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What is Accountability? – Part 3/5


The members of the space coalitions here to restore Earth and take it (and us) to the Fifth Dimension are at least Fifth-Dimensional beings. That means they have unitive consciousness, such as you might see in Adyashanti or Eckhart Tolle. You can hear that in SaLuSa’s description of who the Galactic Federation are:

“We of the Galactic Federation are you, and in us you will see what you are to be. Nothing could be more natural than a coming together of all of us. Our futures are joined in love and the desire to take our knowledge and abilities to others.

“God has given us the power of creation, and the knowledge of how to correctly use it. We are trusted having vowed to serve the will of God and spread the Light far and wide. We are all to be the warriors of Light for the benefit of all other souls.” (1)

Our galactic family is one part of the force that is ending the rule of the cabal. The other part are the souls whom we think of more as being “terrestrial.” These include the ascended masters of the White Brotherhood, the celestials known to us, and other members of the spiritual hierarchy whom we think of as attached to Earth.

Archangel Metatron spoke on behalf of all of these:

“I AM [Archangel] Metatron, greeting you in your vibrational home, that of the 5th dimension. …

“We are your family… we are the realm that you now inhabit and we come with you, to walk hand in hand into this familiar, yet foreign land. This new territory that you have dutifully claimed as your own now holds you in vibrational alignment with all that is God’s glory.” (2)

But many of us, I think, will relax when we know significantly more about the galactic wing of the Light forces. One of the things we probably wish to know is whom do they obey?

SaLuSa tells us right off the bat: “We serve the higher forces.” (3) If we could really understand, believe and accept that, there would be no need to say more. But many people want a few more details to feel comfortable with the thought of galactics acting on our behalf.

What SaLuSa says of the “line of authority” for the galactics could be said of all the members of the Light forces gathered to serve us. It “goes all the way back to God.” Lines of authority for spirits and for higher-dimensional beings in physical bodies goes all the way back to God because hierarchy on the higher planes derives from God.

SaLuSa adds that it “passes through various groups and councils of high evolution and consciousness. It finally reaches you through us and the [ascended] Masters, who wait in readiness to return to Earth.” (4)

Before looking at the ascended masters, we might want to remember that life in the higher dimensions, as Archdeacon Wilberforce so aptly put it two centuries ago, in a communication from the spirit lands, is organized differently than ours.

“We spirits are not a democracy but a hierarchy – an ordered grade of beings, ascending beyond our capacity even here to follow its upward ranges. But there is no injustice. Each occupies its position by reason of capacity and fitness. Democracy on earth will fail unless it becomes a brotherhood [of] older and younger brothers.” (5)

This is the kind of society that SaLuSa is pointing to as well.

By and large, the ascended masters that SaLuSa is speaking of belong, around Earth in any case, to the White Brotherhood. They are the level of authority closest to us and the level that the galactics liaise with on a day-to-day basis. If this were Star Trek, we can imagine them being on the stardeck, with the galactic officers.

SaLuSa acknowledges the directing role the White Brotherhood plays: “[The Galactic Federation is] just part of an active organization that comes under the direction of the White Brotherhood, committed to bringing Light to Earth.” (6)

On another occasion, he says:

“We … work with ascended Spiritual Beings whose names are often well known to you. They have acted as your Brothers from the Light and are sometimes recognized as far back as Atlantean times, showing Man that your spiritual needs are always well looked after.” (7)

These ascended beings include Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Hilarion and all the other ascended masters we’ve heard of. They are said to be headquartered in Shamballa, on the etheric plane over the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. (8)

Above the White Brotherhood are levels upon levels of Spiritual Hierarchy which are only names to us. The most important individual, in terms of all that we are concerned with, is Sanat Kumara, who heads up the ascension effort. Because he’s so important, I’ll cite a few descriptions of him. Notice how the Hathors  say he summoned them:

Hathors: “We know Sanat Kumara well for it was he who asked us to enter this Universe. As an Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara has taken on numerous responsibilities associated with the elevation of planet Earth and this solar system. He is working for the ascension, the evolution of consciousness in the solar system, as we are.” (9)

St. Germain: “Sanat Kumara is thus in charge of guiding mankind, along with other life forms and the angelic realm, through the present transition into the new Golden Era. … Earth’s present transition requires the careful coordination between Mother Earth’s needs and those of the living creatures She hosts.” (10)

Anonymous Source: “Sanat Kumara is an advanced being who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity.

“It is believed by some that he is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, which is composed of Ascended Masters and volunteers from other worlds who have joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth.” (11)

Sanat Kumara occupies the position of Planetary Logos and is known in the Bible as the “Ancient of Days.” He can serve as an example of the purity of the exalted spiritual authorities that the galactics and terrestrials report to in their ascension work.

It’s probable that Sanat Kumara and the angels are among the “great Beings of Light that dwell in the realms of pure Light”(12) that SaLuSa mentions on another occasion.

Above Sanat Kumara and the angels, the great beings of Light cease to be talked about as personalities and are more often referred to as groups. The Elders, whom SaLuSa talks about, are an example:

“Behind all that happens are the mighty ones such as the Elders who direct all creation and observe the edicts of the Creator. They operate on an unimaginable scale, holding immense power that reaches through the different Universes.” (13)

Thus we have the day-to-day managers, like the White Brotherhood; the august beings who stand at the pinnacle of hierarchy, like Sanat Kumara; and the unknowable entities who are discussed simply as groups, like the Elders and Elohim, and perhaps angelic orders like the Cherubim and Seraphim.

It is these beings, and beings like them, from wherever they hale, that the galactics and terrestrials report to in their ascension work.

Most often these beings organize themselves in councils, for specific purposes. SaLuSa refers to them: “There are Councils in the higher dimensions” he reveals, (14) , “various councils that oversee your evolution.” (15)

Matthew Ward explains that groupings whether temporary or permanent are common in the universe:

“There are countless galactic and intergalactic federations, councils, unified forces, experiencing clusters, collective-soul energy fields, free-spirit civilizations and other organized souls in this universe.” (16)

He describes one of these – a planning council – as “sort of like an intergalactic UN as far as the participants representing many different cultures.” (17) They “designed the master plan of Earth’s Golden Age [and] have been observing the pace of flux in the collective consciousness.” (18)

“The members were chosen by their respective civilizations to represent them,” says Matthew. (19) “The highest Orders and Councils are one in a Brotherhood of Light,” Diane of Sirius assures us. (20) SaLuSa gives us an example of the kind of work they do, in this case, regulating the light that strikes the Earth, so as not to overwhelm us.

“As you might expect, there are Councils in the higher dimensions that control the degree to which the various rays of Light are beamed to Earth. It is a process of upliftment that gradually increases the level of vibration in your dimension. It is calculated to bring about an increase in the levels of mass consciousness, in a way that is acceptable to you and able to be drawn upon.

“To increase the levels too quickly would cause discomfort to those who were ill prepared for it. The object is to return as many of you as possible to the Light, and able to be uplifted through Ascension. So you will understand that there is a grand plan being worked out, supported by great Beings of Light.” (21)

David Wilcock often refers to these beings as “management.”

“What I call management [is,] you know, the higher, positive forces out there, that are much more vast in their potential. These are the kind of guys that can basically move an entire solar system around just as we would roll the marbles on a table.” (22)

“Menta” is an intergalactic being whom Matthew Ward invited to address us in his book Reflections for a New Era. The manner in which Menta’s civilization became involved may be similar to that of many others among the star nations here. Her attitude would also probably be similar to others participating in ascension work.

“Our governing body approached the Intergalactic Council high authority and volunteered our services. Understanding Earth’s condition and her ‘cry of invitation,’ the Council sanctioned our participation after being assured that our interest was not self-serving. That is, we would give all necessary assistance solely for the good of the Earth and not take advantage of her weakened condition to conquer her peoples.

“Not only would we never think of such an act of betrayal, but an indication of conquest intent would mean a declaration of war with peacekeepers of the cosmos and NEVER would we choose that condition! War is not a province of feminine energy [Ed. her species is feminine], only of masculine, and we have absolutely no interest in it.” (23)

These great beings model our future, SaLuSa says:

“We are what you are to become, Cosmic Beings who have ascended and have the freedom to travel throughout the vastness of your great Universe. You are already members of the Galactic Federation, and may wish to serve others through our organisation. There are also other Councils and Federations like ours dedicated to doing the work of the Creator and opportunities abound to follow your hearts desire.” (24)

As time goes on, we’ll undoubtedly hear fuller descriptions of all of these exalted beings. In fact discussions of them may one day be as common as discussions of athletic heroes or movie stars today, as our attention on ephemeral events subsides and our attention on cosmic events increases.

For now my intention is simply to introduce us to the authorities the galactics obey. The galactics are not here to rifle our resources or enslave our people. SaLuSa tells us:

“[Some] hold fear of our presence, mainly due to the images projected by your writers of Science Fiction. It is the comic book image of monsters set upon taking over your world. It has created a reaction of fear to our coming. However, the very reason for our messages is to convey the love we have at heart for you, and to let you know that our mission is one of peace.”  (15)

“We have never represented any type of threat to you, and in fact take pride in having protected you for thousands of years. We have kept unwelcome visitors away from Earth, and carefully monitored on-earth activities whether they have been natural or man made.” (26)

They are here to help us to restore the Earth and ascend. As SaLuSa says:

“We of the Galactic Federation are your future selves and in us you can see the levels of attainment that are open to you. …

“We are your mentors for the time being, but soon you shall stand alongside us and together we shall explore the realms beyond us.” (27)

(See “What is Accountability? – Part 4/5”)


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