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What Craziness is This?

Alright, here’s your assignment.

I’m going to tell you things about life, what faces us in our future, and what we must do that you won’t find seriously reported in any of our everyday newspapers, magazines, TV shows, or films. For short let’s call it “the story.”

If you believe me, you get to lose most of your friends and some of your family. You get to be fired from jobs or walk away from them in disgust. You get to be on the outside looking in and possibly very poor. You get to experience excruciating isolation and perhaps what seems like terminal loneliness.

Then I’m going to tell you, month after month, that the story hasn’t started yet but is going to begin soon. But then it never does and so I’m going to urge you to be patient. And urge you and urge you.

And you’re going to ask me where do I get the story from? And I’m going to tell you: “From little green men.” “Whaddya mean, little green men?” you’re going to ask me.

Well, seriously. Look at this. I’m reading We the Arcturians by Norma Milanovich and the Arcturians are describing themselves. They say, ”We are short … about one meter high.” And they add, “our skins are a greenish color.” (1) Well, that makes them little green men, right? Seriously.

And you say, “Little green men. And who else are you listening to?” And I say “Ghosts. Dead people. There’s one called Matthew Ward and another called Saul. In fact there are a lot of them.”

And you say, “Ghosts…. OK. And who else?”

And I say, “Angels. Lots of angels. In fact I know some of them who live in human bodies, right now.”

And you say, “Angels. Is Santa Claus on your side too?” And you ask, “What’s this all about?”

And I say, “Ascension. We’re all going to ascend. To another dimension. With our bodies. Like Elijah.”

And you say, “Okkkkaaaayyy, and meet Jesus in the sky, right?” And I say, “No, he’s coming back a second time and he’s bringing lots of friends. But we won’t meet him in the sky.”

And you say, “Sure. And I’m Captain Hook and this is the good ship Lollipop.”

So this is what we gave up a “normal” life for? What, are we all crazy?

Really, if they don’t lock us up, they’ve treated us very kindly. What would you think if you saw this depicted in a movie? That we are flakes, right? Screwballs. Idiots.

Here we wait and wait while nothing seems to happen. We’re tired. We wonder if we’ve been conned, flim-flammed.

This is, as someone from a distant time and far-off place said (a Sirian, no less), the darkest hour before the dawn. How are we going to make it through the night?

As crazy as this “story” sounds, it doesn’t sound crazy to us for a number of reasons.

First of all, some of us have experienced the truth of parts of it. Some have had out-of-body or near-death experiences and know that the other side, with residents who no longer occupy physical bodies, exists.

Some of us have had visions that have shown us elements of the overall “story.” Some of us are clairvoyant or telepathic. Some have spoken to angels and spirits. They have confirmation that’s not widely accepted.

Some have seen spaceships and others have had contact with alien beings.

Some have studied spiritual sources, afterlife reports, and galactic messages, compared them to one another, checked them out, and found some of them to be reliable.

All of us have a few pieces of the puzzle. None of us has all the pieces, no matter who they are. Only One has all the pieces and He ain’t talking.

Second of all, we have each other. In an act of courage, we’ve agreed to suspend our disbelief and accept provisionally that “the story” is true. We’ve agreed to risk being bamboozled to go along with what’s said for the purpose of assisting in what we believe is a Divine Plan for humanity. We’re risking being wrong, looking foolish, and having to live down our mistake for the rest of our lives. And we’re talking to each other, civilly, kindly.

Third, we watch more and more of our brothers and sisters joining us, slowly, almost glacially. We hear the same “story” on more and more lips. We hear or see the discussion gel, the terms spread, events occur, and convergence arise.

Fourth, we look inside ourselves and discern ourselves changing, expanding, growing. We’ve become calmer, less afraid, more certain. We can at least imagine that certain things being talked about will happen because we see so much happening within ourselves.

And that’s why “the story” doesn’t sound as crazy to us as it does for the great mass of the population, who still lead normal lives, in ordinary and everyday circumstances, with no inkling of what may lie before them.

The only reward we’re ever going to get from all this is the growth we’ve realized from what we’ve been through and the promise of more growth in the future.

This is a very grown-up game we’re playing, perhaps more so than any we’ve ever played before. It takes an adult to make it through, with the innocence of a child, to be sure, but the discernment and resolve of an adult.

Where will we turn for strength to keep returning day after day to our unlikely script? Where will we find comfort, reassurance and validation when we seem so far out of step? Only from ourselves and one another.

So I ask you, be good to yourselves and one another because, right now, we’re all we’ve got.

I salute everyone who has stayed with the journey to this point, even if at times we’ve grumbled or cursed our luck. And I say that I know what it’s taken to stick it out.

I personally am not in this for the reward although it isn’t easy to say what I am in it for. There’s some kind of inner reward that I experience and I’m searching to put a word to what it is. It’s the experience of the irreducible, the essential, that which remains when all is lost or given up. Why it’s there I don’t know. What its presence means I know even less. All I know is what it is. It’s the bottom line of it all. I know it. I feel it. It is universal, unifying love.


(1) We the Arcturians, p. 39.

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