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Bootcamp: Your Pre-Mission Mission

Written: June 12, 2009

Published on Galactic Roundtable Discussion Group

I assure you, that, like you, I am hard at work cleansing myself of my patterns, using each flushed-up piece of old business to experience through and complete another area of resistance in my body, evident in muscle tension, unpleasant feelings, and “fight or flee” reflexes.

As human beings, we are stimulus/response machines. No, No, hold that. We are actually stimulus/conditioning/response machines. We have “progressed” from the ape. We have “culture.” Well, OK, we really have “conditioning.”

Someone says or does something, and we cycle through our conditioning to find the “appropriate” response, and then we respond.

Our “conditioning” is the instantaneously-accessed filing system filled with memories and other thoughts and emotions and organized on the principle that “something in the present looks like something in the past, but not always.”

The horse that I see today looks like the horse that bit me yesterday, but not always. It may not look like the horse that bit me yesterday if there is a policeman or John Wayne riding on top of it.

But, if it is just a horse, then I may react to a horse today on the basis of how I reacted to a horse fifty years ago that bit me, even though there may be no reasons to do so in the present. Now I am shivering and crying at the simple sight of a horse and no one understands why.

In other words, I become a seven-year-old again and run through an ancient record (what we have earlier called a vasana.  “Vasana” is a Vedantic term for a persistent reaction pattern triggered by a current upset which resembles a past upset.)

So, if you can imagine, I am living in world where I am relating to Alice today as I related to Joyce when I was six, Tim today as I related to Bruce when I was five, my boss today as I related to my paper-route shack manager when I was 12, etc.

I can’t see anyone, I can’t hear anyone, not as they are because I am listening to the top ten records playing in my head.

What is going to get us through the eye of the needle? It is going to be being present, being up-to-date, being here now. What is being here now? It is the ability to see what is before our eyes, hear what is said in the moment, consider matters from this instant.

It is hearing the records go off in our heads and yet not being taken off course by them. It is relating to the person in front of us rather than to an incident that happened years ago.

Children, who shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (i.e., who shall go through the eye of the needle), are here in the moment. They say yay, yay, and nay, nay. Not like us. We say, “Well, the last time I did that, such-and-such happened and I’m a wiser man now. So, no, you’re not going to fool me again like Jack the Rat did ten years ago.”

We must live in the present, without the cloud of incomplete memories that we carry around in a big bubble over our heads, or we won’t fit through the eye of the needle.

Passing through the eye of the needle is easier for the person who is present than for the person with a large bag of thoughts, stories, resentments, fears, connivances, suspicions and all the rest. That person probably won’t be able to get through.

Or that person may be able to get partway and then all of their considerations will stick like Velcro and keep them trapped in mid-passage through the needle.

We can let go of our baggage at that time, but it will be one hell of a process. A struggle will occur. We will bargain. We will remonstrate.

We will finally let go of our baggage with a great deal of screaming and yelping. Some of us will draw back and refuse to make the passage. “It ain’t worth it, dag nab it. The way of my parents (the Church, the Pope, the Saints, my aunt Clara) is good enough for me.”

So many of the channels are presently talking about this situation. Just look here for some discussions, with many more I intend to add as soon as I have the time.

As one “Message from the Angels” has said: “The emergence of truth can be graceful. However, if you have been ignoring it or stuffing it, it can be very awkward, sudden and upsetting.” (Message from the Angels, 9 May 2009 at

Or as Solara says: “It is at the Crossroads where numerous old issues reach their crisis point. All of these issues are specifically designed to help push us through, to bring us to the point of having a quantum breakthrough.

“Here at the center of the Crossroads, we are beset with challenge after challenge. If we’re not Shifting Worlds, we feel trapped in a corner with no way out. And like a high stakes poker game, the stakes keep being raised until we either break down or release the struggles of the world of duality.

“The more we resist and fight, the longer we prolong the agony. All the while, more issues keep coming in to be dealt with.” (Solara Surf Report for May 2009,” Mark Huber to Steve Beckow, email, May 7, 2009.)

On and on I could pile the instances discussing this most important matter.

We must watch, notice, observe these issues as they come up, triggered by our mind that sees the present in terms of the past. We have to allow the feelings attached to the thoughts to arise and be experienced until they release their grip on us. This is a process that takes time.

Hint: Not many people take the time to do this. Maybe one out of 20 of the people reading this article will actually see it is a discipline and walk through the steps.

You may be a mother, empath, healer, shaman, teacher, channel, or artist. Your lightwork is different. But ridding yourself of your issues, your baggage remains the same.

I am currently running through it with a great big mistake I made, which has brought up all my hobgoblins, dancing and shouting. I have to listen to them all without resistance and complete the huge issue that has been shaken loose.

I have to sort out the voices and see what each one has to say, let it play the song of its emotions, some of which do not feel the least bit good to experience, resist blaming someone for the way I am feeling, and get to the truth of it, if there is any truth to it.

The alternative is to have a contentious thought arise, blame someone else for it, and act it out (usually perpetrate) against that person.

No one would know if I just boot that person out of my life, wrap the event in story, divide my friends into those who listen to me and agree with me on the subject (buy my baloney) and those who don’t, and block off another of one of my spiritual arteries with the gunk of resentment and rejection.

Now, instead of reducing the number of issues in my life, I will have added more baggage that will prevent me from getting through the door of salvation, the eye of the needle.

Another price paid is that I become less human and more machine-like. My destiny will be to have myself coralize at some old age and be rocking on a chair saying, “That old Daphne, why I remember when she caused a whole project to fail in, what was it, 1964?”

One growth leader used to call this “a guy in a diner,” the kind we cannot get anything across to and finally avoid.

We have a clear choice and it’s THE choice we are facing today. It’s THE work that remains our own responsibility – the responsibility of every living soul. Drop your baggage. Complete your issues. Come back to the world. Come back to the Now.

Only in the Now live bliss, love, joy, acceptance, and power. Nothing empowering, ennobling, uplifting lives in your memories, your conditioning, your past.

Now is the time. Embrace the energies. Enbrace the world. Embrace your own screw-ups. Embrace your conditioning. Embrace however you’ve been doing it until now, but, like a person who has chosen to move to a new home, begin discarding the baggage in your mind that you can’t take with you.

Everything that leads you to love and unity you can bring. Everything that leads you to dissension and separation you cannot.



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