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Ch. 4. Earth Allies

Note: I discourage anyone from making financial decisions based on the expectation that NESARA will happen “soon.” No one knows when NESARA will be declared or, if they do, they are not saying.

The team on the ground pushing against the cabal is known to SaLuSa and his group simply and cryptically as “our allies” and to Sheldan Nidle’s Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation (SHGF) as “our Earth allies.”

I believe that they are the same group described in other contexts as “Faction 3” and the “white knights.”

A veil of secrecy surrounds them. Diane of Sirius says that “we talk of the importance of our allies and you ask who are they, but we are not at liberty to give names.” (1) Their operations are similarly secret. Says Diane: “We cannot let out details, as the dark forces will seek ways of foiling the introduction of new policies.” (2)

Atmos of Sirius explains that “secrecy … is an important part of our strategy to keep ahead of the dark forces. It becomes vital that most of our plans and support from our allies are covert operations, as our progress may be deliberately delayed.” (3)

The danger is real, as SaLuSa explains: “The dark Ones know we give our protection to those who are our allies, but they still try to ‘kill off’ those who are brave enough to openly walk their truth.” (4)

We heard Matthew Ward confirm this risk in the last chapter:

“[The dark] have been successful thus far in achieving delays by many means: assassinations of influential people who favor initiating the provisions without delay as well as others actively working toward this end…” (5)

The Earth allies are those who are “actively working towards this end.”

Speaking particularly of NESARA, the SHGF informs us that the “new monetary and financial system … lies at the heart of the Earth allies’ mission. A broad-based, international alliance has formed, which is helping our Earth allies to edge forward against the last cabal.” (6)

They are guided in their struggle by the ascended masters and galactics. They block the Illuminati at every step. One of the actions the galactics will mention is that the Earth allies retrieve what the SHGF call “the illegal ‘swag’ [the dark] absconds with,” which pays for Illuminati black operations. (7)

“Our liaisons are quick to reveal where the money went and how to grab it back again. These games … give the dark time to keep its global tyranny going and to find a possible way out of its overwhelming dilemma: us!” (8)

The galactics give no thought to failure. While the Illuminati “want to crush our Earth allies and force us to abandon [our] mission … this objective is a pipe dream! The momentum of the divine plan in this realm forever negates any possibility of these dark dreams coming to fruition!” (9)

The SHGF calls the allies “the special way-showers to a new reality” (10) and “the main agent[s] of change.” (11) They are carrying out “an all-encompassing, global ‘house-cleaning’ of the dark and its myriad cronies.” They are the “new ‘brooms’ of the Light” who will sweep out the cabal and disinfect the house. “What is left is to arrest [the cabal] openly and distribute to the worthy the vast prosperity long promised to them by the Light.” (12)

To develop NESARA and all the arrangements that support and extend it, the Earth allies had to come up with radically-new formulations. Little or nothing from the past could be brought forward. Says Sheldan Nidle:

“They had to move well beyond the cutting-edge thinking that was being brought to bear on your now distressed legal, financial, and political systems.

“They knew they had to think well outside the conventional ‘box’ in order to come up with something befitting the new context. They threw out the economic philosophies which created the ‘crimes’ that left the majority of your global populace prey to the excesses of your rich and powerful.

“They needed to come up with systems that not only reformed your world’s institutions but that offered an entirely different way of moving your global society out of the social control mechanisms that cripple your lives. Many of their proposals have since become sequestered laws that now await unveiling.” (13)

Echoing Einstein, the SHGF explained that “the thinking required for repairing this level of damage cannot stem from the discredited philosophies which got you into this mess in the first place; wholly novel approaches must not only mend the damage but also allow the emergence of a very different worldview.

“It is this that our Earth allies courageously champion. …

“At present, all this is just below the radar, waiting to come into view. Those in charge swamp your world with corruption, deceit, and betrayal that is frightful to watch. This all needs to be expunged, followed by a new direction kick-started by Heaven’s abundance.” (14)

The SHGF reminds us that NESARA itself contains only part of the allies’ ideas. “The ‘total package’ of the allies goes far beyond the provisions of that most commendable document.” (15)

Who stands behind them? Who gives them their power?

SaLuSa says that the allies “are working directly with the Galactic Federation.” (16) The galactics “can and will overshadow our allies if necessary, to direct the outcome in a beneficial way to you all. This is vital where your military are concerned. … Our presence is the controlling force that operates from a distance to keep you heading towards Ascension.” (17)

Undoubtedly the Earth allies could not have won the victory without the galactics’ help: “It will take our presence to support those dear souls that will lead the way, as the opposition to change will be strong.” (18) Total victory awaits the galactics’ arrival in First Contact: “Once we arrive [the allies] will come to the forefront and a … movement will be started … that will gradually cover the whole world.” (19)

In April of 2009, Diane of Sirius predicted that the chaos on Earth “will continue … for many months. … It may seem that all attempts to overcome the problems are doomed to fail, but that is because there is no real appreciation of what is to take its place. We have that within our hands and our allies will manoeuvre themselves into such positions that their influence is felt.” (20)

When the main events begin to occur, “be assured that many lighted souls … wait their opportunity to move out of the shadows and support those Dear Ones who have taken up the responsibility for world-shaking changes [i.e., the allies].” These lighted ones are rumored to include the wise sages who began all the world’s religions. “Behind them are our own personnel who will protect them in their time of [emergency].” (21)

This is as much as we are told of the noble army of men and women who have risked their lives to stop the dark cabal. It is they who are fighting on our behalf, protected by the galactics and the ascended masters, championing the plan known as NESARA.

To what end? What benefits will NESARA provide?


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