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I am Ready and Willing to Ascend Now

I’m moving quite slowly today, which feels like a good thing rather than a bad. I have a number of tasks to attend to and at the same time feel a strong desire to just take things one at a time and remain in the peaceful, equanimous space I’m in.

Days off are usually fruitful times of exploration. Yesterday was no exception. In the last 24 hours, I’ve had much time to reflect on Ascension.

This morning I awoke and was aware of something happening inside of me. As long as I looked at it as a feeling, I felt very confused because of the pressing nature of its presence. What kind of feeling would be this pressing?

When I remembered that I had resolved to look upon every development as Ascension or its energies speaking to me, I altered my perception and now regarded that something as Ascension addressing me.

When I did, the confusion fell away and I found myself experiencing something like a bubble that was arising into my awareness.

When the bubble broke, it “contained” what I have described elsewhere as the “longing for liberation,” (1) a yearning for Ascension.

Now I have no certain knowledge that Ascension will occur. But I have strong trust or faith in the words of our sources, like Matthew, SaLuSa, Saul, and so on. So I accept on the basis of their word that Ascension will happen.

I use that trust and faith to bridge the gap between where I am at present and certain knowledge. If I had certain knowledge, I would not need trust or faith.

Having trust or faith that Ascension will happen, I then looked inside to see what action I could take to make this faith real. I saw that I could make a declaration and take a stand. That would make it real.

So I declare that I am ready and willing to ascend now.

Because I know how the mind works, using any possibility of left-out meaning as an occasion for confusion, I declare my willingness in all its possible forms:

I am now ready and willing to ascend.
I am ready and willing now to ascend.
I am ready and willing to ascend now.

That declaration becomes a stand when I commit myself to it under all circumstances. My stand is also that I am ready and willing to ascend now.

I consider it appropriate that a person whose contribution is writing about Ascension should make himself available for Ascension at the first available opportunity. I welcome being an Early Riser. If it were to occur, I would chronicle it and provide an account that others might benefit from.

I’m not a parent or an airplane pilot who might have competing responsibilities and therefore find the event potentially disconcerting. I write as my means of service and going through the eye of the needle is part of the service provided.

Not that being ready and willing may necessarily speed things up, but it’s the maximum that I can do. The rest is up to the Divine.

Since yesterday I’ve felt as if time has slowed down. I’m much more present-moment-oriented. The Now feels like home at this moment. I’m very comfortable just operating from this moment and doing what comes to hand one thing at a time. This is a very different “me” than I’m used to.

All of this has arisen out of surrendering the agenda-setting prerogative in my life to Ascension itself.

So here I am, content to let Ascension set my priorities and to attend to as many of them as I can, one at a time, without stirring from the bliss that I feel being here, alive in this moment of Now.  This in itself is a great step forward and I foresee many others as the energies gently simmer me on the path to Ascension.


(1) The “longing for liberation” is described here (, here (, and here (

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