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Who Am I?

In my view, there is no question more important than “Who am I?”

Everything created in form was brought forth from the Formless to help me answer it.

Every event that happens to me, and every event that does not, happens to help me answer this question.

Ascension, transformation, enlightenment, spiritual evolution are just words that point to the eternal unfoldment of my knowledge of who I am.

The created universe is a closed loop designed to carry me from the Formless, who I am, into form and back to the Formless again. Said Jesus: “I came forth from the Father, and am come out into the world: again, I leave the world and go to the Father.” (1)

The same could be said for each and every one of us: We are on a journey out from the Formless into the world, to know our true identity as the Formless, and then leave the world and return to the Formless again.

Down into form we go, physical angels descending Jacob’s ladder of consciousness, and then up we ascend returning to God.

Up the dimensions we travel, to the Dimensionless Dimension, at each stage knowing more deeply who we are until we reach full knowledge and the end of our journey. The prodigal child has returned Home to the Father.

When I ask the question, “Who am I?”, I either get an experience of who I am or else a barrier to that experience. The whole of my journey is about transcending the barriers to knowing who I am.

It may be that, as long as I’m in form, I may never know the whole answer. I don’t know. But no duty, I believe, has been laid on me higher than to find out that whole answer. No duty stays with me eternally as the duty of answering that question does.

I cast that question, again and again, and get experience or barrier. Sometimes the experience I get is a little more bliss; sometimes an insight; sometimes a moment of direct knowing.

Sometimes the barrier I get is fear, sometimes regret, sometimes resistance.

No matter what else happens, the duty upon me never lifts to persist in answering that question through lifetime after lifetime.

This eternal duty alone was laid upon me – to find out who I am. As far as I’m concerned, all other temporary duties serve it.

Therefore, in all that you read on this site, I invite you to remember that the quintessential duty laid upon us, I think, is to find out who we are.


(1) John 16:28.

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