximately the same functioning abilities, appearance and aging characteristics in all countries where they are produced.

(For Part 3, see

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