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What is Accountability? – Part 4/5


Now that we’ve looked briefly at the galactics and the Spiritual Hierarchy, which together (along with their Earth allies) make up the Light forces, let’s also look at the Illuminati and their dark cohorts.

Who are the Illuminati? Matthew Ward explains:

“The Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather the ‘umbrella’ name of disparate groups and a large number of powerful individuals who have been controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life throughout your world for centuries.

“In recent years they also have become known by other designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical ‘establishment,’ regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, Zionists.” 


On two occasions – 2009 and 2010 – Matthew listed their crimes. It’s amazing that the two lists do not reproduce each other. I can think of some Illuminati crimes which still do not show up on either list, so extensive were their crimes.

“Other information that will come out incrementally includes proof of situations that have been ridiculed by the disparaging label ‘conspiracy theory’; insidious mind-control programs and methods; deliberately-contaminated vaccines and laboratory-designed diseases to reduce the world’s population; corruption in ‘justice’ systems; vast underground areas and what goes on there; the real perpetrators of terrorism and wars; the international web of collusion that has been controlling the global economy and commerce, health care, education and mainstream media; the long-time presence of extraterrestrial beings and their meetings with heads of governments; and the strategic divisiveness of religions. The amount of information is staggering, and revealing it in one fell swoop would be too much for any psyche to handle.” (2)

“They have controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused famines and widespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and depressions for the poor, released laboratory-designed viruses, assassinated opposition. They are the perpetrators of unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails and other toxic pollution, destruction of animal life on land and in the seas, mind control, the ‘illegal’ drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial of God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and ideological divisiveness. In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly adversely affecting all life on Earth—indeed, the very life of Earth herself!” 

They have beggared the United States, Diane of Sirius maintains: “Your country is now bankrupt yet at one time it was extremely wealthy, but your wealth has been channelled into the families who have controlled your lives. Through manipulation and covert actions they have kept you in need, and at the same time spent your hard-earned dollars on war and politics to gain world control.” (4)

They almost succeeded in taking over the world, Atmos says.

“The world at large has little idea of how corrupt successive governments have been in the U.S., but they are awakening to their methods and are beginning to reject them. As you might correctly say, a handful of people in high places have controlled the world for millennia of time, and have advanced their plans for global control almost to the point of success.” (5)

The cabal’s modus operandi, Ker-On of Venus explains, was to “play on are your fears, which they create by their words and actions.”(6) Ker-On can find no better example of this “than the terrorist threat, and the consequent draconian laws to exert even greater control over you. You see with your very eyes what is happening and how you are being poisoned in many ways, yet your representatives do little or nothing to prevent it.” (7)

The worst “terrorist” incident was what has become known as “9/11,” the truth of which cannot remain hidden much longer, Matthew says. When it comes out, the cabal will fall.

“In the higher vibrations in which Earth is now orbiting, that truth [about who planned and executed ‘9/11’] cannot be hidden much longer; when it emerges along with its even deeper purpose than controlling oil resources in the Mideast, which is to dominate the entire planet and kill or enslave its peoples, the Illuminati’s long reign of terror will meet its just end.” (8)

So severe was 9/11 that, according to Matthew Ward, Mother Earth asked the Divine to assure her that no such man-made act of violence would be permitted to occur again.

“By honoring Earth’s free will to never again experience any terrorist activity like ‘9/11,’ God has authorized extraterrestrial intervention to prevent all such attempts and they have successfully done so more than a dozen times since September 11, 2001, including the neutralizing of manmade viruses that were intended to create pandemics.” (9)

But lesser acts of violence fall under the law of free will and cannot be stopped.

“The deaths, injuries and property destruction in Mumbai, India, were the work of the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA. Known as ‘black ops,’ that event and others similar to it, as well as lesser destructive efforts by zealous individuals, come under Creator’s ‘free will’ cosmic law that the rulers of all universes are bound to obey.” (10)

The U.S. cabal’s control over the press was vital to its plan to dominate the world.  Through initiatives like Operation Mockingbird (11) which began in the 1950s, the CIA eliminated a strong and independent press, which served as a watchdog to protect human rights and freedoms. Without a free press, the cabal was able to do whatever it wished without public scrutiny. Its opposite is also true: a vigorous free press would allow the truth to be known and the people’s freedom to be restored.

By mid-2008 the wall of silence that censorship of the press had built was beginning to crumble. Matthew Ward could report the ending of some secrecy.

“Although censorship still exists to some extent in mainstream media, with newscasts and the press reporting a bank closure, others with losses in the $billions, and the bankrupt status of major mortgage-makers and many smaller lenders, truth is beginning to emerge about what has led to this state of fiscal affairs.” (12)

By the end of 2008, SaLuSa was also pointing out to us the increasing flow of revelations about the cabal’s activities:

“You may have noticed you are now in a time when disclosures about the conspiracies that have held you down, are coming out thick and fast. This is another aspect of the power of the higher energies that are being grounded upon Earth.

“They are not just opening people’s eyes to the truth, but empowering their Light so that they are no longer afraid to speak. It has a snowball effect and once it is underway, there will be an avalanche of revelations as others gain confidence to come forward.

“You have a most apt statement that ‘the truth shall set you free’ and that process is gaining momentum. It is an energy that you can feel and intuitively know that you can accept it.” (13)

The break in censorship meant the disclosure of an “ever-increasing numbers of stories about people in all walks of life, from small townships to national and international bodies, who have been engaged in such [activities] as sexual molestation, embezzlement, bribery, robbery, illegal business negotiations, child pornography and blatant lies.” (14)

Matthew predicted that eventually a wave of truth-telling would break out that could not be stopped.

“You will see more honest reporting as media controllers’ hold becomes increasingly tenuous.” (15)

“Eventually there will be no ‘sacred cows’ remaining as nefarious activities even in long-honored institutions keep emerging into the limelight.” (16)

“When the monumental level of corruption and deception in your world is exposed, even mainstream media will not be able to silence the revelations. National and international icons will be ‘dethroned’; dishonest and tyrannical government leaders will be replaced by ones who are benevolent and wise; where war mentality exists, it will give way to peaceful negotiation and poverty will give way to fair allocation of the world’s resources.” (17)

In the part of accountability that has to do with truth-telling, this torrent of revelations will deny the cabal any cover.

Matthew predicts that truth-telling will result in a thorough “’housecleaning’ within governments, religions, banking, corporations, education, commerce, medicine and health care—every source that has been instrumental in forming your beliefs and conscripting your activities.” It will continue “until all those sources of deception and corruption have been purged.” (18)

Our awakening has taken the cabal by surprise, SaLuSa informs us, and augurs their fall.

“[The dark] are aware that the people have suddenly awakened to what has been happening for Millennia of time. They never thought to see you as successful in regaining your power, and they face worrying times. Politically they are not the same force, and their criminal acts are soon to be called to account.

“Once the truth really starts to reach your ears, you will become as one in demanding far-reaching changes. This will be a time of great opportunity to instigate new ways of governance, and ones that more truly reflect the wishes of the people. These will come into being and are necessary to pave the way for establishing an unassailable path to Ascension.” (19)

The increasing awareness of the world’s population, SaLuSa tells us, is the best guarantee of the cabal’s  defeat: “Your new awareness is making it difficult for those working for the dark to hide their activities. You are seeing where it is occurring and who are the instigators and holding them responsible, and justice will ultimately prevail.” (20)

The prevailing of justice will be the second part of the accountability process, which we’ll turn to soon.

Once first contact has taken place, SaLuSa says that the galactics will be able to bypass the media, at which time accountability can be completed: “We will as promised have direct contact with you and nothing will be able to stop us communicating with you. We can override your present systems and fully protect our own broadcasts.” (21)

Once free speech has been restored, says Atmos, we will be astonished at what we’ll hear: “Before very long there will be changes that will bring back free speech and once those with stories to tell feel safe from retaliation you will be astounded at what has been going on in your name.” (22)

In the face of those revelations, he explains, our fears of today will pale: “Your greatest fears will seem insignificant, when you learn the truth of how close you came to totally losing your freedom and becoming enslaved.” (23)

This restoration of the mainstream media to independence, followed by unstoppable truth-telling, forms one part of the accountability operation.

(See “What is Accountability? – Part 5/5”)


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