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Planetary Evacuation is Not Going to Happen

I’ve just read a very long channeled reading from a lightworker whom I’ve long respected, though I haven’t drawn on that person’s messages very often. That person has said that the Galactic Federation will be taking us off-planet in response to the dangers presented by the oil spill (no, it isn’t the person you may automatically think of when you hear that prediction). I’m not naming names to avoid a channel war.

However, I feel quite confident in saying that there will be no evacuation off-planet. Saying that implies that there will be no need for an evacuation off-planet either.

In other words, I firmly believe that the cabal operates within constrained limits. They can go so far in what they do and no further.

I can’t state all my reasons for saying that.  I’ve had conversations that sources have asked to remain confidential (my Gawd, now I’m saying it).

But I can cite existing, public sources for that conclusion. The first is Matthew Ward:

“Some messages claim that spacecraft will evacuate Earth’s residents before the cleansing destroys much of the planet,  and when the people are returned, they will have to live underground because the surface will be uninhabitable for many years. Evacuation will not be necessary for any reason, and far from Earth’s surface becoming uninhabitable, it will be restored to its original paradise with amazing speed.”  (1)

“With absolute certainty we say that reports about spacecraft carrying out mass evacuation of the peoples are false—it will not be necessary! Another example of false information is that survivors of massive planetary destruction will have to live underground because the surface will be uninhabitable for a very long time. How totally contrary to the reality: Earth’s health is being restored and her once pristine beauty will be as well, and far more rapidly than you can imagine!” (2)

“I shall add that as long as any dark tentacles are lashing out, dire-sounding pronouncements, predictions, speculations and warnings will continue to swirl, and judging from emails my mother is receiving, these cause concern even to lightworkers.

“To ease minds about several issues that keep popping up in Internet articles or channeled messages: There will be no war with Iran; concentration-type camps will not be filled with the millions who oppose government policies; no ‘Planet X’ or any large celestial body is on a collision course with Earth; there will be no need for your space family to evacuate all peoples before planetary cleansing makes Earth uninhabitable.

“And these current issues: Russia will not engage in a major war and neither will China; and martial law will not be declared … —a dramatic event would be needed to achieve that, and technologically advanced souls off-planet and living among you would prevent that kind of attempt.” (3)

The second is SaLuSa:

“We of the Galactic Federation can readily provide for your needs, and have been ready to do so for quite some time. Our ships are massive in size, and some Mother Ships are measured in several hundred miles, so you can see that we can carry immense quantities of materials and equipment. There is no immediate problem on Earth that we cannot deal with quite promptly and efficiently.

“We shall make people independent and self sufficient, which means that they will not need to be taken out of their natural environment.” (4)

Moreover, we are safe from all weapons of mass destruction. SaLuSa tells us:

“Technologically we are far superior to your dark forces, and although they have developed weapons of mass destruction we can safely handle them.” (5)

And Atmos also informs us:

“We can tell you that regardless of what threats are perceived, you will not be involved in a nuclear exchange or war. Your governments are aware of this edict from us, but still use such threats against each other.

“Nuclear weapons are an abomination that is so destructive, even to the point of damaging the souls of those in their path. Fortunately, in the past where you have let off nuclear devices, we have placed a protective shield around your Earth to prevent damage to the outer planets, and life forces in Space. Do you still wonder why Man is considered such a danger to other forms of life?” (6)

As Ker-On reminds us, the cabal can only operate within limits:

“The line has been drawn against certain activities that would endanger life on and beyond your Earth, and [the dark] are therefore curtailed in what they can do.”” (7)

SaLuSa explains that the galactics lend power to their Earth allies to ensure the ultimate outcome:

“We can and will overshadow our allies if necessary, to direct the outcome in a beneficial way to you all. This is vital where your military are concerned as the dark influences are harder to remove, and complete success will not be achieved until world peace is announced. Be it known that we are in contact with your leaders, and they have been warned that certain conduct will not be allowed that seriously endangers you.” (8)

So these are some of the boundaries within which the final chapter will be played out. And these are our grounds for confidence and ease of mind. If there is a particle in you that considers these to be fantasy messages or unreliable sources, I invite you to take a stand on it. I personally regard these messages as 100% reliable.


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  1. Vendo permalink
    July 29, 2010 11:48 am

    Steve hello, in this article you say that you can supply sources, plural, that state that no type of evacuation will be necessary, period. But you only give us one source, Matthew. You don’t have to say his name. Everyone here who knows anything knows that you are primarily talking about Sheldan Nidle when you mention EVAC. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Nidle the first to introduce the term Galactic Federation of Light headed by the Sirians back in the 90s? A decade before anyone else used that term. I know for sure that a book he 1st published in 2000, that I have and have read, talks all about them in great detail. When you look at the whole thing, I think SN is a hard man to deny or ignore. Do you know that Mike Quinsey (SaLuSa) interviewed SN on his radio program recently? They’re buddies and acknowledge one another. And SaLuSa has not said that there will never be any type of evacuation, at any time, and for any reason,……. to my knowledge. But I ask you to correct any inaccuracies in what I have written here. Personally, I see the E-word as a big bug-a-boo for a lot of people, but it doesn’t strike me as a big deal when you consider what will transpire before that, if it does happen. Love the service you do Steve, great job.

  2. john kronske permalink
    July 29, 2010 7:46 am

    Sheldan Nidle has said that hollow Earth has been prepared for us by the Agarthans while Mother Earth made necessary evolutionary changes???

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