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David Wilcock: Life, Evolution, and 2012 – Part 3/5

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Dr. Roberrt Pease: I just want to also intermit here for a second about the DNA process.

DW: Sure.

RP: We’re talking about how much we’re shifting our consciousness. You’ve talked often about the fact that we’ve gained more systems of information and knowledge in the last few years than we have in the history of what we’ve got recorded.

The evolutionary process is much more evolved today than it was 5,000 years ago. Folks then were more connected to Neanderthals than they are to present modern man or woman.

This DNA shifting that’s going on, is this part of the resource information that is coming out, where we’re getting to access about 2012, and what we call the “Sacred Tree”, the center of the galaxy…

The information that’s coming out, is it shifting our DNA so that we’re actually becoming more conscious simply because of the alignment of the planetary systems in the galaxy?

DW: That’s where the argument ends up going.


I looked at one of my emails the other day and it was this girlfriend of a guy who was really into my work. She was quite nasty, and basically said there was nothing scientific in my presentation.

There’s a video I put out called “2012 Enigma” that has a lot of material that is kind of questionable in its accuracy, because you can’t really prove it’s true.

But what I’m doing now…

RP: [laughing]. Yet, yet. Yeah it takes time. The proof is in the pudding, right? The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding has to be made first.

DW: So because of all these naysayers… I had no idea. You’ve got to understand, I edited together “2012 Enigma” in about a month of work. It really didn’t take that long.

I had to learn the video software and everything, and I got it out there… never thinking that it would become the defining standard by which all my other work was judged.

I actually considered “2012 Enigma” to basically be disposable material. It was material that was interesting, but it couldn’t really be proven and it didn’t impact any of the stuff that I normally talked about in my conferences.

Therefore I would just release it and let it go out there, because it didn’t actually infringe on most the stuff that I thought was the really jazzy data that I had.


So now, we’re within probably one week of releasing our new video called “2012 Event Horizon”, in which all of the stuff that you just mentioned about DNA is going to be discussed.

It’s going to be out there in video form, so people can watch it and understand.

This is not something that we channelled. This is not something that comes out of the Bible. This is not something that comes of Zoroastrian or Chaldean, or Egyptian, or whatever other prophecies you want to look at.

Even though you can find it all in those sources, and it’s all very easily correlated with one another, which is part of what I’m doing in my book, you don’t need that stuff. All you need to do is to look at the fossil record.


For example, you mentioned the work of Dr. John Hawks, an anthropologist who studied the DNA from various samples that were available to him.

He saw that certain markers, certain genetic markers, most of which he was able to trace, were related to disease resistance and how effectively we thwart various microbial threats.

From that he was able to find these little sequences on the DNA and see how various viruses were taking over people and killing them in history, going back more than 5,000 years.

What he found was, as you said, that the people from 3,000 BC — about 5,000 years ago — are genetically more similar to Neanderthals than they are to modern humans.

We actually have undergone such a remarkable DNA genetic shift that he’s estimating that there’s been a 100-times increase in the amount of genetic change in that time.

RP: It’s phenomenal numbers at this point. And it’s happening…

DW: It’s unbelievable.


RP: They’re measuring it annually now. They’re actually measuring IQs and systems of information within children…

DW: Yeah. That’s the Flynn Effect. That’s right.

You can look at peoples’ IQ scores, and every decade or so, they have to readjust what the average IQ is.

You have to make everybody less smart by 3 points, because otherwise, everybody is getting so smart that 100 IQ is no longer average. That’s what it’s supposed to be; 100 is supposed to be the standard deviation.

That means you’re going to have X number of people that are going to have an IQ of 90, and 80, and 70. That actually represents a lot of the developmentally disabled population, because they have to skew the curve.

You know, I worked for two years in that population. I worked with people who were around 70 IQ, 60 IQ.

There’s also a category of Severe/Profound that go down around 50 or 40. At that point they’re typically nonverbal and non-ambulatory, meaning they don’t walk.


RP: The research is showing… the research is shifting us. The research is showing the value of the information that you say.

A lot of the information that you report has yet been validated scientifically, simply because we have so many systems of information.

We’re getting so much information, so much faster than we’re actually able to organize the information, to be able to analyze it out and say, “Here’s what it means.” You know, it’s coming…

DW: Right, my friend, but that’s also the trap. People think this is being caused by that flood of information. But it’s actually occurring in non-literate cultures as well. I just want to make that clear.

They’re actually finding non-literate cultures are also having these IQ spikes. The most significant increases in human performance are not in literacy — they’re in symbolic, abstract thinking… creativity… which is not related to literacy at all.

RP: Absolutely. That’s why I brought that up. I wanted to add that on about the abstract thinking.


David, I don’t want to run out of time here. There’re a million things to talk about and this is a fascinating part of it.

I know that our listeners are out there wondering, wanting to know what your information or your take is on what is going on with European Space Agency.

The ESA is planning to announce that Phobos has an ET base.

There is Disclosure going on. You’ve been talking about how we’re going to be getting more Disclosure as more information is going to be revealed.

And here it is – here’s something new popping up. So would you like to talk about that for a minute, because it’s fascinating!

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