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Examples of Disinformation Sites – Part 2 – “NESARA News”

Located at,” NESARA News supported the “Restore America Plan.” Its mission statement, complete with tortuous grammar and an overlay of apocalyptic fundamentalism, reads like a parody of NESARA:

“This is for the latest news on the RAP Programs on the net including sources and ref.inks. Blog is also including Nesara. These programs are GOD inspired global programs whereas the meek will inherit the earth. We are the White Knights restoring the world. The Davidic Kingdom is at hand. The evil ones day of rule is over. The control of the money is about to be given to God’s anointed. GOD Bless You and Yours Comments/Suggestions/News email to —.5 M viewers”

Its claims are inflated and, in my view, spurious. Its language invites ridicule. Its intention appears to be to bring scorn on NESARA, which is a legitimate program, known in some circles as the abundance program and the wisdom economy. In fact, the intent of NESARA News is probably to undermine NESARA by making its supporters sound like illiterate kooks.

Advertising itself as a “real-time news forum,” its coverage of RAP events appears to have stopped on April 19, 2010. It claims that the “Restore America Plan” is “similar to the Nesara Program.” To the best of my knowledge, RAP and NESARA News have no connection to the real NESARA.

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