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Your Invitation to World Disclosure Day, Sunday, Aug. 1, 2010

I understand from the New York Times (1) that I missed World UFO Day, July 2, 2010. I’m greatly disappointed. But not to worry.  I have the remedy. Let’s host another festive event.

By the right vested in me as a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth (the same right vested in you), I declare Sunday, August 1, 2010, to be  “World Disclosure Day” (WD2).

I invite every citizen of Earth on that day to express him or herself in the best possible way to invite our galactic family, (2) who currently are situated above this planet in spaceships of varying size and shape, from different times, spaces, and dimensions, to disclose their presence.

If the galactics do not respond on Sunday, August 1, by that same right vested in me (and you), I hereby declare the first Sunday of each month to be World Disclosure Day until the galactics are assured of their welcome and agree to reveal themselves to us.

I say this understanding the following:

(1) That the galactics around this planet are overwhelmingly of friendly and virtuous character and are here to assist us with the planetary transformation expected at the end of the present age or cycle in December 2012.

(2) That the galactics are servants of the same God that we are and led by higher councils of friendly and virtuous character whose reason for being here is to save this planet from the destruction towards which it was rapidly heading in an age of nuclear devastation and world wars.

(3) That the time has arrived for Earth to assume its place among the family of civilizations, with their help and guidance, ending our isolation from the people of other planets and stars.

Lest one think that the occasion is only one of joy and celebration, let me add that it also has a very sober and serious side to it and that is that, in my opinion, the galactics have in their possession the technology and will to stop the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and are only awaiting an invitation from us to do so.

The reason they await our invitation is that the galactics obey the universal Law of Free Will. They will not violate ours, except in certain prescribed circumstances such as our desire to explode a nuclear device, which has been prohibited because of the interdimensional damage it causes.

In the absence of a long-overdue invitation from our governments, it is my belief that the galactics await the spontaneous outpouring of welcome from the people of Planet Earth to make their appearance and begin the work of restoring this world.

Yes, there have been negative star nations here that have had an unfortunate impact on Earth in oeriods of our history through subjugation and abductions. (3) But it is my understanding that these extraterrestrials have been barred from the planet by space coalitions such as the Galactic Federation, who are Earth’s guardians and mentors. These negative ETs cannot come near the planet any more.

It is now time to end our ignorance of the existence of our space family, some of whom are our progenitors, some our future, and all our well-wishers.

I’ll be publishing other articles on my websites (4) and, if permitted, on OpEdNews (5) elaborating on all aspects of disclosure. But for now, I simply wish to extend this invitation to you to express yourself in any way you deem best to welcome our galactic family and invite them to approach the Earth openly and reveal themselves.

I urge you to circulate this invitation far and wide, among friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances. I also urge you to organize petitions, parades, peaceful marches, and any other festive events to convey to our galactic family our welcome.

This is your invitation – to a new era in world history and a new world.

With all love and light,

Steve Beckow
Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth


(1) “July 2 was World UFO Day,” at

(2) I use the term “galactic” to mean beings from this and other galaxies. I prefer it because it comes with no prior associations or unfortunate overtones such as accompany the words “extraterrestrial,” “ET,” or “alien.” “Family” because many of the star nations here today participated in seeding Earth many millennia ago. We are thus their children, as I shall make clear in other, later articles on the subject.

(3) Such as the Anunnaki and the little Greys or Zeta Reyiculans, now for the most part gone from this planet.

(4) The 2012 Scenario at (a href=>/ and First Contact at . Other related articles can be found at The Essays of Brother Anonymous at

(5) At

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  1. August 5, 2010 10:35 pm

    Amazing! How extraordinary that you have mentioned Aug 1st as the World disclosure day and we have had an announcement from the UK govt. on August 4th that Winston Churchill had covered up the UFO files. I wish the Obama Govt. will come forward and reveal the truth behind the UFO phenomenon.

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