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Progress Report on the 2012 Scenario, as of April 2010 – Part 2

(Concluded from Part 1)

Two other events that are widely awaited are the inauguration of caretaker regimes to replace the corrupted cabal-dominated governments of the world and the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence around the Earth.

The Appointment of Caretaker Regimes

The order of events that are planned to take place upon Earth really does change as circumstances alter. But my current understanding is that a planned appointment of caretaker regimes in place of major national governments will precede announcements disclosing the extraterrestrial presence around Earth and the inauguration of the abundance programs.

SaLuSa advised us on March 17, 2010, that the spiritual hierarchy and Galactic Federation (SHGF) are regularly in contact with the planet’s governments on the events that will occur as part of the divinely-decreed 2012 scenario.

SaLuSa particularly refers to “Ascension,” which is the accepted term in the 2012 movement for the planetary transformation that will occur either on Dec. 21, 2012 or earlier. To assist with our Ascension is the ultimate reason the galactics have come to this planet.

But prior to Ascension, the galactics have come to assist us to end the reign of the dark cabal, bring in the Abundance Program, and restore the Earth to its original condition. Even though SaLuSa refers only to Ascension, the role of these other events should be taken as understood.

“Our contact goes much further than you may imagine, as we are regularly in touch with members of your Government. We do not threaten, but simply advise those who are working against you of the facts concerning your preparations for Ascension [in 2012].

“We do … make it quite clear that it will be successful, and that we have the divine authority to take action as we see fit.” (1)

“As you can understand, it becomes very important that we are able to make our announcements covering Ascension, as soon as possible. This is held up while we work with our allies towards governmental changes, that will enable it to be brought forward. (2)

The financial collapse discussed in the previous part of this article will in turn lead to the collapse of major governments. Sheldan Nidle’s “Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation” discussed on Feb. 16, 2010, some of the details around how this governmental collapse would take place and what actions would follow it. St. Germaine and Hilarion are ascended masters and members of Earth’s White Brotherhood who have played major roles in creating the Abundance Program and summoning the Galactic Federation to Earth.

“In conjunction with [the advent of the Abundance Program] is the continuing work to collapse a number of major governments that have become part of a global corporate state run by the dark cabal. These instruments of power are also approaching bankruptcy. When these regimes were put in place, a dissolution clause was incorporated in their “secret compacts,” which allows for these crippled states to be replaced by temporary caretaker administrations.

“A series of court-approved documents sanctions our Earth allies to appoint the successors. These legal instruments set up the framework for the lawful removal of several governments, including that of the US. In consonance with this, certain immoral and illegal international activities of these dark regimes can also lead to their removal, and in the same vein, lawful constitutional restoration is stipulated in the US Constitution.

“America is the chosen child of Ascended Masters like Saint Germaine and Hilarion. She plays a central role in the unfolding of the transitional world that is to welcome our first contact mission, and it is thus essential that America return to her original course.” (3)

According to SaLuSa, 2010 is the year during which these governmental changes will occur.

“This year is a key one where the changes are concerned, and it is most likely to result in governmental changes in many western countries. We have sounded out a number that are welcoming our presence, and will support us in all that helps introduce the new paradigm.” (4)

Both the galactics and the ascended masters have the ability to communicate telepathically and read the intentions of those they communicate with. These powers are natural comcomitants of life in the Fifth Dimension, as we will see after Ascension.

Their arrangements with existing governments have been repeatedly disregarded and they advise us that they know when officials are acting deceitfully. Regime change will see the removal of deceitful officials.

“When we talk with your government officials, we cannot be fooled by any deceitful intent on their part. Most of your representatives have broken their oaths to serve you, and we are totally aware as to the ones amongst you who have your best interests at heart. When the governmental changes are made, as they will very soon, you may be sure that only those who are spiritually motivated will be reappointed.” (5)

Their telepathic abilities provide the SHGF with advantages. Says SaLuSa: “This is where we have an advantage in knowing what [the dark side] plan, and [we] can take appropriate action when required.” (6)

The regime changes will precede the announcement of the Abundance Program and the release of free-energy and other technologies which the cabal has held back from terrestrial society, according to Sheldan Nidle’s SHGF.

“The coming regime changes are allowing our Earth allies to push [the Abundance Program] forward, coupled with the release of the sequestered technologies. These subjects will be part of the announcements that the caretaker governments are to broadcast formally once they assume power.” (7)

SaLuSa tells us that the SHGF’s intentions “are to lead you as soon as possible out of the restrictions imposed upon you, and introduce into your lives all that will quickly improve the quality of it.” (8)

The whole process of defeating the cabal and bringing its members to trial is being aided by the raising of the light vibrations around Earth and indeed throughout our solar system. In the face of the increasing light, deceit and malevolence cannot easily continue.

“The truth will always surface regardless of what is done to hide it, and with the higher vibrations being grounded upon Earth, the darkness is being brought into the Light for examination.” (9)

The main reason why the SHGF appears to move more slowly than the cabal is that the SHGF is required to observe terrestrial laws, universal laws, and natural laws, whereas the cabal believe they can break these laws freely – and do. Says SaLuSa:

“Our hands are only tied inasmuch, as you might say, that we play by the rules and there is nothing underhand[ed] or illegal in our actions. [Nevertheless] we have divine orders to ensure you safely reach the end of this cycle, and that all of you who have elected to ascend are able to do so.” (10)

Progress with Disclosure

The financial collapse, overthrow of corrupted regimes, and disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence have been events whose order has seesawed back and forth.

There was a point in late November where it appeared that President Obama would make a television appearance and disclose the UFO presence. Matthew Ward explains why this did not happen, even though it was widely expected.

“If you remember, at one point a few months ago it appeared that the time of a television announcement of extraterrestrial presence was close at hand, but the barrage of dark actions since then has prevented finalizing some of the major aspects of that program.

“And, several months ago it appeared that this event would follow the emergence of some truths that have been long hidden; later, it was decided that since the Illuminati were keeping a tight lid on those truths, the program would come first. We can say with assurance that the introduction of our space brothers and sisters is upcoming, but the timing, like the space fleet, is still up in the air.” 

Nonetheless, SaLuSa testifies, “Disclosure must come about and thus allow our open presence on Earth.” (12)

In terms of progress, SaLuSa reveals that “the unwarranted and unnecessary attacks on our craft have at last ceased, allowing us to proceed with our plan for open contact with you.” (13)

Sheldan Nidle’s group suggests that people are now ready to hear about extraterrestrials and UFOs.

“Until now, while under the sway of the dark and its cronies, you were pressured to deny our existence for fear of being regarded as odd by your fellows. Now you are to get the respect you deserve. Use this to inform and prepare others for our arrival.” (14)

On March 22, 2010, SaLuSa suggested that disclosure may be still a few months away. After that event, things will move quickly, he says. He reveals that most governments know that the United States has hegemonic reasons for resisting disclosure.

“The time for a disclosure of our ongoing presence and the purpose for it looms large. We expect the energies of those intent on bringing it forward to manifest within a few months, and once it commences it will be followed by a quick succession of revelations. It is through the official recognition of us and the work we do on your behalf, that other projects can be put into action.

“The waiting is nearly over, but as usual it is not easy to get your officialdom to agree on the actual date and who shall lead the disclosures. There have been many governments or officials, prepared to come out with information that has been kept from you. However, they have looked for guidance from the U.S. as the biggest world power, but it has never been clear and precise.

“Truthfully, most of them know that the U.S. has a vested interest in maintaining secrecy, and have given up with their expectations that they will take the lead where disclosure is concerned. The pressure to release the truth has become so great, that some countries are prepared to make an announcement without prior consultation. (15)

He reveals that the galactics are intentionally increasing the sightings of their craft.

“We welcome your attention and efforts to see our craft, as by intention we have progressively increased the number of sightings within your atmosphere. Our very large Motherships keep well outside of it, as they would cause some disruption because of their size. We are busy maintaining a level of observation that ensures your security, as the dark Ones still plot actions against you and indeed also us. (16)

He also adds that the galactics are aware of the need to proceed cautiously so as not to stampede humanity.

“Our ships are totally at the ready to take the first action leading to disclosure and First Contact. It has been long awaited, and even now the time has to be exactly right for it to have the right impact and awakening. Many people are still oblivious to the truth about their relationship to us, and it will have to be handled very carefully to avoid unsettling them. Facts are facts, which we can support to show that we come with the truth and love for you all. Judge us by our actions and you will grasp the true picture. Forget in part what you have been taught about us, as often it is purposefully slanted to give a false impression that we are to be feared.” (17)

There is much more news to be had of the galactics’ activities at the ”First Contact” website. If anything, this progress report is designed simply to whet your appetite.




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