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More on Military Mobilization

In his May 3 report, Ben Fulford has commented on two aspects of the military mobilization that is presently taking place  behind the scenes in the U.S. (1) I encourage people to greet this development with calmness.

As I reported earlier, the sources that I regard as most credible (Matthew Ward and SaLuSa) say that no untoward incidents like the imposition of martial law or FEMA camp roundups are going to happen. (2)

If there were and I knew about it, I’d be the first to say.

Ben reports in his May 31, 2010 message that the Pentagon has turned its hat around. He says:

“In the US, meanwhile, white hats in the Pentagon are steadily making their preparations for a major move against the Washington D.C. Corporation. The mobilization of militias and military outfits around the country are not directed against the American people, Pentagon sources say.

“Although as little as a year ago about half the US military establishment was ready to support the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, that is no longer the case. The Pentagon has now told Washington they will not move against the US people.

“Furthermore, if necessary, the Chinese and the Russians will help the American patriotic forces defend themselves against Blackwater (Xe) S.S. stormtroopers should things come to a head.”
I don’t regard Ben as all-seeing by any means. But since he wrote this, we’ve had a message from Matthew Ward and I regard Matthew as having a much wider perspective (though also not all-seeing).

I don’t regard Ben as all-seeing by any means. But since he wrote this, we’ve had a message from Matthew Ward and I regard Matthew as having a much wider perspective (though also not all-seeing).

In his message, Matthew listed a large number of lamentable events that are happening in this world at the present time. He did not mention any worrisome events having to do with the military. What he did say was that “the clearing away of the last vestiges of darkness is coming thick and fast.” (2)

This being said as preamble, let me return to Ben. Ben reports the existence of “emergency plans” that arise out of the oil spill.

“The Pentagon and US government have drawn up emergency plans to evacuate much of the population surrounding the Gulf of Mexico in anticipation of toxic rain and severe environmental damage, a military intelligence source says. The extreme environmental destruction and the deliberate failure to put an end to the oil leaks are all part of the dark cabal’s bargaining strategy since all they have left to bargain with now is the threat of mayhem.”

I personally feel comfortable with the reassurances that Lightworkers – or Earth allies, if you like – are now in control of the military.

We can review some of the evidence.

See earlier articles on these subjects for the full case or use the “search” box to bring these articles up or scroll down through the “Pages” list.

We saw that at least one neocon black op in 2007, designed to deliver six cruise missiles to the Middle East to be used to bomb Iran, was stopped and the B-52 forced to land at Barksfield AFB.

We saw that the American military is not the “full-spectrum dominant” force it makes itself out to be, that in fact it may have been relegated to pre-computer times by the success of Chinese viruses (Trojans) and hacking and that the carrier fleet faces a significant and unpublicized danger from the Russian Sizzler missile.

We heard that, while one side of the American military seems to have launched an ICBM at Russia in June 2008, a spacecraft, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial we don’t know, shot it down. If terrestrial, this again indicates that significant forces in the Pentagon, even at that time, were against militaristic ventures.

If extraterrestrial, this simply reinforces the Company of Heaven’s statements that they will not permit a nuclear war.

We saw that the Navy in August 2008 reassured Prime Minister Putin after the Georgian fiasco that it had no intentions of attacking Iran. We saw that the white hats in the Navy changed the officer in charge of the “football,” the nuclear briefcase, at that time to bring that device better under their control.

We saw that the Navy has shown recently that it controls Solar Warden, the secret space fleet, once controlled by Majestic-12. (4)

We saw, again recently, that Gen. Gene Renuart of Northcom is retiring and being replaced by a Navy vice-admiral, James A. Winnefeld, Jr., which effectively puts Northcom, in my estimation arguably the most belligerent and expansionist arm of the NWO save for Blackwater, under Navy control.

All these are indications that the black hats are rapidly being or have been subdued. All these support what Matthew and SaLuSa have been saying.

So, yes, a military mobilization appears to be taking place to meet exigencies caused by the oil spill. No, I don’t think anyone is planning, or could pull off, a putsch any longer or the imposition of martial law.


(1) Benjamin Fulford, May 31, 2010, at

(2) “Rumors Fly … But No Need to Worry” at

(3) Matthew’s Message, June 2, 2010, at at

(4) Ben Fulford in his message of June 6, 2010, seems to suggest that Majestic-12 has also turned its hat: “Meanwhile, the White Dragon society is in discussions with the Black Dragon Society, the Red and Green, the Chinese government, the three legged crow and MJ12 about setting up a new meritocratic organization to take control of the US dollar away from the Federal Reserve Board. “

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