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Richard Gabriel: Humanity’s Origins and Ascension

Richard Gabriel founded Gizamatrix. Most recently he has blown the whistle on the strange removal of artifacts from below the Giza plateau, as a result of which death threats were made against the witnesses to this despoiling and to Richard’s group who are trying to protect the treasures and possible devices.

Richard says here that 30 years ago he had an experience, undoubtedly of enlightenment, which opened his mind.  He has known about the events of 2012 since then and had to soldier on through much resistance and ridicule.  He validates all the events we’ve heard of – the rising energies, the cataclysms, the dark’s machinations, and the New World coming.

He advises us to nod knowingly when catastrophes strike and keep working to support the birth of the New Age.

While the world speculates on the possibilities or even probabilities relating to 2012, there are a few directions wide open for investigation that may still put meat to the subject. (1)

Inexorably the question of what may or may not happen in 2012 ties to the question of our own origins. Our minds have already been opened through advances in earth science through quantum [theories] to the reality of other dimensions of existence. DNA research has shown our genetic pool narrows back, as at the centre point of an hour glass, to a time of catastrophe ten and a half thousand years ago.

The results postulate our genetic pool must have been fed before then from a much wider population. These facts alone beg the possibility that we have had plenty of historical time to advance as a race, and be almost lost again to the cataclysmic changes on the planet.

Factual and anecdotal evidence have built up a compelling picture on the other hand to say that somewhere in our distant past, we used technology that defies explanation in today’s terms. Whether it be stories of ancient races and a planetary inundation buried in the collective consciousness of just about every race on earth; or whether it be surviving artifacts needing technology out of their time and in advance of our own, these things are officially dismissed, discounted, ridiculed, or overstepped.

We know also our world is filled with compelling information pointing to the fact of extraterrestrial visitors. This information sits well with the hard evidence from our accepted ancestors demonstrating knowledge of the cosmos that we are only just catching up to now.

Archaeology rooted in current history strives to support the anthropological view of Neolithic creatures emerging with sticks and spears, but contradicts their apparent ability also to be master stone masons, mathematicians, scientists, and cosmologists. On the face of things, nothing fits.

But it does fit if we dare to pull all these factors together and look for logic in them. For the sake of the argument, let us imagine all aspects are rooted in fact. Let us say that there was a Darwinian [evolution] on this Planet. Let us take that development back a few million years earlier than accepted to locate the first emerging humanoid forms.

Let us take a sidestep, and accept the logic that our vast time in history is actually less than a heartbeat of development in cosmic terms, and the notion therefore of greater development in other life forms elsewhere in the cosmos is blindingly sensible.

Let us presuppose our planet attracted interest in the mists of time from other visitors, (and I will explain later why it would be a matter much more simple than physical science for such a contact to be found.)

But before continuing, there is one other factor to add. This author through personal experience has a living conviction of the dimensions of valid reality outside or beyond the physical. A similar acceptance once again can be traced in the consciousness of races around the world. It has been suppressed by the hand of modern man at times such as during the Roman Councils, (1) who wrote-out the belief of  afterlife/reincarnation on pain of death.

This was done for expediency and to increase the power of conditioning over the masses. We have accepted the modifications enforced through controlled religion at the price of liberated knowledge. But the world has moved forward and today we are again emerging as free thinkers armed with progressive science and an awakening personal consciousness.

It is just straight logic that any advanced race, extraterrestial or otherwise, would have a working knowledge of these other life dimensions. We know beyond quantum, the constraints of physical matter and science do not apply. There, we have to apply a science which is also rooted beyond quantum.

This is a science which understands the instant recognition between corresponding states of vibrating substance. It is the science which understands how someone can know in the exact moment, when something traumatic has happened to a loved one thousands on miles away.

It is the science also that would allow advanced humanoids to home-in on the collective vibrational signature of a planet and its life across billions of miles of lost space, without the need of a single physical probe!

So now we can run the scenario forward. This story tells of how our planet was visited eons ago by more advanced humanoids. DNA experimentation took place and led to the memory we have of mutated life forms and giants in our mythological past.

Our predecessors were not alone however, and other forms staked their claim. Their involvements here spanned a vast time through natural cosmic and planetary changes. At some stage their knowledge led to an awareness of huge cosmic changes that could potentially lead to their destruction on this planet.

Most of them departed under a mutual agreement to leave us alone to our evolving destiny. The DNA patterns for our future development had been stabilised and there would only be a few chosen leaders who would remain to lead an exodus to the parts of the world which would remain relatively safe.

Hmmm!! It does not take much thought however to figure, if there was such a catastrophe as it seems, wreaking planetary destruction through global inundation, there must be ‘some’ surviving evidence of their long occupation. Satellite imaging allows us to see the effects of a past inundation such as in the desert areas of Egypt and elsewhere. The inundation would have re deposited unimaginable levels of silt across formerly occupied land. These would have been eroded away in many places by receding waters, and any predominating shore line would have become home to races evolving from the survivors.

Beneath their feet, however, buried in the silt and even the calcified remains from thousands of following years of marine growth, theirs and our ancestral remnants lie buried. The best tool to penetrate the ground and find physical evidence, is from ground penetrating radar, and guess what? We know that governments have funded such a thing.

We know for example in Egypt, sites have been earmarked for further investigation, and at least one site where we are able to supply copious detail may be just such a site. The story and photographs can be examined on our Index page. …

Would it be too cynical to imagine there is a covert driving force behind the seeming barrier to ‘open’ information whenever ancient discoveries are made or investigated? Just look at the decades of shenanigans over what lies below Giza!

Would it be too unthinkable to gather another set of modern facts together which say the authorities accept and are preparing for a time of cosmic and human change, as we pass through 2012.

The facts I speak of would include the following examples:

Official telescopes pointing to the area of sky where others believe we will see the coming of a returning planetary body. (3) The Vatican even has one in the Arizona desert!!

Scalar technology of unimaginable power tying to the lore of ancient legend. (4)

Quantum advances already exploring the fabric of matter beyond physical, while its effect has been used militarily for years.

Vast underground facilities covertly constructed in many countries. (5)

The suppression or ridicule of any physical discoveries that point to our ancient ancestors.

The covert suppression for centuries of anything that dares to challenge through UFO sightings, Contacts, Recoveries, Crop Circles, ancient writings, new science and more; the establishment’s monopoly on the truth.

The continued official denial to face up to the reality of beyond physical dimensions and the ability we all have to interact with them.

If all I have described is true, we must ask the question as to why the establishment would do such a thing. If it is true, we have to remember that we then are our own ancestors, seeded in the cosmos with a whole advanced family out there waiting to lend an open hand when our civilization comes under terminal threat.

If we presuppose also that some of our ancestors turned back to sensation in a struggle for power; and in the process through misuse of scalar and crystalline directed energies, (6) they hastened their own destruction, we can understand how their DNA would surface in attitudes today. The same battle for possession and power would be manifest, as it is indeed.

It is incumbent upon the descendants of those who stood for service to others (7) and lost the fight last time that we do not let the controllers and suppressors get away with a single thing this time.

And as to 2012 itself?  Personally, it is 30 years since I had my grand Event where my mind was opened up to remember. It is 30 years since I recalled the knowledge that by 2010 we would already be entering a period of cosmic transformation.

I knew of No one else then who followed the same thoughts. There was no internet and mass communication as now. I faced the ridicule and looked forward to the future I expected.

I understood the seamless process of interaction to higher coherent life levels beyond physical. I knew that existence depends at its core on vibration and motivation. I have seen how the world has auspiciously gravitated to higher vibration, polarising attitudes, destroying ivory towers, and preparing the galaxy.

I have seen how the detractors offer conflict and force resistance. I know how certain authorities in global cooperation are suppressing the truth about what we face on our planet within the cosmic picture.

Openly we may only have a gathering of anecdotal information to support what is really happening, but sooner or later, cosmic forces and the open presence of our friends beyond this planet, will lay it all bare.

As we pass through the cusp of 2012 the vibrational state of this planet will be rising to its highest level in a cosmic epoch. The activity of our planets and the Sun will reveal this.

We will likely see the presence of another planetary body and its associated satellites moving closer to our system. From this, the effects we are already seeing will increase and will lead to geological movements not witnessed in our modern history.

The [reincarnation] process will continue, but as we look forward to our next age, those remaining in physical life (8) will face a return to basics and the bottom of the spiritual class again; while those moving on will either integrate with our returning friends from elsewhere, or will continue a far better life on a higher Earth, which to them will seem like a transformed better version of the one we are screwing up at the moment.

What can we do? Well for a start, we need to scream from the top of our voices every time we encounter information suppression on any of these things. (9)

You will be busy!!

Otherwise…. Just be open and aware to the signs. Reserve your mind, but miss nothing. When faced with any of the cataclysms to come, you will be able to nod your head knowingly and get on with the job of helping anyone else who does not have the same ability.




(1) The discussion that follows appears to have been influenced by David Wilcock’s talks. Whether it has been or not, if the reader wishes to pursue the topics discussed here, I would recommend watching David’s two videos on Youtube: 2012 Enigma and 2012 Event Horizon.

(2) I.e., early councils of the Roman Catholic Church such as the Council of Nicea.

(3) Probably Niburu.

(4) These include HAARP, ULF or ultra-low-frequency weapons, and scalar weapons that spread pandemics.

(5) These include DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) and bases such as Area 51 and Pine Gap, Australia.

(6) As happened in Atlantis, for example.

(7) Versus service to self.

(8) I.e., those who choose not to ascend.

(9) As we are doing here.

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