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There Will be No Catastrophe for the World – Part 1/2

I’m getting an unusual number of emails from readers who are experiencing alarm at the die-off of birds and fish or concern over geological changes under the Coral Sea, etc. Others are expressing concern over the probable assassination of John Wheeler and other events.

In the face of rising angst, I’m composing a general treatment of the issues we face at the present moment and will publish it in instalments, not necessarily every day.

I may keep this series of articles mounted to the home page of the site so that anyone visiting it can see that there is in fact no general cause for fear or alarm.

I may also need to revise this paper after posting it because of the complexity of the overall task.

The Chaotic Node or Time of Troubles

One of the sources of angst are the TV programs and movies such as “The Nostradamus Effect” and the movie “2012.” So let’s deal first with the question of prophecy. SaLuSa and Kryon tell us that the prophecies once had relevance and this is indeed the time when they would have been played out, but we have shifted out of the lower vibrations which would have attracted the Armageddon of those prophecies to us. Here is SaLuSa:

“Gone are the prophecies that told of vast physical changes and the death of millions of souls, as you are stepping onto the path of Light that ensures the minimum effect upon you. You have created the opportunity for such changes, and Heaven has responded by moving you out of the lower vibrations.” (1)

And here is Kryon on the same subject:

“This is an age with no ancient prophecy. There is no prophecy you can find anywhere that explains what has happened in the last few years, and no prophecy about what humanity is about to do. No prophet was able to go to the other side of the veil and bring back this information, for what you’re doing on this earth has never been charted before by anyone.

“How many years do you have to be in this energy before you see it, dear ones? History is not going to repeat itself any longer. What I mean is that the cycle of consistent, old energy ways is being broken. What about the quatrains of Nostradamus? They’re not happening. What about the verses of Revelation? They’re not happening.

“What happened to that great prophecy about Armageddon? It’s eight years past due, did you notice? It’s not going to happen, either. All of the drama surrounding it, with all the stories and prophesies, is going to fall on the floor – it’s not going to happen. So many have been waiting for this catastrophe, and it’s not going to happen.” (2)

Kryon explains that the Earth follows a different timeline as a result of the galactics’ efforts and our awakening:

“History will not repeat itself. You have moved off of the groove where those things take place in that fashion. Dictators will not [beget] new dictators. Hunger and famine will not [beget] new hunger and famine. There is a change at hand, and history will stop repeating itself. It’s a new energy, if you’ve noticed.” (3)

SaLuSa tells us to put our concerns aside: “Any concern you may have about the future is best put behind you, as time will show that there was never any doubt as to the outcome.” (4)

“The final days of your present cycle are near, and are to take you away from the lower energies and set your feet upon the path to Ascension. Nothing short of a command from The Creator will alter the outcome, and you are assured that your upliftment will take place.

“The wishes of every soul will affect the manner in which the final days are played out, as you are still creating and your combined energies are determining the manner in which they finally occur. Be careful that you place your focus on all that is of the Light, and do not allow your guard to drop. You do not want to give succor to those who oppose you, and misdirect your energies for their use.” (5)

These end times are intended to end in a planetary transformation known generally as Ascension, as SaLuSa explains: “The end times will bring Ascension, regardless of what takes place in the meantime. Therefore cast your sights on what is to be, and not what is now and that way you will be doing a great service to your fellow man.” (6)

Thus, these are the end times, the chaotic node, the time of troubles. The cabal which intended to depopulate the globe and enslave the remaining population is being defeated and removed from power as we speak and they are fighting back. Earth changes are occurring to prepare the planet for its shift to a higher dimension. So some things are actually happening and we need to look at the impact of these.

Fall of the Cabal

Diane warned us there would be problems during this time: “The problems on Earth are creating chaos and will continue to do so for many months.” (7)

The main problem is caused by the fall of the dark cabal, which some people know as the Illuminati, others as factions 1 (Rothschild cabal) and 2 (Rockefeller cabal), the New World Order, the Military-Industrial Complex, secret state, and so on. SaLuSa told us that the cabal would not go quietly:

“Your patience will be sorely tested in the immediate future, as matters will seem to be becoming more serious. However, the answers are with us and together with our allies, we shall reverse the threatening trends that you see now.” (8)

“We have often intimated that times would get worse before there were changes for the better. You are entering such a period, but you are more prepared to see it out now because of your understanding of the issues involved.” (9)

What’s taking the Light so long to eliminate the cabal? Well, besides the fact that the Light are managing a planet-wide action against the dark, the Light does not use force. As SaLuSa said in 2008, “the use of force is not our way.” (10) He goes on to explain their way: “Be assured the Light and its supporters will be victorious, and the dark Ones will be defeated not by force or military power, but by the power of Love and Light.” (11) The Light forces must allow a certain amount of free will to reign, until a divine deadline is reached:

“We are in control of Earth but not in the sense of having taken it over, but being aware of everything that is happening. We do keep the balance at all times, but have to allow a certain degree of freewill to operate. Even so it will not affect our position or your future, but simply allow matters to flow, as they should.” (12)

“However, the Divine Plan does not allow for continued delays and there is a final date by which action is required.” (13)

“We will confirm that in the whole context of your Ascension, there is an ultimate date given us by which we must be able to commence our activities. We may find it necessary to make the first move, and remove those who are holding us up in our mission to Earth and all life upon it. “(14)

A lot of what we are seeing – from birds and fish dying off to people being assassinated – is probably the cabal trying to do anything in its power to strike fear into us. Says SaLuSa: “Have no doubt that the dark Ones will stop at nothing to prevent the truth coming out.” (15)

And Matthew seems to confirm that the cabal are creating any mischief they can in these dark times, striking fear into some lightworkers: “As long as any dark tentacles are lashing out, dire-sounding pronouncements, predictions, speculations and warnings will continue to swirl, and judging from emails my mother is receiving, these cause concern even to lightworkers.” (16)

Both Hatonn and SaLuSa tell us that their original mandate has been extended recently, allowing them to take more action against the cabal. Here is Hatonn on the subject:

“We have been given leave by God to use stronger methods wherever necessary to dismantle the Illuminati’s remaining power bases. This does NOT mean killing anyone — God never sanctions killing, nor would we ever want to do that!

“For quite some time we have been permitted to override the dark ones’ free will by blocking their powerful weaponry when they attempt more events like ‘9/11,’ and we have done that on numerous occasions. Now we also can foil their efforts to create major disruptions by blocking their communication systems and transportation modes and by diverting their intelligence couriers.

“We also have God’s permission to temporarily relocate a few key individuals to areas where they can do no mischief whatsoever. This is done somewhat like the cloaking of our ships in an invisible force field, which makes the disappearance baffling to those individuals’ co-workers too. So, even though you won’t see evidence of our new allowances, you know that now we’re taking even longer strides to help you rid your world of dark deeds.” (17)

And SaLuSa:

“Matters are really heading for a showdown, and once the power is removed from the Illuminati the changes will start quite quickly. They are being confronted by the forces of Light whatever way they turn, and we take much care in monitoring their reactions as they become irrational and panic. They fight a lost cause and are aware now of the ultimate collapse of their empire. There is no hiding place as we track all of their movements, and as we have informed you previously are present at their conclaves.

“As our authority has been extended beyond our original remit, we now take more direct action to stop the black operations aimed at you or other countries. We echo your sentiments that ‘enough is enough’ and it is now the turn of the Light to direct the path of the people on Earth.” (18)

But Matthew reminds us that we are not witnessing a revolution but an evolution and we must be patient: “Please be patient! What is happening is not a revolution. It is spiritual evolution—that is the way of the light! It is the way of lightworkers and light warriors, whose armor and weapon against the darkness is the power of love.” (19)

So the fall of the cabal is the first circumstance that is resulting in chaotic events that are alarming lightworkers. The second is the whole range of Earth changes that are occurring.

Earth Changes including Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Global Warming, Species Extinction, and Pole Shift

Many people hear reports that the tectonic plate under the Coral Sea is buckling and they imagine terrible catastrophes facing us. To be sure, earthquakes and volcanoes are happening, as SaLuSa tells us.

“Mother Earth continues to rumble away, and is waiting to finish her own preparations for Ascension. It is therefore becoming important that she is allowed to complete it very soon. There are reasons related to your safety that are holding back any increase in the cleansing operation, which must be completed in readiness for Ascension.” (20)

The Earth is clearing itself of negativity and stress built up over millennia from our wars, genocides, killing of animals, etc. The galactics are helping with this “Earth cleansing,” as SaLuSa tells us.

“Remember, Dear Ones, that you are party to the cleansing of Earth, and it is your responsibility to do all you can to reverse the damage that has occurred over many years. We are of course doing our part although you may not necessarily be aware of exactly what we are doing. Much of our work goes unannounced, and it will not take place openly with your knowledge until we are able to work in unison with each other.” (21)

SaLuSa tells us that, as a result of galactic intervention, “physical changes to the Earth have not been anywhere near as apocalyptic as some have predicted. Our abilities are such that we have already prevented you from destroying the Earth, and lessened the overall volcanic activity.Furthermore, we have kept it stable and in balance, as at times its wobble has become too extreme.” (22)

Nonetheless, as we’ve seen in Haiti and Chile, people will die from these events, as SaLuSa explains.

“The cleansing of Earth moves on and inevitably there will be the passing of many souls as a result. They will be received in the higher dimensions with great love and understanding, and for their part it is something of a release from what is often a very poor standard of living.

“For those that remain in areas where the worst effects are felt, it is a cry to Humanity to find out whether they can find love and compassion for their own kind. Can you ignore their plight, or are you able to see in others yourself? It is not unusual that in the end times a civilization is tested to see how far they have traveled their spiritual paths. We see a great change for the better than even the early years following the Millennium, when your consciousness levels had already risen up.” (23)

In another message, SaLuSa tells us that we agreed before we were born to our role in these events.

“Naturally Earth changes will impinge themselves upon you depending on where you live. … It is inevitable that some of you will get caught up in it. You will be found where it is intended that you be for the end-times, and you will have known this before you incarnated.” (24)

After First Contact, the galactics will move people, SaLuSa explains. Although he does not say it here, the people they would move are those who are destined to survive the Earth changes. I also think he is referring to the period (as he does below) after First Contact.
“You hear of Earth changes and that a great cleansing is to take place, and you worry about your safety. Dear Ones, regardless as to what extent they take place, you will not be left to flounder or cope with it by yourself. You can be forewarned of danger and moved to safety if necessary.” (25)

But the scale of these events will not be permitted to encompass the Earth or even a significant portion of it. Here is SaLuSa:

“Whilst there will still be incidents that cause damage and loss of life, it will not be allowed to engulf you. Cleansing is necessary anyway, but will be carried out in a planned manner that will take into consideration your well-being.

“Once we join forces you will be informed of the actions we are directing, and made aware of exactly what is to happen. Your safety will be paramount in our minds, and we have a number of options if it is necessary to move you.” (26)

And Matthew: “The cleansing process will NOT flood millions of square miles of land and cause billions of deaths; … Yes, physical bodies will continue to die from all the causes occurring now and the souls will continue their evolution in spirit.” (27)

Ker-On tells us that the galactics are here to see that these events do not result in a mass die-off:

“There will be no mass deaths that will decimate the population. This is where the Galactic Federation comes in as your guardians and protectors, a responsibility that has been theirs for many thousands of years.

“Our presence is your assurance that there will no major destruction in your time, beyond that which Mother Earth sees as necessary to cleanse the planet. We are here to see you safely ascend, and with as little inconvenience as possible.” (28)

SaLuSa agrees that the galactics are watching and limiting the extent of destruction:

“The physical changes are totally under our watchful eye … as part of the cleansing and restoration of Mother Earth.” (29)

“The last thing we want to do is to create fear, and we have gone to considerable lengths to explain that we are limiting the effects of any changes. However, Mother Earth must achieve her own Ascension, but remember that she carries you with her in the most unique process to involve physical Beings.“ (30)

On another occasion, he goes into more detail on the galactic role in limiting the extent of future Earth changes:

“We of the Galactic Federation are closely monitoring activity on Earth, as Mother Earth needs to pursue her own cleansing program. She is very much like you in the sense that she also has to shed that which cannot go through to the higher dimensions.

“However do not focus on the worst scenario, as you may otherwise be instrumental in bringing it about. All changes will occur with as little harm to you as possible, and we can warn you of where the most danger exists. We will be working behind the scenes to lessen the impact of them where permissible. There are minor changes occurring on the Earth’s surface all of the time, and these are quite natural and usually present little danger.“ (31)

While we worry that global warming is occurring, SaLuSa and Matthew tell us that it is an intentional development and nothing to worry about. The world is destined to become globally temperate. SaLuSa discusses global warming in several messages:

“Global warming is currently very much the topic of the day, and … what is not fully taken into consideration is that your Sun is changing, and is by far the main reason that the changes are taking place. In time they will settle down and you will have more temperate conditions throughout the world. The extremes of weather as you have always experienced will no longer occur and life will become more pleasant and totally bearable.” (32)

“Global warming is bringing rapid changes to your weather systems, but they will not be catastrophic. Naturally physical changes will occur on Earth and we are aware of what will take place, and are allowed to direct them in ways that will minimise their effects. Be assured that in the end it will all prove to be in your interests, and the world will experience more stable temperatures and variations. It will eventually prove to be temperate and ideal regardless of where you are.” (33)

“Your weather worldwide is changing and it is Mother Earth and your Sun adjusting to the new incoming energies. The outcome will eventually be a more temperate climate without the extremes that you are used to experiencing.” (34)

However, it is intended that some species will become extinct and leave the Earth, to take birth elsewhere. Again SaLuSa returns to the subject of species extinction on several occasions.

“[These changes] not only [affect] you but also all life forms that may disappear or move to new locations where it is right for them. The fauna will also be affected and again the changes will encourage growth for some varieties, whilst others may no longer flourish as previously.” (35)

“However much some sources try to take your attention away from the future that is your destiny, it is becoming more obvious that you are in the midst of a great galactic change. The energies are changing on such a large scale that they are being noticed because of their effect upon all forms of life.

“Some of what you may term as lower life is disappearing, and other forms are mutating. It is all part of the preparations to ensure that you are ready for the transition to a higher vibration. … It is certainly a testing time, but when you are aware of why things are happening you are better equipped to deal with them, and of course we are never far away with our help.” (36)

“The outcome of all the changes is to uplift all life upon your planet, and that which is of the lower vibrations will disappear completely. Anything less cannot advance unless it too is of the higher vibrations. What is happening on the Earth is occurring throughout the solar system.” (37)

“As with the Human Race, the animal kingdom will also change and a number of species will completely disappear. They will be mainly those who normally live in the more extreme conditions, and are unable to adapt to the new Earth. They are not lost for all time but will find another planet where they can continue their evolution. All life is immortal and there are no exceptions, and changes take place all of the time as indeed you are now beginning to experience.” (38)

Some people are worried about a pole shift. On this subject Matthew Ward says no dramatic change will occur:

“As for a pole shift in 2010—or any other of your calendar years—Earth’s orbit has been changing gradually and there will be no dramatic geological effects. Your scientists do not understand that the planet has left the space from which they are accustomed to viewing the heavens, and they are puzzled about their observations of unfamiliar celestial activity. And please keep in mind that some information is skewed due to lack of universal knowledge and other information is intentionally distorted to create fear.” (39)

SaLuSa tells us that incredible changes are happening in our solar system:

“The Sun and your solar system continue to move into a higher vibration. That is already being noted, but again such information is not readily made public but held back. There has been a policy of secrecy for many years, none more so than the findings of NASA who have deliberately set out to keep you from knowing about our activities and us.” (40)

(To be continued in Part 2.)


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(To be continued in Part 2.)

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