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A Balanced Androgyny

July 27, 2009.

Maybe it’s just me and not the messages, but some of the channelings coming across my desk these days have me fairly jumping at the bit to comment on.

My wild speculation is that we have passed from the time of commenting on cosmology and energetics into the time of human dynamics and I just got my wake-up call.

I give you one example of this new type of message. Archangel Metatron’s channeling, which Mark commented on perhaps yesterday (or maybe it was last year) — now there is a knock-out.

Says Metatron, apart from all other reasons we were born into this era (like assisting with Ascension), we were also born to balance out any imbalances in our gender energies. In my books, that’s called “androgyny.”

Well, that makes perfect sense to me….

He continues:

“Those of you who have held the dormant Atlantean codes of masculine imbalance and destruction are here now to awaken the feminine energy of passive, mindful creation and to clear the cellular memories of patriarchal dominance.

“Those of you who carried the dormant Lemurian codes of feminine imbalance are here to resurrect the divine template of mastery and to clear the cellular memories of matriarchal dominance.

“Together, these two balanced energies will create the new earth in harmonic accordance with and through the resurrected temples of each purified and ascended way-shower.” (1)

Well, now, how could I ever have arrived at that myself, but how obvious it seems once revealed.

There is so much in that article that repays reflection.

Remember we have been speaking about the need to clear ourselves of old issues if we wish to lead in the coming New Age. Metatron observes: “Those of you who have sufficiently purified your 3-dimensional, carbon-based form will be of the leading edge in terms of planetary evolution.”

We are all talking about the same thing here. Metatron may use the terms “purify your 3-dimensional, carbon-based form” (which, admittedly, includes purifying the body, a topic I leave to those in the health field); I may say complete your unfinished business; and SaLuSa may say “clear your karma before 2012”; (2) but all fingers are pointing at the same Moon.

If many of us are here to complete an imbalance in our gender energies, it’s not a hard matter for me to guess that I am here to complete a rather large imbalance on the side of male energy. That looks clear in retrospect, but not until I reflect on the question itself, which might never have occurred to me until I read Metatron’s remarks.

Says Metatron: “We would like to congratulate you on your entrance to a new dimensional plane, a new planet earth.”

He points to the July 7 “monumental” lunar eclipse as the event that signaled it, “one of the most beneficial astrological alignments to aid in the resurrection of the fully-conscious human.”

He tells us that “those of you who have been preparing to embody the new human prototype are now settling into your new forms & roles.” I certainly sense this about myself, that somewhere in the last week I let go of resisting and got that I already have my mission.

Now he comes as close as he does to naming the goal of androgyny:

“This ascended prototype holds within it the activated, purified and balanced masculine and feminine energy charge that is necessary for responsible creation and will ensure the ease and rapidity by which you manifest.”

Not like there is not much more to go, because there is. He urges us to “prepare your bodies for the greatest transformation you will have known, that of full embodiment.”

What does he mean by “full embodiment”? I have actually experienced “embodiment” at an enlightenment intensive. It was as if someone turned a key and my engine, which before had been silent, suddenly roared into life. Every sense came alive.

Nonetheless, I am under the impression that embodiment itself is not the same as enlightenment. Ascension, it appears, combines both of them.

Ascension is “enlightenment plus.” Archangel Michael comments on the subject in one of his recent messages: “Ascension is when the soul transforms its physical body into light and steps into the next level of consciousness.” (3)

Enlightenment is an event in consciousness. Ascension is an event in consciousness and physicality. Michael adds that Ascension “is the aim of every soul on earth.” In fact all who are ready and willing will ascend. Thus ascension includes a set of conditions that applies to the group (for instance, energetics, DNA reactivation, etc.) which is not usually the case with enlightenment per se, in which the conditions apply only to the individual.

Metatron calls Ascension “physical resurrection” or “full earthly embodiment.” We are adding enlightenment to embodiment and making it a group experience. I can only imagine what Ascension will be like.

Fully-conscious, fully-embodied androgenous beings enlightened in a group experience.

I find my mind stilled after reading an article as incisive as Metatron’s. There is so much that becomes instantly clear.




(1) Archangel Metatron, “Welcome Home!” July 13, 2009, through Lauren C. Gorgo, at .

(2) SaLuSa of Sirius, April 6, 2009, at

(3) Archangel Michael, “Gifts to Humanity – Part 1,” July 6, 2009, .

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