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Well… Supposing It’s All a Hoax?

There may be one or two of us who visit this site but still feel a bit leery, apprehensive, or queazy about getting behind something as unorthodox as Ascension.

Supposing the whole thing is a con, a hoax?

Supposing the humans and galactics wearing the white hats take them off and they’re dark underneath. What then?

Supposing this whole thing is just the cabal’s Project Fairy Dust?

Or supposing Ascension turns out to be an impossible dream, and never happens because it never will, and we all look like idiots?

What happens if this whole thing goes up in smoke? Where will that leave us?

“Oh, yah, of course,” we’ll say then, “there’s no such thing as Ascension. How could I have been so stupid? Well, now I’m awake.”

Given how the energies are rising within my awareness, I think it unlikely that the extraterrestrials with white hats will turn out to be black hats. How many abductions have you heard of lately? Where are the little Greys in all that’s happening today? Who has seen one or heard of one in the last two years? Not I.

Bad terrestrials or a bad result? Well, let’s discuss it.

Because we came together to effect an Ascension on Winter Solstice, 2012 and it didn’t happen, no matter in what position we’re left, I think we’ll still have benefitted.

Supposing we have to face down the cabal once more. Because we aligned on Ascension, we began to connect with deep inner values that ennobled us. We’ve become united and strengthened, more confidant, more discerning. We’re a much more credible adversary now, much more than we ever were,

We’re awake to the New World Order’s machinations. We’ve connected with each other and are no longer sheeple. We’ve taken a stand and drawn a line.

But supposing we have to put our lives back together again, having once more been fooled in life. No Ascension happened. Now where are we left?

We’ve spent several years spiritually cleansing ourselves and getting rid of our unfinished business. We’ve stepped out in ways we might never have dreamed of doing.

Had we hidden from these events or done nothing, we might be in a much worse position.  We might have remained a prisoner of our own continuing issues, tense, skitterish, and not really there,

Had we run away, there would be no democracy today, no promise of world peace, no human unity, no courage to speak out, no lack of fear, no constitutional guarantees, no freedom.

All we accomplished, I predict we’ll say, made the whole thing worth it even if it doesn’t turn out the way we expect it. Ennobled, confident, stronger, united, we’re better able to address our situation in the world, no matter what the future.

This is the way I see us then: confident, stronger, uplifted. So if it doesn’t work out?

We’ll start again.

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  1. sara buffalo permalink
    October 6, 2010 8:18 am

    My people have known about this shift for a thousand years. Our Elders have discussed it with us. 2012 is a very convenient date, with the amazing aligning of the planetary bodies and other dimensional beings discussing it at great length. To have a questioning mind is good, your questions are good. But to understand the nature of reality manifestation I recommend Seth, Abraham, Bashar, Tobias, Bartholomew and many others. These say that now there is a great gathering of teachers and this is an incredibly exciting time to be here. It is an opportunity to really raise the vibrational quality of your being and align with what you do prefer in life, with the greatest integrity possible. Ascension is merely a term for dimensional shift. Let there be great love in your heart and allow what may!

  2. October 6, 2010 4:58 am


    Well said, as usual. I see it somewhat differently.

    To me, we are definitely spiritual beings having a human experience. All existence is about growing in awareness and evolving to be increasingly empowered, self-realized, conscious creators.

    If that is so, then everything, every experience, is part of our growth and ascension.

    As you indicate, whether something ‘special’ happens with 2012, or not, we are growing and defining ourselves, and gaining a variety of experiences, which are always valuable.

    I believe, as I think you do, that we are responsible. We should not accept anything without personally evaluating it and determining its validity for ourselves. This ensures we grow even more no matter what we believe at various stages along our journey of self-discovery and awakening.

    Life is a mirror designed to help us discover who we truly are at the same time as we are defining our own unique perspective through the choices we make along the way.

    For me, we are all always on the path of growth and ascension, and 2012 is mainly a focal point around which we can collectively join and create a special experience.

    I believe that expectations are generally detrimental to our progress. They lock us into one perspective. I have one expectation, and that is that everything is all for the best, and our experiences will all be positive and expanding if we can take a sufficiently broad view of life. Or in other words, it’s all good.

    We can resist this ultimate reality, but we will ultimately be swept up in its truth. We can complain and struggle and cry all we want, but we will eventually grow tired of all that drama. We eventually grow up and learn to go with the flow. Then we see that life is not meant to be a struggle. It’s all good if we can just let it be what it truly is.

    So, 2012 is just more of what life is in general. It is whatever we make of it. We are in charge. If we see growth, we will get that. If we see a hoax, it will be that.

    This is the story of all experience. It’s whatever we make of it. 2012 is just more of the same in a more concentrated form, focused on a single date.

    Will it be the end of the world? It can be the end of our current more limited perspectives, which can be replaced by a new world view that is larger and more encompassing, and more self-aware.

    There is no doubt that the period from 2010 to 2015 will be one of great growth. But, as always, it will be an infinite variety of experience when seen through each individual’s personal perspective.

    In any case, we are all, always ascending. Even when we attempt to stagnate or regress, we are gaining experience, we are making choices, which ultimately contributes to our growth.


    Love and Light,


    • October 6, 2010 6:09 am

      My heavens, Daniel. I read your comment after writing “This is But a Stepping Stone.” We are saying the same thing. Thank you for your comment.



  3. September 14, 2010 7:05 pm

    I believe we are three part beings, made in the image of our creator
    Spirit~because he is a spirit.

    soul~the natural man~ego~ with a mind, a will and emotions.

    Body~ the temple that houses the spirit of him, that we are born into this world with
    I believe Jesus~ was a natural man. He was born of the spirit just like us~ he became God in the spirit just like we are today. He was given a natural body to house it in.

    We do not need a temple to be built to house the creator, for he is within each and every one and everything on the planet, we are consciously connected to him, and to each other by this spiritual (consciousness) connection, he leads our hearts and minds, to promote peace, joy and love, because that is who he is, and that is who we are too!

    If we understand our identity is a child of God in the Kingdom of God, then we do not have any need for religiosity

    If we understand that our purpose here is to love humanity, then we will do the right thing to all of his creation.


  4. September 7, 2010 7:02 pm

    Optimistic Skepticism….You have to love and appreciate this!! I Declare World Peace, I AM…

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