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Prayer Offered for World Disclosure

Mother/Father God, surround us in the Light of Thy Christ Consciousness and prevent any negative forces from approaching us.

Lord, we know that it is Thy Will that this age of duality end and an age of unity begin. We know that You have sent advanced beings from other human civilizations throughout the cosmos here, at our local Spiritual Hierarchy’s request, to prepare us for a wonderful spiritual transformation in 2012.

We welcome Thy servants to this planet and wish them success in their mission of terraforming the Earth, bestowing abundance on us, its citizens, and mentoring us in our planetary shift.

We ask that no negative entities approach this planet and we surround ourselves in Thy Light and Love as protection. We are aware that the rising energies of Light and Love are driving negative entitities away from the Planet.

We request that our governments end their embargo on the truth of our situation. We know that we are not alone in the universe. We invite our governments to welcome Thy galactic servants to this planet and allow them to begin their work.

We are ready to collaborate with the Galactic Federation of Light and the other alliances and councils that have come here to serve us. Please, Lord, let this New Age begin and allow us to ascend with the assistance of our space brothers and sisters, the White Brotherhood, and others of our local Spiritual Hierarchy.

In Thy Name, Lord, Amen.

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