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Imperator’s “New Revelation”

Revised: May 19, 2010

Stainton Moses, the medium who was to become “Imperator’s” voice, was born in Lincolnshire, England, on Nov. 5, 1839. He was educated at Exeter College, Oxford and ordained as a clergyman in the Church of England. Eventually he was appointed English Master in University College, London.

Moses took an interest in spiritualism and soon realized that he himself was a medium. In the beginning his séances were given to phenomena, but soon a voice with a “dignified, temperate, clear, and convincing tone” began to manifest, whose ideas were not in keeping with Moses’ own. (1)

While different voices came through, the chief communicator called himself “Imperator,” and was only revealed much later to be the prophet Malachi.

Describing himself, “Imperator” said:

I, myself, Imperator Servus Dei, am the chief of a band of forty-nine spirits, the presiding and controlling spirit, under whose guidance and direction the others work…

I come from the seventh sphere to work out the will of the Almighty; and, when my work is complete, I shall return to those spheres of bliss from which none returns again to earth. But this will not be till the medium’s work on earth is finished, and his mission on earth exchanged for a wider one in the spheres. (2)

On March 30, 1873, spirit messages started coming through Moses’ hand by means of “automatic writing.”  The teachings that resulted were compiled in two books, Spirit Teachings, published by Moses in 1883, and More Spirit Teachings, collected and published after his death in 1892 by Mrs. Charles Speer.

It’s in these writings that we find Imperator’s “New Revelation,” the earliest prediction of the 2012 scenario that has come to my attention, though I’m quite sure that earlier versions exist. But the “New Revelation” was more than just the vision of 2012. It was a rewriting of the Judaeo-Christian gospel that presented itself as suitable to all the people of the world.

It foresaw other traditions recontextualizing themselves as well.

The prophet Malachi was responsible for putting the Old Testament in the form in which it comes down to us today. “Imperator” had much to say about where the Old Testament is narrow in its vision.

His preceptor is apparently the prophet Elijah, and Elijah’s preceptor is Moses. The group that gathered around him included elevated souls like Ezekiel, Daniel, Plotinus, Al Ghazzali, and Plato.

Knowing that they served the 2012 scenario, and knowing that the masters of all the great religions may be coming back to help us with our transition, it doesn’t stretch my mind to consider that Imperator was able to enlist the assistance of such august souls.

He stated that he lives in the Seventh Sphere. There is no way to know if a sphere is like a plane. If the Fifth Dimension is equivalent to the Mental Plane, as I am assuming it is based on my research, (2) then the Seventh Sphere may be two planes superior to the Fifth Dimension.

But that is only conjecture.

His book of spirit writings was highly treasured among British Spiritualists of the 1880s and later.

Everything he said accurately reflects what we’ve been told by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation.

Imperator’s New Revelation

Imperator tells us that our spiritual understanding had increased by the mid-1870s to the point where Imperator felt himself able to productively communicate a “New Revelation.” It had much to say about a promising new future era for Earth, which I’ve called the “2012 scenario.”

You are gradually coming to know an Omnipresent and Omniscient Loving Father, and you will have a new revelation, which will blot out the old falsehoods and give you new ideas of God.

The revelation, of which we are the bearers from the Almighty, will supersede all the old creeds and philosophies, and will give you Truth instead of fiction. (4)

He told his readers that they had no idea what was coming.  Spirit would transform the world in unimaginable ways.

You are living in one of the remarkable epochs of the earth. (5)

Ye know not how great is the work that is being done; how vast the vista that is being opened. Never before has there been such an outpouring of Divine Love as now. Silent influences are at work in men’s minds. All over the world they are being prepared to receive the teaching we are giving you here. (6)

A wave of spiritual power was sweeping over the generation he addressed.

You are the recipients in no ordinary degree of a great development of spirit power. The spiritual sense is increasing amongst men, and, step by step, the presence of spirit agency is manifested. The wave of spirit influence now passing over your earth is analogous to that which passed over the world during the life of Christ. Happy for the race if the teaching now revealed be not hereafter adulterated, as was that which came through Him. (7)

He foretells the return of the great masters of all religions, if their help to create religious peace is needed.

Should it be necessary for the furtherance of this mission other great Intelligences will return, and bring their magnetic force to bear upon the earth. (8)

But certainly their presence was not needed at the present time, which was a time of tilling the field and planting the seed. “At present it is not needed,” he says, “as the work is progressing.” (9)

Imperator informs us that the message coming through him is coming through others as well. Precious seed will be planted. In time, the knowledge that he offered will spread around the world.

What comes to you from us is coming to others too. This is but one among many branches of one great plan. It will go on gradually and spread steadily among the children of faith who are fitted to receive it. The Master has so willed it. His time is not yours, nor is our vision circumscribed as yours.

In due time the knowledge which we come to spread will be known among men. Meantime, progressive souls are being educated; precious seed is being sown, and the reaping and garnering shall come in their course. (10)

We are nearing that time of reaping and gathering. And what will acceptance of the New Revelation, a spirituality substantial enough for the Golden Age, bring?

What Will Living the New Revelation Bring?

If people live the New Revelation that unfolded with Imperator and continues to unfold in the teachings that will come to us after First Contact, life will change completely for the inhabitants of Earth.

When [our revelation] does spread among men, and they can yield its precepts an intelligent obedience, we do not hesitate to say that man will sin less in hope of a cheap salvation; that he will be guided by a more intelligent and intelligible future; that he will need fewer coercive regulations, fewer punishments by human law, and that the motive-spring within him will be found to be not less forcible and enduring than the debased system of heavenly inducements and hellish deterrents, which can stand no serious probing, and which, when once rationally examined, ceases to allure or to deter, and crumbles into dust, baseless, irrational, and absurd. (11)

Many psychic faculties will open. We will interact with angels. We will be able to communicate with our departed loved ones. All these and more Imperator foresees as possible in the future that awaits us.

The open vision is realised; the angels of God ascend and descend between earth and Heaven. The time is at hand when the interrupted vision shall be renewed; when the voice that sounded in the ears of Ezekiel, John the Baptist and John the Seer shall be renewed; when the spheres shall be brought into contact as they never have been since then, and when the Voice of the Almighty, speaking through His intermediary agencies, shall be heard among men. (12)

Indeed voices can be found in the literature of Ascension, as given on this website,  who say the same thing.

But Will We Listen?

But many of us will cling to our disbelief, Imperator says.

Shall they listen? Nay, as it was of old, so shall it be now. Now, as of old, man’s unbelief bars the purpose of God’s Love. Man’s stubbornness militates against God’s design. (13)

What passed for the teachings of Christ in the mid-1870s was not what Jesus taught. Imperator worried that that generation would in the end prove indifferent towards his message.

Those who now teach in His Name often preach doctrines quite unlike what He taught. The truth we are now bringing fresh from the Divine Source will meet with the fate that all truth meets with at first. The time is drawing near when men will receive it. We dread apathy more than opposition to our work. Dead, cold, lifeless indifference which cares not to question, and has not sufficient interest to doubt. (14)

Old creeds must die before the new era can be born and their proponents are showing all around us in our present day that they will not yield without a fight.

The old creed must die before the new can be received; but it will die hard, as round it still linger the associations of many ages; but it is fast dying out, never to live again.

Happy are ye, living in this age, and learning these new truths, if ye rightly appreciate and use the blessing. (15)

We can see how the evangelical American right has opposed every step that President Obama has taken. In my view, this is an example of the old creeds not yielding to the new spirituality, what Aldous Huxley called “the perennial philosophy,” that Imperator described more than a century ago.

We see also in the Illuminati’s last-ditch attempts to manipulate the world’s economies, spread a pandemic, and start a war with Iran that the dark cabal that has maintained global power, which has bought the services of many of the leaders of the religious right, will not give up until the bitter end.

“We must all be prepared for great opposition; no new unfolding of truth ever came into the world without it,” Imperator warned many years ago. (16)

Imperator’s blandishments are surprisingly similar to what today’s guides like SaLuSa and Matthew are saying:

The days come when the adversaries shall be abroad among the children of the light. Heed ye, and be wary and watchful. Keep yourselves separate from the snares of the adversaries. (Warning of Prudens, Doctor, Minister.) (17)

So many things that Imperator and his spirit circle predicted more than a century ago have in fact proved true in this generation’s experiences.

Sublime Truths Shall Wipe Away Sectarian Jealousy and Theological Bitterness

He also informed us that eventually, after the dark side gives up, the truths of the New Revelation will end sectarian differences. Many will fall into disgrace for their role in religious matters.

The time draws nigh when the sublime truths which we are commissioned to proclaim, rational and noble as they are, when viewed from the standpoint of reason, shall wipe away from the face of God’s earth the sectarian jealousy and theological bitterness, the anger and ill-will, the rancour and Pharisaic pride which have disgraced the name of religion, and have rendered theology a byword amongst men. (18)

The people “shall be made to see that each system of religion is a ray of truth from the Central Sun, dimmed, indeed, by man’s ignorance, but having within it a germ of vital truth.” (19) Indeed, we are told today that all germination proceeds from “the Central Sun.”  Ascension itself is the result of energy emanating from the center of the galaxy.

The decrepit teachings of organized religion will crumble, Imperator says, and the pure gospel shall find its place again among humans.

The time is far nearer than you think when the old faith which has worn so long, and which man has patched so clumsily, will be replaced by a higher and nobler one—one not antagonistic, but supplementary—and the pure Gospel which Jesus preached shall find its counterpart again on an advanced plane of knowledge.

For know, good friend, that no effort which, as this, is the plan of the Supreme, is entered on untimely, or with disregard of the correlation between God’s Gospel and man’s wants. (20)

In this New and Golden Age, the “geographical sectarianism shall give place before the enlightenment caused by the spread of the New Revelation, for which mankind is riper than you think.” (21)

Imperator, or Malachi, is speaking again as a prophet. But, whereas in the Bible, the events he and other prophets are referring to are largely unknown to us, we can listen to him here describe events that are happening to us.

The New Revelation is Pure, Progressive and True

Imperator felt that the New Revelation would bring a huge advance in spirituality.

We teach religion of body and religion of soul; a religion pure, progressive, and true; one that aims at no finality, but leads its votary higher and higher through the ages, until the dross of earth is purged away, the spiritual nature is refined and sublimated, and the perfected spirit—perfected through suffering and toil and experience—is presented in glorified purity before the very footstool of its God.

In this religion you will find no place for sloth and carelessness. The note of spirit-teaching is earnestness and zeal. In it you will find no shirking of the consequences of acts. Such shirking is impossible. (22)

Like Jesus who came to fulfill the law and the prophets, Imperator came to complement rather than contradict the old.

That which we present for your acceptance is the complement rather than the contradiction of the old; the growth to a fuller stature; the development of a wider knowledge. (23)

You shall have richer views of God, truer notions of your duty and destiny. (24)

In an interesting comparison, Imperator, or Malachi, once a Hebrew prophet, claims that the New Revelation will transform Christianity the way Jesus transformed Judaism.

It is our task to do for Christianity what Jesus did for Judaism. We would take the old forms and spiritualise their meaning, and infuse into them new life. Resurrection rather than abolition is what we desire. We say again that we do not abolish one jot or one title of the teaching which the Christ gave to the world.

We do but wipe away man’s material glosses, and show you the hidden spiritual meaning which he has missed. We strive to raise you in your daily life more and more from the dominion of the body, and to show you more and more of the mystic symbolism with which spirit life is permeated. (25)

The Night of Ignorance is Falling Away

Just as Jewish prophets prophesied of the coming of Jesus, so Malachi now prophesies of the rise of the purified gospel that Jesus taught. The night of ignorance (or what we would call “duality”) is quickly coming to an end.

As it was in the days which preceded the coming of the Son of Man, as it has been in the midnight hours which precede every dawn from on high, so it is now. The night of ignorance is fast passing away.

The shackles which priestcraft has hung around struggling souls shall be knocked off; and in place of a fanatical folly, and ignorant Pharisaism, and misty speculation, you shall have a reasonable religion and a Divine Faith. (26)

This generation will be the beneficiaries.

You shall have richer views of God, truer notions of your duty and destiny; you shall know that they whom you call dead are alive amongst you; living, as they lived on earth, only more, really; ministering to you with undiminished love; animated in their unwearying intercourse with the same affection which they bore to you whilst they were yet [incarnated]. (27)

All this is coming to us in what we know of as the events preceding and leading up to planetary transformation in 2012. All this is associated with the coming Golden Age.

All this belongs to the age which you are now entering. Many old prejudices must die, but the coming light will be as the blaze of the noonday sun, if only man’s obstinacy can be overcome, and man’s adversaries driven back. (28)

Though I have not included the New Revelation itself in this treatment, I encourage the reader to explore the whole of it here.  Therein lies a taste of what the new spirituality will be like, after First Contact.  Once we leave duality and enter unitiveness after 2012, we will of course continue to advance in the face of newer and newer revelations, in the face of virtually endless evolution.

I’ve seldom read a more sensible, revealing, and promising account of spirituality as Imperator and his spirit circle provide. In addition to informing readers of the late 19th Century of the 2012 scenario, Imperator also provided them with a view of religion that was very far ahead of its time.

Let it not be far ahead of us.


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The Guardians therefore equate the Third Dimension with the Physical Plane and the Fourth Dimension with the Astral Plane. If that were true, it would make the Fifth Dimension, the Dimension to which we will ascend, the Mental Plane. (The Guardians through Lisa Renee, “Surpassing the Glass Ceiling,” July 2009, at and “The Still Point,” Energetic Synthesis, April 2009, at

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