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Three Minutes of Glenn Beck … Groan….

At the basis of the anti-Obama meme (a meme is a thought current founded on a slogan or catchphrase) are programs like this one, from Glenn Beck. Most people may not want to watch it and that’s fine.

But it does show you what we’re up against.

My best guess is that Beck has been paid a handsome sum for saying anything, the worse the better. In this clip, he compares Obama to Lucifer.

Another meme he propagates is that Obama speaks Marxism.  It’s simple trash talk, but it fires up the unthinking who then repeat their allegations, which fires up someone else.

Others see that there is smoke and reason that there must be fire.

This is a rush to the bottom in the making.

The last time anything this virulent happened was when Sen. Joseph McCarthy staged his anti-communist witchhunt using what Wikipedia calls “demagogic,  reckless, and unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character or patriotism of political opponents.”

McCarthy ruined a lot of lives before trusted news commentator Edward R. Murrow successfully stood up to him and brought about his downfall.  Murrow scrutinized McCarthy’s own life and actions in an edition of See It Now aired on March 9, 1954. It produced a nationwide backlash against the red-baiting senator that led to his being censured by Congress.

I watched Beck’s program after learning (some of you brought it to my attention) that Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants Fox News to get preferential treatment in Canada and the head of our Canadian Radio and Television Commission has opposed him.

Now Harper is out to see the CRTC head ousted from his watchdog position. I did not know that Harper was that far into the pockets of the New World Order.

As part of all this, in a move to strong-arm Canada, Ann Coulter has been quoted as saying that Canada is lucky the United States let’s it live.

Ann, we’re not afraid of people like you. We have an alternate experiment in parliamentary democracy, due process, human rights, multiculturalism and universal medicare happening here which you may not know about and might not appreciate, if you did.  I frankly think that we’ll be here long after you and your kind have left.

To get a sense of what Fox puts out on the airwaves, I resolved to watch a Fox news program. Beck’s was the one I came across. Oh, my, what bigotry.

In fact Beck is the one who’s sold his soul to Lucifer, if anyone has. Accountability is going to hurt. It can’t come to soon for my liking.

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