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Michael Brown: Recognizing and Navigating the Portal

This article may require a little stage setting before its value can be appreciated. Michael Brown, who lives in South Africa, is here describing what is happening as we approach 2012.

Alchemy of the Heart: Transform Turmoil into Peace Through Emotional Integration is a book he has written. Here is its central point:

“The causal point of the things that occur in our everyday experience isn’t outside of us in the actions of other, but within each of us. During our early years, we are imprinted by the emotional condition of those responsible for us. Their emotional state overlays the essence of who we are, so that we learn to behave like them instead of growing up to be ourselves.

“In Alchemy of the Heart, we are asked to become conscious of the ways we were imprinted and how these imprints drive our behavior. Our guide in achieving this course correction is the heart. The heart is our bridge to the vibrational dimension of reality, which is experienced as consciousness.”

I have, elsewhere, called what he is discussing “competing unfinished business by being with it or present to it as an observer.”

What he is discussing is how us passing through a portal means that the universe is raising our unfinished business for it to be completed prior to Ascension in 2012 (or sooner). In other words, passing through a portal is not all sweetness and light. The Earth changes that are happening around us, and for him recent events in South Africa, are one of the portals that the South African population is passing through at the present time.

I heartily recommend that we take his point of view to heart. The very crises we are passing through at the moment are helping us to clear our karma in preparation for Ascension.

The Golden Heart

A Blog by Michael Brown

Apr 28, 2010

Alchemy of The Heart is about an approach into and through a portal. Let’s call this portal The Golden Heart, 2012—or Our Human Awakening, or Evolution of a Species—simply to give it a tangible point of reference. Alchemy of the Heart is a roadmap for navigating such an experience.

Our challenge right now however is that many of us wouldn’t recognize a portal even if it bit us on the butt. We are so indoctrinated by our own mental fantasies that the real thing has become invisible to us. What we may not yet fully realize is that it is our awareness that moves through the portal—and it is our moment-to-moment experience that is the portal itself.

This movement takes place within us and is mirrored as our shifting experience within the physical, mental, and emotional world in which we are wrapped. Because of fantasy machines like Hollywood, which may be wonderfully entertaining, we commit the error of expecting our portal encounter to be an externalized movement through some physical device—or maybe seeing something like an opening of light in the sky with a choir of radiant angels standing on each side singing, “Hallelujah!”

What we definitely don’t expect to see as we approach and move through the portal is exactly what is happening in the world right now. We are now in a fast final approach into a massive portal, and the invitation is to participate fully in the experience. But we cannot do this if we don’t even recognize what a portal is. Many of us are actually trying to push our awareness away from this portal encounter, instead attempting to manipulate what is currently unfolding to try and make something else happen.

In the past month the Sun gave us a good blast of solar love. It initiated this during the Easter weekend. Just examine your 2010 Easter experience. Bet you got crucified a few times during and since then.

Let me share our collective South African experience of this. We were already being set up here for mass processing in the weeks before, when the ANC Youth Leader, Julius Malema, started inciting fear by singing ApartHate songs about killing white farmers. Many farmers have already been murdered, so this is already a big fear button. He then went to visit Robert Mugabe, colonialist hating extraordinaire, which is like thrown gasoline on a fire. Fear began surfacing throughout the white community, especially among the very conservative sector.

Then, while Malema was in Zimbabwe talking to Mugabe about nationalizing anything white-owned, Eugene Terreblanche—the charismatic leader of the AWB, a fringe group of the Afrikaans rightwing community—was murdered in his bedroom by two of his black farm workers.

Fear and anger immediately raised their heads in all sectors of the society. Old unintegrated grief was triggered from the long history of ApartHate. The country suddenly felt like 1976 again. White people started talking about leaving the country again. Rage, fear, and mistrust descended upon the land.

However, what it’s hard to see when we cannot recognize a portal, is that this was not a turn for the worst. This was what was required as we South Africans approach the portal through the resonance of our unintegrated imprinting: to consciously face a reflection of our country’s unresolved karma.

This instance in our current South African experience is really what the portal looks like as we approach it on an individual and national perceptual plane, especially when we are still entertaining massive amounts of unintegrated emotional imprinting around ApartHate.

We don’t see stereotypical biblical angels on each side of the entrance. We see angels all right, but angels representing what we have to resolve in order to move consciously through the opportunities offered by our current human experience.

When we still have a past to die to, we see angels of death, not angels of life. These portal angels deliberately hold a mirror up to us as we make our approach, and reflected in it are the very things intended to liberate us from our illusions.

So, for us South Africans, the recent angels on each side to the portal are Eugene Terreblanche and Julius Malema. The whites look at Julius Malema and see their unresolved fear, anger, and grief related to their past experience in this country. The blacks look at Eugene Terreblanche and see their unintegrated fear, anger, and grief related to their unresolved past. The coloreds look at them both and see what they see.

It isn’t cut-and-dried because there are many in the white, black, Indian, and colored population who walk the middle road and who, when confronted with the unresolved black-white polarities, see something particular to their past experience.

These portal angels show us what needs to be now if we are to participate as fully as possible in the great approach to full vibrational awareness.

Do we attack what we see? Do we run from what we see? Do we respond by consciously integrating what we see?

South Africa hasn’t been alone in facing its demons. Every individual, community, corporation, and country in the world is facing its required angels. Ask the Catholic Church and Wall Street.

On the day of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, we were bombarded by yet another magnetic field flux as the sun again dished out love to earth. This volcanic eruption facilitated millions into unexpected but required personal, national, and international processing. It facilitated Europe into process, along with all those tentacle countries it serves. Suddenly people either couldn’t move or had to move in ways that caused unexpectedly long journeys. This volcano served as the current portal angel for millions.

How much fear, anger, and grief was triggered by this event? How many people were stopped in their tracks and, possibly for the first time in their life, facilitated into having no choice but to “just be” where they were?

The reality is that every individual human being, every living creature—indeed, this entire planet—is currently approaching the entry into and through a vibrational portal. Each sentient being is having their own experience of the event according to what they are still resisting within themselves.

For us humans, each moment of this part of the journey is an opportunity to enter the body fully, to get out of living only in the head, and to lighten the imprinted generational load of the heart.

I am a portal just as you are. Like you, my awareness is approaching this portal right now. The experience I am having in each moment is this approach. Am I able to respond to it, or am I going to continue behaving as if it isn’t supposed to be happening? Because this choice determines the quality of the ride.

Do I realize that moving through the portal consciously hinges upon being able to discern the difference between what I want and what I require?

As I journey through Alchemy of the Heart on this website, this is the point of view I am moving from. This book is a means of consciously navigating through the portal of our current shift. It’s a perceptual roadmap.

As we continue moving through 2010, we are likely going to transition through many more event horizons. Other angels will take the place of Julius Malema and Eugene Terreblanche for us South Africans—just as other angels will take the place of the Iceland volcano, and for whatever has been reflecting what is as yet unresolved for you. The universe provides whatever is required to get the job done. Whatever it takes for heaven’s sakes.

There is nowhere to run because the portal is all around us in every moment. Within us, our direct connection to our relationship with the portal is through the heart. Outside of us, the portal is represented by the Sun. We are to feel our way through it, each of us traveling alone, yet intimately connected. We either integrate our karma or drown in our drama.

I am up for the ride. I will be using Alchemy of the Heart as a medium to share what insights I have as I make my own journey. May it inspire you to navigate yours as consciously as possible.

Onward, inward, and upward then.


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  1. felisha mcneal permalink
    September 24, 2010 3:08 pm

    All this time I never really understood the acension. I was one of the ones that thought in terms of the big blockbuster hollywood movie. “Recognizing and Navigating the Portal” by Michael Brown opened my mind up to what the acension is and what to look for. I was floored. Thank You.

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